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December Newsletter

December Newsletter

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Published by Chris McKenzie

Keep up to date with The McKenzies as we live on mission in Langley, BC. Merry Christmas!

Keep up to date with The McKenzies as we live on mission in Langley, BC. Merry Christmas!

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Published by: Chris McKenzie on Dec 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December 2012
My program is underway and it’s such an exciting opportunity
If you’ve been following the story of ourendeavor here in Langley you’ll know that I’min a program that is akin to anapprenticeship. Roughly speaking it is a work& study type program. One of the questionsthat always gets asked is “what courses areyou taking?” or “how are your classesgoing?” My answer is often quite vague andthis leaves people wondering. So I thought Iwould take the opportunity to introduce the
program to you so that you’ll have abetter understanding of what I’m doing.In the last few years Fellowship BC, thedenomination I’m working with, noticed thatthey were lacking dynamic new leaders intheir churches. They had been producingseminaries grads but weren’t necessarilyproducing leaders. They took a step backand decided that they needed a newapproach. They’ve worked hard over the lastfew years to create a new program that willhopefully prepare leaders for the future.So what’s the uniqueness of theirapproach? Rather than striving to complete arequired number of courses
iscentered on 27 Outcomes. These Outcomesare essentially characteristics of an impactfulchurch leader. Just to give an example: Faith,Communication, Culture, and Gospel.Through a series of assignments, tasks,experiences, readings, reflections, researchetc. a student must prove that they havemastered these outcomes to the best of theirability. Who assesses the progress? Each
student has a mentoring team thatconsists of a Ministry Mentor, aDenominational Mentor, and a NorthwestBaptist Seminary Mentor. These mentors willguide us, test us, teach us, and support usas we strive to discover our calling anddevelop our abilities. In the end a Mastersdegree will be awarded and the students willbe endorsed by the seminary and thedenomination to be church leaders. Another special element of the
 program is that students are chosen for theprogram. Pastors and ministry leadersaround BC are encouraged to keep an eyeout for people who show potential as futureleaders. Then those people arerecommended for the program. FellowshipBC and Northwest Baptist then screen theapplicants and choose some as participants.I am so blessed to have been chosenfor this awesome opportunity. It’s such anencouragement to be a
rmed in my calling.We had our intro seminar and the programlooks very tough but I look forward to the
Some books I’ve been reading...
challenge that lies ahead.Please pray for me as I adjust to being a studentagain. It’s been a while since I’ve written papersand been assessed on a regular basis.I also havestruggles with reading and I would appreciate yourprayers for that.
Journey Church will be ramping upin the New Year
If I haven’t mentioned it before ourchurch plant has decided on a name,Journey Church. We are all on a journeyin our spiritual lives and we want to be achurch that does life with people nomatter where they are on that journey.Journey Church has been slowlybuilding in the last couple of months.We’ve seen a committed group of about25 gather weekly for dinner and a time ofworship. We’ve been able to bless astruggling family with a Christmashamper. And we’ve adopted the localpark. We are doing our best to put rootsdown in our community. I’m working onputting together a drop-in basketballnight at the new school in our area.Should be a lot of fun and a great way toconnect with people in theneighbourhood.When we talk about Journey withpeople the first question we always get is“where is it?” or “where do you meet?”.To this point we’ve been meeting in aliving room. The living room is great butit’s not everyone’s scene so we areexcited to get to the next stage. InFebruary we will have our first of twopreview services at a local school gymand our desire is to launch our weeklyservices March 31 (Easter Sunday). Although Sunday services are not whatmakes a church they are are great placeto gather people. We want everyone inthe Willoughby neighbourhood to have aplace to experience Jesus and toparticipate in a faith community.January & February will be crazymonths as we take care of all the behindthe scenes work that needs to happen to“launch” a church. We have to finish upour logo project and launch our website.We have to do some promotion in thecity. We’ve got to get a bunch of soundequipment, lights, chairs, kids ministrysupplies etc. It’s going to be hectic but itwill also be an awesome thing to see ourchurch come alive in the community.Please join us in prayer as we tackle thechallenges ahead...financial needs,pressing deadlines, a need to grow ourcore group, and a desire to bless a worldthat doesn’t always embrace thepresence of a new God thing happeningin their neighborhood.
Me & NevadaCarla & LindsayGail & DeannePaul & Dylan
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
We’ve made many wonderfulmemories celebrating Christmas with ourfriends in Taiwan but this year brings anextra special opportunity. We’ll betraveling back toSaskatchewan to spend theholidays with our families. Ican’t remember the last timeI listened to the Boney MChristmas record play at mygrandparents house or had aproper Ukrainian meal on Christmas Eve.One of the highlight factors for usreturning to Canada was giving ourchildren an opportunity to be closer totheir grandparents. Our little angels willbe smothered with love this Christmasand everyone is excited. I also can’t gowithout mentioning the treat it will be forour family to experience winter playtogether...building snowmen, havingsnowball fights, going tobogganing andmaybe even playing street hockey.Can’t wait!We want to wish you all avery Merry Christmas as youspend time with the specialpeople in your lives. Don’tforget to make memories andstore them in your hearts. Mostimportantly our prayer is that you willtake some time to focus on Jesus, he isthe reason for the season. Because ofthat night in a manger we are given thegreatest gift of all; life lived in relationshipwith a Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,Everlasting Father & Prince of Peace. Amen!
 Y H
Pray for safety 
We’ll by driving fromBC to Saskatchewanwhich through thesnowy mountains.
Pray for core groupgrowth in our pre-launch phase. Also pray for community acceptance & excitement when welaunch.We’re still lonely & feelingdisconnected.
Pray that theMcKenzies willbe able todevelop strongfriendships here.
We need more partners
Starting a church fromzero is tough financialchallenge so outsidepartners are needed toinvest in the ministrye
orts. (read more on thenext page-->)

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