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Last Day

Last Day

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Published by zoolander951

Written 12/2012 for school's One-Act festival.
Uploaded for Common App Arts Supplement.

Written 12/2012 for school's One-Act festival.
Uploaded for Common App Arts Supplement.

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Published by: zoolander951 on Dec 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LAST DAYA semi-serious playBy Derek Foret ED (a nice, timid guy)SAMANTHA (SAM) (energetic an
d outgoing; everything ED isn’t)
(They’re a couple.)
 HER (
She’s “the one.” She is never actually seen or heard, just 
referenced.)SCENE ONE[
12/20/2012 at a high school party, senior  year). No one is on stage, faint music isheard in the background. Stage is set withtwo chairs, a table between them, couchbehind the table
. Somewhat messy; it’s
a party.
enters SL, looking tired, and quietly makes his way to the closest chair, standingnext to it.
]ED: Well,
I’m here. The 20th of December
2012. Last day until the world ends.
[triesto feign-excitement]
looks around. Glances at the time on his phone. (Pause).
enters, SR, amblingabout, and places a red cup on the table in front of 
while crossing the stage. He gives it an odd glance.
]PD: Want a drink?ED: Um...[PD
enters, SL, dancing wildly, and also puts down a cup while crossing. Another glance.
]PC: You sure? You look...morose!ED: Well...[PC
then both enter from opposite sides and put down two morecups. When they cross to SR, they dance with each flirtatiously.
looks at them moreclosely.
]PC and PD: No really, please, on us!
They look at each other, laugh, and leave.
takes out his phone, looks at it, puts it back in his pocket. (Pause) Repeat. (Pause) Repeat. He pulls out a piece of paper and  pen.
]ED: [
] “Hey. I’m sure you’ve been waiting for me all night…so”…no that’s not 
it. [
Crosses out what he just wrote, pulls out another piece of paper and begins writingagain
Come here often?”
] God, could I be more cliché? [
 Angrily crosses out what he just wrote
.] If I con
tinue down this path I’ll be asking her what her sign is...
Oh! [
With each new thought, he scribbles another note.
“It must have been a sign that you asked me here tonight.”
Beat, looks at his note.
] No
, that’s horrendous!
Something playful? [
“Are you a tectonic plate on the east coast of Africa?Because I can see Djibouti shakin’!”
] No, damn it, this is worthless. [
 Angrily,crumples paper into pocket and puts his head in his hands, in frustration.
]SAM: Wow, look at me sulking in a chair
. Maybe I’m doing this whole “party thing”
wrong.ED: [
nervous laughter 
] Oh, well, haha, sorry.SAM:
So aren’t you going to ask me if I want a drink?
I’m sorry?
It’s only custom; what you’re supposed to do.
 ED: Oh, haha, of course. Sorry. Want a drink? [
Picks one up for her 
]SAM: No thank you. [
She promptly sits.
] When a lady sits, a man usually follows suit.ED: [
under his breath
You sure apologize a lot, don’t you?
 ED: Sorry!SAM:
Dude, don’t 
worry about it. Just don’t say it if you don’t need to. It wears out 
an astoundingly sacrosanct phrase.ED:
“I’m sorry?”
 SAM: What did I just say?ED:
No, I was asking if “I’m sorry” was the
“astoundingly sacrosanct phrase.”
 SAM: Oh, yes it was. Sorry. [
Time passes in silence.
pulls another piece of paper out, jots something down whiletalking, shakes his head, pockets the note.
“Did it hurt when you fell from
 SAM: Hmm?ED: Oh, nothing. So, uh, I should probably get goin--SAM: [
Interrupts him
] Wait a second, you look familiar.ED: I get that a lot. Kind of a bland face, I supp--SAM: [
 Again, interrupting him
] No, really. Are you in one of my classes? Math? No.Gov? His--ED: [
really fast, breathes in
] AP Literature and Composition you sit three seats upand two to the left from me where you seem to spend most of class doing crossword
puzzles except on Mondays and I’m not really sure why but if I’d have to guess it’d
be because you stay up l
ate doing homework on Sundays because well who doesn’t and you don’t wake up early enough in the morning, have to take the late bus, and
on’t have time to get the paper [B
reathes out 
].SAM: --tory? [
She gives him a look.
is mortified.
pop up from behind the couch.
]PD: And that is exactly how one impresses a girl. Bra-fucking-vo! [
They applaud.
]ED: [S
] How long have you guys been back there?PD: Not sure. Hun, how long have you been on your back?PC: Never long with you, sweetie. Refills, anyone? Oh, l
ooks like you guys haven’t 
even touched your drinks...[PC
refill each other’s drinks and then pop back down.
Don’t mind them. They come and go.
Long pause.
I’m Samantha, by the way. Sam for
short.ED: Edward. But since Twilight, I just go by Ed.

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