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How to Draw Poses

How to Draw Poses

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Published by maynotbe

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Published by: maynotbe on Dec 21, 2012
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Tips on Drawing Dragonball Z Style Bodies
In this tutorial, I will attempt to go over how to drawDBZ style bodies. I don't have much experience withdrawing figures, though, so just bear with me. Youshould be able to use a lot of the stuff here for drawingthe bodies of other styles of characters, too.I didn't make up these poses, I took them directlyfrom other DBZ pictures, so you may recognize a fewof the more common ones. ^_^If you have any questions, pleaseemail me.This page was created and is maintained byJulieDillon.Redesigned byk-chan.
All material is copyright by their respective owners.If you have any questions, comments, et cetera, please send them here 
. Arigatou gozaimasu!This site © 1998, 1999 by Julie Dillon. All rightsreserved.
Tips on Drawing Dragonball Z Style Bodieshttp://www.animeextreme.com/julie/db_bodies.html [3/7/2000 13:25:49]
Step 1:
We shall begin with a basic, Dragonball-ish pose, andthen work our way up to more complicated poses. Startoff with the head, torso, and waist. The head is the sameshape as in my other DBZ tutorials, just a circle with thelower half of the face added. If you like, you can draw theface first. The only reason that I didn't draw the face firsthere is because I didn't want to retrace the face that manytimes. ^_^The torso is usually relatively large, and wider than thewaist. As shown in this picture, the distance from the top of thehead to the bottom of the neck is the same as thedistance between the bottom of the neck and the bottomof the torso. Also, the distance from the center of thehead to the edge of the head is about the same as thedistance from the edge of the head to the tip of theshoulder. Hopefully that will help you get the proportionsright. I usually add extremely basic muscle definition, justto get a more three-dimensional look and help with the placement of the other forms.
Makesure you draw all this very lightly,
because you'll be erasing it and drawing over it later.
Step 2:
Next, sketch in the basic shape of the arms and legs. Don'tworry about the muscles or clothes yet, we'll add those later.Right now, just use sketchy ovals, circles, and cylinders to getthe proportions. Use cylinders for the arms, ovals for the legs,and circles for the shoulders, joints and hands. This methodmay seem awkward at first, but it is a great help in determingthe proper length and size of the various parts of the body.In this picture, the arms don't go straight down. The elbows arepulled back behind him, so that his forearms are level with hiswaist. Thus, the arms will not be drawn as long as if they werehanging limply at his side. Foreshortening the arms isn't all thatdifficult, if you think of them just as cylinders. Notice here thatwith both arms, the top part of the arm slants inward, since it ismoving away from you. The lower part slants back out, since hisfists are coming towards you. These angles are further exaggerated by the little arrows on the sides of his arms.DBZ legs tend to be short and stumpy and don't really taper down as much as other characters' legs. Just be careful not tomake them too short, or they will look weird. ^_^
Tips on Drawing Dragonball Z Style Bodieshttp://www.animeextreme.com/julie/pose1.html (1 of 2) [3/7/2000 13:26:00]
Step 3:
Once the arms and legs are in place, you can begin drawing thedetails over your rough sketch, such as clothing, hair, and muscles.Folds in clothing can be difficult, but just try to see which way thecloth is being pulled. For example, his pants are very loose andbaggy, so it bunches up around his knees and ankles; the foldscurve inward and down towards his feet. The material of his belt isstretched around his waist, so the folds are more horizontal.The way Dragonball Z muscles are drawn reminds of a normallyproportioned person with flesh-colored water balloons stuck to hisarms. ^_~ The muscles are always very big and round, and areshaded to look like they protrude a great deal, like balloons. This ismore prominent in Super Saiyajin characters. The point of this isthat it might help you to think of the muscles as individual ellipsoidswhen drawing them. ^_^
Step 4:
Erase all the unncessary lines, leaving only the outline. Addthe face and hands, as well as extra details on the musclesand clothes. Clean up your sketch as best as you can.
Step 5:
You may now color or shade your picture with a meduim of your choice. Make sure to make the muscles look very round, and makethe shadows on the clothes very dark and contrasting.
Tips on Drawing Dragonball Z Style Bodieshttp://www.animeextreme.com/julie/pose1.html (2 of 2) [3/7/2000 13:26:00]

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