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Promotional Materials used by opposition to LNG in Passamaquoddy

Promotional Materials used by opposition to LNG in Passamaquoddy

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Published by ART'S PLACE
Posters, press releases, letters and more are used to battle the proposed construction of LNG terminals in Passamaquoddy Bay.
Posters, press releases, letters and more are used to battle the proposed construction of LNG terminals in Passamaquoddy Bay.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: ART'S PLACE on Dec 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dateline August 1, 20051. INFORMATION KIOSK OPEN HOUSE, Sunday, July 31 at 4 pm.
The St. Croix EstuaryProject Inc.(SCEP) will be opening an information kiosk at the Adventure Centre located at thehead of the wharf in St. Andrews. Information about the the Quoddy Region and its importanceand value will be the theme. Organizations such as the Save Passamaquoddy Bay groups, NBConservation Council, Town of St. Andrews, and others are invited to have small exhibits. Thebuilding can also be used for meetings of small groups.
SCEP is delighted toannounce we have received a $10,000 grant to do research on HeadHarbour Passage. This will allow us to bring together historical data, set up a summer research initiative (hopefully at the Head Harbour Lighthouse - we are currently talking to theBoard of Directors), engage the local community and begin the process of protecting this vitalnatural resource. MEC is an important corporation that champions the preservation of naturalareas that its customers enjoy and we view this as one of the most important awards we havereceived. We are seeking funding partners for this work. For more information, you cancontact me at artmackay@scep.org.
. As everyone now knows the Energy Bill allowing FERC to siteLNG terminals has passed and is on its way to the White House for the President's signature. As a consequence, any vote by the Robbinston Selectmen, The State of Maine, or other localregulators is "trumped" by this new provision. Nevertheless, it is clear that there will belitigation in some instances. From a Canadian perspective, there is little that we can do in thisregard, except to provide support to our US colleagues. (Be sure to read about conversationswith FERC in the St. Croix Courier, Tuesday's edition)
The UN Law of TheSea Treaty's right of "innocent passage" is much on everyone's mind. According to the UN:
 April 2005 - The Law of the Sea Treaty was adopted by the United Nations in 1982 and entered into force in 1994. Although the United States played a lead role in drafting the treaty, theReagan Administration did not sign it due to concerns relating to certain deep seabed mining  provisions. However, since the negotiations began in 1973, every US Administration hassupported the treaty in its entirety except for the deep seabed mining provisions, and theUnited States has accepted and complied with all other provisions of the treaty. In 1994, alegally-binding agreement altering the treaty was concluded, addressing all US concernsregarding deep seabed mining. The agreement was subsequently signed by the United Statesand must now receive the advice and consent of the Senate before it can be ratified by theUnited States.
 Full text... As far as I can tell, there has not been any action on this recently. The last information I couldfind is from February, 2005 and it was still with the Senate and getting some flack. This bringsto question the rights of the USA in waters of signing states. Do they have any???? It soundslike they "supported the treaty", but did they sign it? This might be important. If anyone has ananswer , please let me know. Thanks.
. I have received some information back from the Governor'smeeting in Connecticut and there will be some interesting news in the St. Croix Courier Tuesday. One thing that has emerged is concern that the Law of the Sea is weak relative tothe threat from terrorism. In addition, CANADA HAS OBLIGATIONS TO PROTECT ITSINTERESTS FROM TERRORISM AS WELL! The weak wording of the UNLOSC makesentrance of terrorists on foreign ships like LNG tankers a real concern. Within this context,these ships could be viewed as huge "floating bombs" and Canada, under the UNLOSC will
have little control over these ships or their crew as they enter our territorial waters on their wayto a US Port in Passamaquoddy Bay.It is essential, for this and other reasons that are givenbelow, that the government of Canada immediately consider the importance of protecting andregulating our sovereign rights in the Bay of Fundy and Head Harbour Passage. The UnitedStates under the new energy bill is vigorously protecting its rights in its territorial waters. Evennow, Canadian citizens have been interferred with in their legal use of their own waters in theQuoddy Region.
I was invited to speak to 3 lawyers from Gilbert, McGloan, and Gillis of SaintJohn. One was a highly qualified solicitor with a specialty in Admiralty Law. While it is early inthe game in Canada, they identified 4 avenues worth exploring. Summarized these are:
Safety - the hazardous nature of the materials may bring into play legislation that is inplace to protect citizens and the environment.
Envrionmental Protection - right whales and other endangered species may forceGovernment officials to become actively involved.
Navigation/International Law/Sovereignty - Federal law as under the CanadianConstiution will need to be explored.
(An interesting thought. Will citizens rights beviolated when they loose part of their income or are refused freedom on their waters? Art.)
Socio-Economic Impact on surrounding communities. The clear danger and oppositionfrom the community is important.I will be contacting various groups and people to see how we should proceed with the legalcomponent of this issue.
It is clear that substantial funding will be required for legal work and we will beexamining mechanisms for accomplishing this. The organization that I head, St. Croix EstuaryProject Inc., is a charitable non-profit. While we cannot lobby, we can inform, as we have beendoing, and provide information about our social and natural environment as well as providingsupport for community organizations that are involved with local issues concerning both socialand natural environment. We are seeking membership and donations. We're working on our donation page this weekend. You should be able to access this and learn how you can help bythe first of the week. Please go towww.scep.orgfor more information.
Spoon Island Will Not Be Clear-CutDuck Unlimited School Class Quacking at Park.
Classes from around CharlotteCounty are currently taking field courses at the Ganong Nature and Marine Park.
More...LNG Battle Continues.
 A new plan has been accepted by the Pleasant Point TrialCouncil. This plan relocates the development to Split Rock and is promoting a "new"approach where re-gasification takes place dockside from the tanker, moving directly tothe pipeline.
ACAP Approves Programs for 2004.
 ACAP St. Croix Programs for 2004 have beenapproved as submitted.
HRDC Provides Funding for Park Guides
- We are delighted to report that we havereceived funding for 2 guides to work this summer at the Ganong Nature Park.
Royal Bank Grant Will Provide Work for One High School Student.
RBC hassupported summer employment for a local high school student for the last three years.
Shell Environmental Fund Provides Grant for Storm Drain Marking Program.
 ACOA Development Plan Submitted - A development plan, based on the BDA Reportwas submitted for consideration by ACOA. You can review the BDA planhere.
St. Croix Estuary Project Inc.49 King Street, P.O. Box 374, St. Stephen, NB, Canada, E3L 2X3 or, P.O. Box 394, Calais,ME, USA, 04619.Telephone: 506-467-9905, Email: Art MacKay, Ex.Dir. artmackay@scep.org,Mary Gilmore. mary@scep.org

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