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Training for Hygiene Promotors and HP Coordinators. Part 1 of 3. Essential to Know

Training for Hygiene Promotors and HP Coordinators. Part 1 of 3. Essential to Know

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Published by Oswar Mungkasa

Global WASh, 2009

Global WASh, 2009

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Published by: Oswar Mungkasa on Dec 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Training for Hygiene Promoters anHP Coordinator
Introduction to Hygiene PromotionTraining for Community MobilizersTraining for Hygiene Promoters and HP Coordinators- Part 1 Essential To Know- Part 2 Useful To Know- Part 3 Additional Training for HP Coordinators
Part 1 of 3
Essential To KnowTraining for HygienePromoters
This manual contains training materials and handouts to enablefacilitators to rapidly prepare training for different levels of hygienepromoters.It can also serve as a resource for self directed learning by both hygienepromoters and others involved in supporting or managing WASHinterventions.This Project has been led by Oxfam GB on behalf of the Global WASHCluster, with the support of the following Steering Group agencies: IFRC,ACF France, IRC, UNICEF. ©Global WASH Cluster 2009Global WASH Cluster, UNICEF New York, 3 UN Plaza, New York, NY10017, USA web:www.humanitarianreform.org/WASH All rights reserved. This material is copyright but may be reproduced byany method without charge, for educational purposes but not for resale.Formal permission is not required for such use: however, the GlobalWASH Cluster should be informed of any such reproduction to track theeffectiveness and impact of this project. For copying in othercircumstances or for re-use in other publications, or for the translationor adaptation, prior written permission must be obtained from thecopyright owner.The interpretations and commentaries expressed in this training do notnecessarily reflect positions of all the Global WASH Cluster members.Please informwashcluster@unicef.organd copywashhygienepromotion@googlemail.com 
Written by Suzanne Ferron, with support from Mimi Khan and the WASHCluster Hygiene Promotion Working Group: Marion O’Reilly (Oxfam GB),Therese Dooley (UNICEF), Dorothy Peprah (IRC), LibertadGonzalez/Emma Hernandez-Wyatt (IFRC) and Jean Lapegue/SouleymaneSow (ACF); Project Manager Lucy Russell; Translators (French) AnnieHoward, Isabelle Stockton, Thomas Noirfalisse and (Spanish) GabrielaPuente Arnao, Mariu Arzayus, Constanza Casabuenas; Formatting HannahClare and Theo Ratcliffe. And thanks to all those programmes whopiloted the training and others who provided feedback.September 2009
WASH Cluster Hygiene Promotion Resources
HP Training and Resources C
1. Introduction to HP Tools and Approaches
Briefing paper on the essentials of Hygiene Promotion,
Indicators for Hygiene Promotion
Advice on Hygiene Promotion-related Non Food Items selection and delivery
Example Job Descriptions for Hygiene Promotion Coordinators, Hygiene Promoters andCommunity Mobilisers
Equipment lists for Hygiene Promotion Communication
Annotated Bibliography of resources for Hygiene Promotion
Terminology and definitions
A 4-hour training package aimed at providing a general overview of hygiene promotion
Session plans
Facilitators resources
English, French & Spanish2. Training for Community Mobilisers
Training sessions for community members in hygiene promotion. This training is aimedat community members who may have limited literacy skills and relies mainly oninteractive exercises using picture sets, role-plays and demonstrations etc. It does notinclude handouts or power-point slides.
English, French & Spanish3. Training for Hygiene Promoters
Part 1: Essential To Know Training for Hygiene Promoters
Session Plans
Part 2: Useful To Know Training for Hygiene Promoters
Session Plans
Part 3: Additional Training for Hygiene Promotion Coordinators
Session Plans
English, French & Spanish
Visual Aids Library DVD 
Drawings, picture sets, photos and promotional resources (videos, radio spots, flip charts,leaflets and posters) for use in hygiene promotion programmes. Includes instructions forgames and interactive picture sets.
English, French & Spanish

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