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Privileged woman debunked

Privileged woman debunked

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Published by Jason
An ignorant feminist woman is debunked on multiple levels.
An ignorant feminist woman is debunked on multiple levels.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Jason on Dec 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Privilege white woman debunked
Well my faithful followers I have grown tired of feminist whining over bullshit they do and don't do in all I am now attacking them openly here word for word paragraph by paragraph, all my responces to the feminist are in Italics...
 It saddens me to think how many people in my generation believe that feminism is a movement for female superiority. It disheartens me even more that the less cynical members of my generationoften think that today's feminists are so thoughtlessly idealistic as to believe complete physicalequality of men and women is possible. We're smarter than that. The frustrating fact is that we mustbalance fighting for the legal and social protections we need to compensate for our disadvantage in physical strength while simultaneously keeping these protections from compromising our independence and self-worth, and from allowing men of inferior character to use these protectionsas pretext for discrimination.
It saddens you to see feminism associated with female supremacy. I am about to insult your reasoning, but do not get mad! You see last, I checked it was feminists stating how women are superior to men. The only thing not debunked about female superiority at debate wise was a 
woman’s ability to have babies, but a 
smart woman  like you knows the only way a baby will be in a woman is if I help put it there! Feminist women have repeatedly declared themselves superior from the net to daily life! Good America had an entire hour dedicated to a feminist woman spouting off 
female supremacy, and how much higher women’s IQs are. When feminists speak of men, they talk 
down to us as if women are granting us the right to live. Despite the fact, a man made everything in your daily life, car, washing machine, and the Hover dam. Well I am glad to burst this bubble Albert Einstein had low IQ scores and now you are using his work for your education. Irony is so damn sweet! Now if you want to counter that, men made all these things thanks to oppression of women you would be wrong. Women have been in the fields of science long before the 19 
amendment.They are not well known because they did not do much, a windshield wiper that is barely adequate 
here and a death from radiation exposure there doesn’t mean much in the world of science. Now that women are dominating all fields of education America’s scientific might has dwindled to nothing,
while China launches the J-20 program at a 
faction of the Cost of America’s own ATF series aircraft after women entered the factories in the 1970s America’s manufacturing might has also dwindled to
(NOW's Attack on Fathers )
Empirically speaking the fact feminists are avidly entranced by these female supremacy notions,genocide of men and follow these loud mouth liars would in fact make feminism a female supremacist group based on actions alone. In fact imperial data shows wom 
en shouldn’t be allowed 
near children 
(Children's Bureau, Administration for Children and Families)
. Personally, I see a quagmire worse than the Middle East 
war right here. Then you have the “If we had female rulerswe’d have world peace” what feminist fail time and again to realize is that women have ruled 
empires and nations, but then again that knowledge comes from doing independent research, a task feminists tend to avoid, instead relying upon fictitious dogma. Hell did you know that the Reigning queens who superseded King Henry the VIII committed more  crimes  against humanity than Hitler  did! That is where we get the name Bloody Marry.
 Life isn't fair. Is neither physiology, nor society. Society is fluid (much to the dismay of some); valuescan change for better or worse. Do not most faiths and philosophies insist that one of humankind'shighest duties is to make life better for other humans? Physiology on the other hand can't bechanged but with expensive, radical surgery available to few and not widely desired
viva ladifference is the prevailing opinion now, which is great positive reinforcement when used correctly.But that leaves only social reform as a means of leveling the playing field, and there is plenty of room for improvement. By far most victims of abuse and violent crimes are women. Paydiscrimination is still rampant (in the USA, the average Caucasian woman still makes only 78 centsfor every dollar a man of the same ethnicity makes for the same job, and minorities fare worse) and justified in the minds of some of our politicians (see the case of Ms. Ledbetter vs. the Goodyear Tireplant). And when it comes to unintended children, women are far more likely to be financiallyrestricted or ruined. These specters still haunt women of this day, and it was far worse before theearly 20th century, when women had no power to do anything about it. One can see this universalpre-feminism frustration in myriad diverse literature: female characters in Geoffrey Chaucer'sCanterbury Tales, Murasaki Shikibu's The Tale of Genji, Christine de Pizan's The City of Ladies,Henrik Isben's A Doll's House, and Kate Chopin's The Awakening. In late Ming- and Qing-DynastyChina, some women (who were not allowed to learn how to read) developed their own secret script,called Nushu, to vent frustrations and, more fundamentally, to have a way to communicate beyondthe boundaries of their homes which they could rarely if ever leave.
I’ll ignore the grammar,
women learning to read and have college education has lead to things like SCUM and proposition 777, both the blueprints to genocide against men, and countless fictional books that follow these forms of doctrine create utopias. You are half right society is fluid and unfair towards men, when boys and men are rape victims the cops laugh and the news papers come up 
with the top ten sexiest female sex offenders. Colleges create programs like women’s cente
rs despite the fact their policies force men out of higher learning at exponential rates, and the second 
the thought of a men’s center comes to mind feminists are the first to rally against it screaming male
privilege, of course this is all empirical data 
so maybe it’s just painting feminists in a bad light. Now if 
women actually did 8.14 hours of work a day instead of 7.75 hours of work a day in an 8 hour day their 78 cents maybe a dollar, and if you died at work more often instead of calling in sick when that time of the month hits, you would make a dollar. Hell here is a piece of the wage gap you prepensely 
ignored women out earn, men in the same line of work for the same amount of work (or in some cases less work) in almost all major US cities! Where is the feminist outrage to that? Oh, wait that means you stood for equality if you did instead of female privileges. The right for women to vote was 
gained only in the 1920s of course if you look at what women had or didn’t have to do it would look 
more like 
a privilege since men couldn’t vote until the age of 21 yet had to serve in the military and 
pay taxes at the age of 18. Before men could exercise the right to vote they had to serve their country, and pay their country, only when the Vietnam war rolled around did this become public knowledge since most men fulfilled their duty to country, sacrificing their lives long before ever even having the chance to say who they wanted as president.
Wanting to feel strong, independent, and in control is a wholly human desire; both women and menhave this same psychological need for power and security in themselves. But the problem is thatwomen don't have the same physical strength to make that a reality in the way that men do.Historically men have taken advantage of this, leaving a long and unsavory legacy of disenfranchisement, all manner of spousal abuse, literary venting (when women were even allowedto learn to read), inferiority complexes, and outright giving up on life. As a strong-willed, proudwoman, the idea that I need social and legal protections to account for my dissimilar anatomyfundamentally irks me. I wish I didn't need the justice system to force my employers to pay me fairly,keep my husband from raping me, keep my property and finances from being absorbed into myhusband's when I marry, force an unfaithful or irresponsible partner to help me pay for our child, or supply me with special services to keep me from having a child I don't want. I'd feel better if women'ssuffrage had been guaranteed in the preamble of the Constitution or in the Bill of Rights, notamended a mere 90 years ago out of the fortuitous grace of a male president and Congress. I wish Ididn't need laws, tools, and sporting events among other things to account for the differencebetween my strength and that of a man. Even though I personally would never consider a militarycareer, I wish I could serve on the front lines with the men if I had to. If I'm going to put my life on theline, I want to be holding a gun, doing damage, and eligible for the highest recognition if I do die. After all, we don't fight with cutting implements and brute force anymore; we use guns and bombs,things that require aim rather than muscle. But this is all minor and necessary humiliation comparedto the horrific and degrading life I could expect without such extra protection.
Now besides the massive run on sentence, you are honestly complaining you do not have enough 
laws to protect you. Look up rape shield laws and the FBI’s definition of rape you women
have enough laws to keep you safe from not only crime but also the punishment that results when you commit a crime. The US legal system awarded child support to a woman that used rape of a teenage boy to become pregnant. Only have the reproductive rights and parental rights hell in the UK a woman raped her ex husband to become pregnant since she signed a prenuptial agreement 
and didn’t get his money. Is the line you need your property protected from your husband a joke?
The reality of divorce is that over 92% of divorced men pay alimony to their ex-wives who live in the 

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