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war print

war print

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Published by saud

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Published by: saud on Feb 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction About War Gases
It was firstly used by Germans against French in 1915.They use Chlorine(chocking gas) gas. War Gases are classified on the bases of there portal entryinto the body & there physiological effects.
Vesicants (blister gases).
Lacrimators (tear gas).
Sternutators (vomiting gases) cause nausea.
Lung irritants attack the respiratory tract, causing pulmonary edema.
Nerve gases inhibit proper nerve function.
Classification Of War Gases
Lacrimators or Tear Gases
Bromobenzyl cyanide
Ethyl iodoacetate
Asphyxiants or Choking Gases
Vesicants or Blister Gases
Mustard Gas
Nasal Irritants or Vomiting Gas
Diphenyl chorarsine
Diphenyl amine chorarsine
Paralysants or Blood poison
Carbon monoxide
Hydrocyanic acid
Hydrogen sulphide
Nerve Gases
Phosgene is used in the industry for the production of plastics & pesticides. It is apoisonous gas and can be changed into liquid by applying pressure. It is heavierthan air therefore stays close to the ground and spread quickly. Phosgene is a

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