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November 2012 Edition of Kingdom Newsletter

November 2012 Edition of Kingdom Newsletter

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Published by JoAnn White
Answers to the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Life!!!!!
Answers to the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Life!!!!!

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Published by: JoAnn White on Dec 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kingdom Newswww.kingdomnewsonline.comNovember 2012Copyright
2012 Page 1 of 12
Kingdom News
The Kingdom is Yours; the power is Yours and the glory is Yours, forever.(Matt. 6:13)
Volume 6, Issue 11 November 2012
The Chief Cornerstone
The Leadership Corner
Boot Camp
Journey to Intimacy 
The Chief Cornerstone
 The 5 W's of Life (
We've come to the last of life's "5 W's" (
, implyingsimply the order in which we were led to sequencethese discussions). You may, certainly, have chosen adifferent sequence.In the July 2012 edition, we looked up to heaven andshouted, "What?" And the echo came back…
 In the August 2012 edition, the Lord came back andsaid, it's My turn. Now, I will ask 
two questions:
do you say that the I AM is?" 2) "
does yourlife say is
I AM?"
In the September 2012 edition, the Lord told us that the"when" that matters to Him is
He will vindicateHis glorious name and execute His righteous judgment. It is
He will make our Lord's enemiesHis footstool.
The Leadership Corner
Leadership Living, Inc.
My Back Against the World– My Face Towards God
All scripture is KJV paraphrased.
We have now come to the month of November. There isso much going on in the Kingdom. You may or may notsense some of the activity. Nevertheless, God is up tosome great things.As we prepare for the holidays, we may find this year tobe different than it was last year at this time. Let’s take amoment to think about this. During the 2011 holidayseason (Thanksgiving and Christmas) there were specificpeople in our lives. We may have had a job at a givenemployer, or we were the employer. It’s possible wetravelled to see friends and family, or they came to seeus. Some of us were in school.Now, as we approach the 2012 holiday season, are therethings that are different than they were last year at thistime? Are there new people in our lives, newrelationships? Has anything changed with ouremployment or educational pursuits? What about wherewe live, go to church, or shop?For many of us, there have been significant changes inour personal lives. Personally, I live in a different placethan I did during the last holiday season. I also have verydifferent personal relationships (some new people havecome into my life, while some previous relationships
Chief Cornerstone
continued on page 3 
The Leadership Corner
continued on page 5 
Motto for the year of 2012
You are worthy, Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for You have created all things,and for Your pleasure they are and were created.
(Revelation 4:11
KJV adapted)
Kingdom Newswww.kingdomnewsonline.comNovember 2012Copyright
2012 Page 2 of 12
Boot Camp
Love of God
Fact or Fiction?
In fact, a fiction?
The airways are cluttered with talk of the"
unconditional love of God." 
 Since virtually "everyone" is talking about it; you won'tmind if I join in the conversation, will you?Can we do something different this time? Can we takethis "conversation to the street?" Enough of beingproper or "politically correct." Let's do it the good ole'fashioned way. You know … where we each "say ourpiece and we sweep up the crumbs" when we'refinished. Out of the gate, we'll "agree to disagree" andotherwise enjoy each other's company.That being said, I'll open with a question:
Where did thisnotion of God's love being "unconditional" come from
?I mean, what is its
where did it begin? Whilewe're on the topic, I suppose I should ask "what is its
, too?" How does it walk itself out, what doesit reveal?Is this the love child of "
the John 3:16 version of thegospel
" and the "
no child left behind 
" initiative? I toldyou I didn't want to be politically correct.I have two dispositions to the concept of God's lovebeing "unconditional."
Disposition #1
As I understand it, there is a sense in which the love of God could be construed as "unconditional." The sensein which "God so loved the world that He gave…."
is the sense in which I can see the "unconditional"descriptive having a seat at the table. God's "
so lovingthe world 
" and His "
giving His Only Begotten Son
" aredisplays of a love so great and unprovoked by anythingexternal to the counsel of the will of God, Himself. Inthat sense I can see it as "unconditional" or withoutprerequisite.
Disposition #2
My concern is with the flagrant and unguarded use of 
Living Waters
      
 The Mind(A Terrible Thing to Waste)
My sister and I were communing over a few thingsthat the Lord had been sharing with each of us.During this conversation the Lord very sweetly andun-intrusively began to share with us (
a portion of which
) has become this article.
– This is not intended to be
That is, we're not asking yourun out and begin to overhaul how you useyour intellect. It is more intended to be
in that this is something that theLord disclosed to us in one of ourconversations. We simply wanted to share itwith you. If it genuinely blesses or freesyou, then give God the glory. If you find it abit terse and distasteful (fair enough) thendisregard it altogether. Very likely the topicof this article will not
come up
at theJudgment Seat of Christ. Meaning thatwhether or not you believe what you read itwill not be a "deal-breaker" in the granderscheme of things.If you don't mind, we'll jump right into the middle of the conversation, between my sister and I." … one of the problems that I believe that we willfind, at length, is that we are using our mind(intellect) in ways it was
originally intended. Themind has the capacity to do quite a number of amazing things. The two that we'll talk about are itscapacity to "understand" and to "know."In a temporal sense, we have ascribed to the conceptof "
" an ultimate-ness. For example, once athing is "known" the road ends there. Whereas, whena thing is simply "understood" there's still room fornegotiation, investigation, research, inquiry, etc.Very likely, we may find that the disposition of theheart of one who believes that they "know" a thing, isquite different from the disposition of the heart of one who believes they "understand." I'm going tostretch you a bit here, so go with me on this. You canget out of the car at the next major intersection if youlike; but ride with me for a little bit. I submit to you
Living Waters c
ontinued on page 9 
Boot Camp c
ontinued on page 7 
Kingdom Newswww.kingdomnewsonline.comNovember 2012Copyright
2012 Page 3 of 12
In the October 2012 edition, we asked, "Lord, ultimately"
" He said …"
in you, in Me.
"Here we are in November, asking "Why, Lord?" "Whyall of this (time and space; or creation in general)?"
Inthe July edition, we made reference to the question: For"
" purpose have we been created?" We agreed tocover that in this edition.
The answer to the ultimate "
" question (for thisdiscourse) is "…
that they may know that 
 I AM 
" Ithought this a peculiar response, when the Lord gave it.Is there any, single thing that Our Lord wants, veryclearly, for us to know more than that "He IS…?" All of the other values of our relationship with Him flow fromthis reality. Therefore everything He has done;everything He presently does; and everything He shalldo will be directed by a singular objective: that we mayknow that "He IS… the I AM."As a human being with painfully limited knowledge andvisibility; I often shy away from the use of ultimateterms and language. Because only the Sovereign, LordGod can speak in "
." There is a great deal of "relativity" to our knowledge. That is to say, that theonly things that we can really
are the things thatGod reveals. Everything else, apprehended apart fromthe utterance or revelation of God, is suspect. Here weget a glimpse of why the Lord teaches that we must walk by faith, and not by sight.
Apart from the revelation of God; we really cannot trust (or in any real sense,interpret) what we see.Throughout the concourses of our lives … it isimperative that we come to
that "
 He IS, the great  I AM 
." Now let's not take lightly the reality of what itmeans to
God. We fancy ourselves that we
 Algebra, because we show up for class; answer a fewrandom questions and turn in our homework (on time,most of the time). But it becomes embarrassingly clearthat we do not
Algebra, during Mid Term. Andeven more shamefully is the "D" we receive on our FinalExam.And so it may be, with our conception of our knowledgeof God and our knowledge of our relationship with Him.We may think that we know Him, because we show upfor church services
(on time, most of the time)
. We canquote a few random scriptures, and we read our Bible(when we can make time in our busy schedules). But itbecomes embarrassingly clear that we do not
 Him, as we thought, when we faint in the day of adversity. And even more shameful is the absence of figs (or other fruit) on the branches of our life.Why?!? Because…we were created to
Every morning His mercies are renewed to us …
… that we may
Him as a mercifulFather.
He suffers long with us …
… that we may
Him in His expressions of kindness andcompassion.
He made Himself of no reputation, and took on theform of a servant …
… that we may
 Him in His expressions of humility.
Though He was a Son, yet He learned obediencethrough suffering …
… that we may
 the meekness of God.
He spared not His only begotten Son … why …that we may
God's pre-commitment to Hisrighteousness and judgment.
He humbled Himself and became obedient untodeath …
… that we may
Hisdisposition towards sin and unrighteousness.We were created to
Him. Why !?!Well there are many, many reasons. Although vital,this is not the most important reason
(but let's have alook anyway)
. We were created to
Him becauseit is by Him that we
everything else. I submit toyou that we cannot really
anything except that itis
in its proper relationship to God. We knowsomething of this reality when we hear Paul say, " I hadnot
sin, but by the Law."
And we ask, "W
 is that, Paul? Why is it the case that you didn't
 what sin was, except by the Law?" Then Paul, points toKing David, who said "The Law of the Lord is perfect,identifying for the soul, its need to be converted."
 Again, the answer to the ultimate question "
?" is"
that we may
." John says it this way, "Thisis life eternal, that they might
You the only trueGod, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent."
 Let's revisit the idea that, "
we cannot really
 anything except that it is
in its proper relationship to God.
" I'll start the discussion here,and we'll finish it in the article entitled "
The Mind: A Terrible Thing to Waste
." This will sound a bitcryptic at the beginning; I pray that it will land ever
Chief Cornerstone
continued on page 4 
Chief Cornerstone c
ontinued from page 1

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