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Proposal regarding Ron Brown Middle School

Proposal regarding Ron Brown Middle School

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Published by DC Public Schools

Feedback submitted to the DCPS Consolidation and Reorganization Proposal (November 2012)

Feedback submitted to the DCPS Consolidation and Reorganization Proposal (November 2012)

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Published by: DC Public Schools on Dec 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From:experiencesinrelaxation2@gmail.com[SMTP:EXPERIENCESINRELAXATION2@GMAIL.COM]Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2012 2:57:03 PM To: INFO, OFPE (DCPS); Henderson, Kaya (OOC); mayor@dc.gov;ebonirose@gmail.com; Aguirre, Jesus (DPR)Cc: pmendelson@dccouncil.us; mbrown@dccouncil.us; yalexander@dccouncil.us;dcatania@dccouncil.us; vorange@dccouncil.us; amuslim@dccouncil.us;Daniel del Pielago; Glaude, Steve (EOM); linda.willams2@dc.gov;Han, Eugene (DCPS)Subject: Proposal...RON BROWN MIDDLE SCHOOLGood afternoon all:Please accept the following proposal regarding RON BROWN MIDDLE SCHOOL andits feeder school Houston Elementary School:1. RON BROWN MIDDLE SCHOOL must remain open with the following supports inplace:a. Borrow Ms. Linda Williams/DPR and leverage her expertise in creatingpartnerships and that as a former principal to establish a formal partnership withCAPITOL COLLEGE (Laurel, Maryland).b. In that same breath, we must leverage Ms. Williams talent to create a partnershipwith the FIRST organization to build a fun learning environment in the classroom asearly as kindergarten and through high school. The FIRST organization had $16,000,000 in scholarship funds available last year andof that amount, $5,000,000 was left on the table last year.c. Since Ron Brown is advertised as a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math( STEM) school, we must be compelled to create a magnet environment wherestudents from all 8 wards are attracted and welcomed with open arms.Capitol College currently has 5 students on scholarship from one of the magnet highschools in DCPS and the students are creating such a ripple that Capitol Collegewants more DCPS students of that same high caliber.In order to create that pipeline, our students must be prepared BEFORE high school.2. Allow Kenilworth ES to remain open so that they remain in the PROMISENEIGHBORHOOD INITIATIVE footprint.
In addition, they need to also remain the recreation center for their neighborhood sothat the children continue to have a safe place to recreate in their neighborhood.Allow THE FISHING SCHOOL to continue their great work so that the childrencontinue to be served.SMALL SCHOOLS WORK.NOTE:Ms. Williams was mentioned without her prior knowledge or consent because sheformerly served as the Ward 7 manager for DPR and did a phenomenal job.CAPITOL COLLEGE was mentioned because their Admissions Director recentlypresented a college program at one of the magnet high schools and shared howwell they care for their students.In addition , they do a job guarantee when our students complete their courses of study there and this would create a situation where we could raise our tax basehere in the District by keeping our dollars in the city. Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration.We must set up our children for a lifetime of generosity and prosperity; then andonly then will our city reach the pinnacle of abundance that we so richly deserve.Please continue Ron Brown Middle School's legacy in our community by building abetter school from the inside out.Dr. Slade has been raising test scores for the past six years, we need to help himhelp our students by creating a magnet middle school serving the entire city. Thank you for keeping Ron Brown open.WHEN WE BUILD IT, ALL STUDENTS WILL RUN...to Ron Brown Middle School!Alicia RuckerQueen MotherDCPS parent of 4 Ron Brown Middle School graduates, 2 valedictorians for RonBrown; 1 HD WOODSON/GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY graduate, 2005; 5 future college graduates

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