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Task 1

Task 1

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Published by Kayayleigh

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Published by: Kayayleigh on Dec 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kayleigh Stevens
Title of the Film
This is the title of our film: ‘Inhumane’
. The word itself has a lot of ambiguity about it, making it intriguing from the offset. Is thecharacter himself not human? Or are the events which take placenot humanly acceptable? It draws in the audience to want tounderstand our concept and follow our story. The definition of theword itself is:Without compassion for misery or suffering; cruel. Thistells the audience that the antagonist is going to be relentlessregardless of who he/she is hurting. The title is one worded making itquick and easy to remember.Setting/LocationThe first location we see is the abandoned shed. It contains thecodes and conventions needed for the thriller to look realistic: suchas the props; power tools, knives, hammer ect, these are dangerouspieces
of equipment that can be used as weapons. It’s also a solitudehiding place for our antagonist, similar to a ‘safe house’ he has a
hidden spot where he can return to for safety and defence whenneeds be. It is a dark gloomy looking place, continuing theconventions and keeping a mysterious look about the character andlocation.
Kayleigh Stevens
Costumes and Props
This is our antagonist’s main prop, her teddy bear. It is conventional
of a sweet innocent girl to have something she can use as acomfort. It emphasises her age, and shows the audience that she isstill in a mind frame that inanimate objects will protect her, onceagain showing her naive childish mindset. To look at the scene fromanother point of view, the antagonist could perhaps be grabbingher teddy to protect it; showing her caring nature due to herneglected family life. The shot shows that the teddy is alone eitherway and that both analyses can fit the scene and story.Camerawork and EditingThis shot has been edited to look like a security camera; this effect iscreated by the black and white filter on the footage. The positioningof the camera and having the high angle shot makes the camera lookpermanently positioned as if observing the stairway. The effect isalso enhanced by having the date and time included in the shot, as itlooks as if the camera is constantly recording. This is a typical choiceof shot for a thriller as it is a shot that is literally part of the action; itbrings you c
loser into the story, creating a ‘real world’ in which the
film is taking place. This sense of realism heightens the suspense andtension created.
Kayleigh Stevens
Title Font and Style
Our title is written in block 3d bold letters using the font ‘Bebas’,It’s hard hitting, just as is the story. The title is in the colour red,
this colour can connote either danger or lust, or a mixture of thetwo. Our film includes both of those themes and so the colourwas chosen purposefully. The black background makes it seem as
if there is nothing but ‘inhumanity’ in the story, there is no
escape. The dark colours are conventional of a thriller, as brightcolours would produce a light hearted happy tone and that is theopposite of what we are trying to present.Story and how the Opening Sets It upThis shot helps to set the theme of a thriller; as it reveals that ourantagonist has been following the life of our protagonist. Thisopens the story up as it introduces our two main characters, andstarts to give the audience an idea of their relationship. The shotis conventional of our genre as it allows us to see what theantagonist is doing whilst keeping his identity hidden.

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