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Vyent Diana G., Public-Community Partnership in energy supply, 11-2011

Vyent Diana G., Public-Community Partnership in energy supply, 11-2011

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Published by Detlef Loy

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Published by: Detlef Loy on Dec 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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F.H.R. Lim A Po Institute for Social Studies Institute of Social Studies
MPA 111
Thesis Master of Public Administration Program inGovernance 2009-2010
- Community 
Partnership in energy supply’
 Advantages of village electricity supply in the Interior of Suriname
By: Vyent Diana G.
Supervisor: Nicolas AwortwiDate : november 2011
This paper was submitted in fulfillment of the requirement for the Master of Public  Administration (MPA) in Governance degree at FHR Institute of Social Studies.
Public- Community Partnership2
Disclaimer and information
‟s Thesis completes the Master of Public
Administration in Governance 2008- 2010 (MPA Intake 111).The F.H.R. Lim A Po for Social Studies organizes theprogram in cooperation with the Institute of Social Studies(ISS) in Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.In this thesis the information describes the public-community partnership in the interior of Suriname withinservice delivery. Community participation can have varyinglevels of involvement of the community in the interior orsomewhere else, but it can range from several aspects likelabour, behavior, involvement in administration, and mostimportant, management and decision- making. Virtually, thisform of participation involves joint decision- makingrather than principal-agent relationships. Parties areearly involved in developing joint outputs rather than thegovernment. All parties together with the governmentdefining both problem and solution for service delivery.
Public- Community Partnership3
This research marks the end of a well received learningexperience, which made possible by the F.H.R Lim A PoInstitute of Social Studies and the Ministry of Planningand Development Cooperation in Suriname, now the Ministryof Finance. It was a fulfilling journey which contributedto my growth on a professional and on a personal level. Formaking my participation in this Master Programme possible Iam thankful to the Ministry of Natural Resources.I would like to thank everyone who contributed in one wayor the other way to complete my thesis. However, I give aspecial thank to
the Almighty Lord, who gave me the strength, courageand perseverance to go forward;
Mr. Hans Lim A Po, director of F.H.R Lim A PoInstitute of Social Studies, for his patience;
my supervisor, Dr. Nicolas Awortwi, who guided me and
my mother, family, friends and colleagues who neverstopped supporting and encouraging me in the past twoyears.Bless you all!Sincerely Yours,Drs. Vyent Diana G.Paramaribo, Suriname2011

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