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The Life of Birds Signals and Song

The Life of Birds Signals and Song

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Published by owls_1102

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Published by: owls_1102 on Dec 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Life of BirdsEpisode 6:
Signals and Song
Broadcast 25 November 1998, this installment describes ways of communicating.A colony of ______________in Sweden deters a_____________from raiding a _________________by collectively raising an audible alarm.However, in an English wood, all species _______________ to warn each othersurreptitiously of approaching danger.By contrast, a________________is shown expanding its plumage to discourage a group of marauding hawks.The members of the _______________ family exemplify how color aids recognition. Birdshave excellent ________________ vision, and the feathers of many species react to_________________light.Flocking birds, such as________________, also have a 'ranking system' that determinesseniority.In_______________,Attenborough demonstrates the effectiveness of sound: he summonsa______________________by knocking on a tree.The nature of ____________________means that their occupants tend to make muchlouder calls than those in other habitats, and several such species are shown.________________vary their calls so that even individuals from different areas can beidentified.The ______________chorus provides a mystery, as there is still much to learn about whyso many _____________birds sing together at the same time of day. (Proclaiming territoryor attracting mates are two likely reasons.)Finally, Attenborough introduces the _____________ as one of the most versatileperformers: it is a skilled _____________, and this particular one imitates not only otherspecies, but also ______________, a car ____________ and a ______________saw.
This guide is based entirely on:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Life_of_Birds Use this link for the key.

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