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The Romantic Period

The Romantic Period

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Published by nadieh_baderkhani

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Published by: nadieh_baderkhani on Dec 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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revolution and Reaction 
ROMANTIC PERIOD the span between 1785 and. 1830.
The midpoint of the decade in which Samuel Johnson died and Blake andBurns published their first poems.
This was a turbulent period during which England experienced the ordealof change from primarily agriculture society to a modern industrial nation.However, English sympathizers dropped off as the Revolution followed itsincreasingly grim and violent course:
1.the accession to power by Jacobin extremists.
.the ‘September Masacres’ of the imprisoned and heplless nobility in
3,followed by the execution of the royal family.
4.the French Republic of the Rhineland and Netherlends
5.French offer of armed assistance to all countries desiring to overthrowtheir governments, which brought England into the war against France.
6.the guillotining of thousands in the reign of Terror under Robespierre.
7.after execution in their turn of the man who had directed the Terror.
8.the emergence of Napoleon first as dictator and then as emperor of France
The early period of the French revolution, marked by theand the storming of the
Rights of man
declaration of theand release imprisoned offenders, evoked enthusiastic
support from English liberals and radical.
Rights of man
.Tom Pain’s
1Two influential book:
.Edmund Bruke’s
2the French revolution)against(advocated for England a
on the revolution in France.
democratic republic)more important as an influence on Wordsworth, Shelly, and
inquiry concerning political 
other poets was William Godwin’s
(which foretold an inevitable but peaceful evolution in
 which all property would be equally distributed and allgovernment would wither away.
in England this period was one of harsh repressive measures.
1.public meeting were prohibited.
2.habeas corpus was suspended for the first time in overhundred years.3.advocate of even moderate political changes were charged with high treason in time of war.4.the outlook of the Napoleonic wars put an end to reform andto almost all genuine political life in England, for nearly threedecades

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