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Lbc i Associate Jan 2013

Lbc i Associate Jan 2013

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Published by Ralph Perez

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Published by: Ralph Perez on Dec 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lynn Blake Certified Master Instructors teaching at The Barclays 2012(L-R) Dan Malizia, PGA, Curt Sanders, PGA, Lynn Blake, Bill Castner, PGA, and Rick Murphy, PGA
Now you can learn the teachingtechniques that helped four PGA TOUR champions win their
Boosted the careers of morethan one hundred PGA of America professionals;
andImproved the games of thousands!
a craftsman.”
hy do some golf instructors get realresults
lesson after lesson, year after year, while others struggle?First, they teach the
things.Things that work. Things that work all thetime, not just some of the time.Second, they use plain talk anddemonstration to help their studentsunderstand
to do and
 Finally, they get their students toactually 
From Mechanics to Feel
These rare teachers make complicated ideassimple. They teach precision mechanicstheir students can understand and feel.Masters of their craft, they take the studentfrom “can’t to can” in minutes and hours,not months and years.
 You’d think most of us would havefigured all this out by now, but we haven’t. Video cameras, launch monitors, and othersuch high-tech gadgets have helped, butthey’ve also confused. Equipment hasimproved—big-time. Still . . .Golfers haven’t.
Competitive Advantage
Lynn Blake Certified Instructors have anadvantage, one that differentiates theirteaching from the rest. You can have thisadvantage.My methods are not ivory towertheories or tired teaching clichés. They were born in the arena. Years of study and timeon practice tees—at home clubs and atmajor championships—all over the world.Learning what works . . . and what doesn’t.Lynn Blake Certified Instructorsperform minor miracles every day.
Join usin Orlando, Florida, January 21-22,2013,
and I’ll show you how we do it. And how you can do it, too.
 Lynn Blake 
2011 PGA Teachingand Coaching Summit 
In the teaching bay
AttentionGolf Instructors 
 Announcing a blockbuster, 2-day coachingand teaching event! 
Lynn Blake Certified InstructorLevel 1 / Associate
Where:The Faldo Golf Institute, Orlando, FL
When:January 21–22, 2013
Time:9:00 AM–5 PM Cost:$695 before December 31 / $795 after

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