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Distimo Publication Full Year 2012

Distimo Publication Full Year 2012

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Published by NextSmartphone

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Published by: NextSmartphone on Dec 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Distimo ©2012, some rights reserved. All trademarks are the property o their respective owners.
- Year 2012
2012Year In Review
By Gert Jan Spriensma, Analyst at Distimo
Distimo ©2012, some rights reserved. All trademarks are the property o their respective owners.
Publication - Year 2012
Distimo has a very clear objective: to make the app market transparent.The company was born out of the frustration of a lack of insights intothe performance of apps and the manual work needed to track importantmetrics.
Our goal is to provide the best and most actionable app intelligence or anyone whowants to compete in the app market. Our data-driven team seeks to help developers,brands and nancial services companies gain actionable, timely and actualknowledge o what’s happening daily in the global app market.
We offer three core services: 
to track all o your important app data across all major app stores and ad networks.
to measure your ull app sales unnel rom discovery and campaigns to app launch.
to analyze the daily download and revenue volumes o any app in the market.Founded in 2009, Distimo is a privately held company based in The Netherlands.Follow us onTwitter, read ourblogor learn more at 
A brie introduction
 H e l l o,  m y  n a m e  i s
Distimo ©2012, some rights reserved. All trademarks are the property o their respective owners.
Publication - Year 2012
A couple o winners emerged, some late entrants showed promise and Microsot launched a new app store in 2012. This year-end report ocuseson the clear winners in 2012: the Apple App Store and Google Play. Android has been long hailed as the winner in terms o device installs, howeveruntil last year developers complained about Google Play and the lack o monetization on the platorm. Apple, on the other hand, redeined the appstore model, and proved to be highly successul in terms o monetization or developers. The large amount o applications (700K) that are availableon both platorms decreased the ease o discovery, and thus made it more diicult or developers to become successul. Still, some new publishersmanaged to become successul and did so extremely rapidly, like Draw Something. This report details how the stores compare, who the clearpublisher and application winners o 2012 were, and shows the trends and stats in play to become the success story o 2013.
New and noteworthy
The major indings are:
Even though the growth in revenues in Google Play in the last our months is close to that o the Apple App Storein 2012, the growth in daily revenues in the Apple App Store was higher than the total daily revenues in GooglePlay when comparing absolute daily revenue values.Looking at the worldwide download volumes, the app store opportunity is large. On a typical day in November2012, the revenues in the Apple App Store exceeded $15M USD, while in Google Play the revenues are just below$3.5M USD in 20 o the largest countries in both app stores.Seven applications were responsible or 10% o the revenues in November 2012 in the Apple App Store or iPhone,which is signiicantly lower number o applications than in January 2012. Moreover, in the Apple App Store or iPad,six applications were responsible or 10% o the revenues, while in Google Play this igure was our.Draw Something, one o the best known apps o 2012, reached 1M users in 9 days, however we’ve ound it ispossible to gain 1M users even aster. Naver, one o the most successul Asian publishers, launched ive applicationsat the end o November 2012, and all ive quickly became the most popular applications in many Asian countries.We estimated Line Pop, the most popular o the ive, generated 1.75M downloads within 72 hours.The country with the highest tablet download proclivity is Russia, where 46% o all iOS downloads are on theiPad. Other countries with a high proclivity o iPad downloads are The Netherlands and Finland with 38% and35%, respectively. Japan is the country with the least tablet download proclivity, as only 7% o all iOS downloadsare iPad apps. The iPad revenues are already higher than the iPhone revenues in some countries when looking atrevenues, e.g. Russia.Google Play showed tremendous growth during the past our months, with an aggregated growth in daily revenueo 43% across 20 o the largest countries, while the Apple App Store or iPhone and iPad grew by 21% in dailyrevenue in the same period.The proportion o revenue that derived rom in-apps increased rom 53% to 69% in 2012. However, in 2012 therewere still some publishers who were very successul with a paid-only strategy. Moreover, 35% o the revenue romthe top 10 publishers was derived rom one-o ees in 2012.

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