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911 Social Security Death Index, Tail Numbers, Daniel Lewin, Flight 77

911 Social Security Death Index, Tail Numbers, Daniel Lewin, Flight 77

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Published by anonymou5
911 Social Security Death Index, Tail Numbers, Daniel Lewin, Flight 77
911 Social Security Death Index, Tail Numbers, Daniel Lewin, Flight 77

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: anonymou5 on Dec 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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26 May2010 , 03:57 AM
 Join Date:23 Feb2004Location:Middle EarthPosts:23,139Threads:2818BlogEntries:28Thanked8,877 Timesin 3,172Posts 
ISRAELI SPECIAL FORCES: Daniel Lewin - Alleged 9/11 Passenger - Obit Created 9.11.01?
Daniel Lewin - Alleged 9/11 Passenger Victim - Exif Data- Obit Created 9.11.01
by; Phil JayhanMy understanding of the Exif metadata is it is a digital stamp which is embedded into the actual code of the picture;It shows many things, but one of them is it shows the day the picture was taken. And this date stamp is alsochanged when the picture is edited on photoshop; Apparently, it overwrites the old data, and replaces it with thenew data. This picture of Daniel Lewin, alleged passenger on Flight 11, shows a picture being taken day of 
.September 11th, 2001. Which means this picture was last edited, or created on September 11th, 2001. The Exif data is embedded into the digital signature of the picture itself. From my understanding, when the new Exif data iswritten into the photograph, the old data is overwritten.
Caption or Obituary of Digital data stamp on Daniel Lewins picture;
Akamai Technologies Inc
. of Cambridge, Mass., released this undated photo of Daniel C. Lewin,31, the company's co-founder and chief technology officer, who the company said was on board theAmerican Airlines Flight 11, Boston to Los Angeles, that crashed into the World Trade Center on Tuesday,Sept. 11, 2001. (AP Photo/Courtesy Akamai Technologies)This appears to mean that the AP Press had in their possession, a picture of Daniel Lewin, and his obituary writtenby midnight on
. This presents an impossibility of course, as the sheer timing and speed with which theyhad Daniel Lewin's picture and full story of his death is not simply
implausible or unbelievable
, it is
. Thisis proof that Daniel Lewin was in some sort of way, either a fiction or a carefully prepared alias, and that he did notdie on 9/11/01 as we were told.This story would have been plausible if the picture had a metadata stamp of 9.19.2001 and beyond. But for thedigital stamp to show the last editing of this picture being done on 9/11/01 is, as they say, a proverbial smokinggun. Did Daniel Lewin really die on 9/11/2001? And is this even a picture of the real Daniel Lewin, or did DanielLewin only exist in the few newspaper accounts about him, created over many years?
ISRAELI SPECIAL FORCES: Daniel Lewin - Alleged 9/11 Passenger -...http://letsrollforums.com/israeli-special-forces-daniel-t21308.html?s=72...1 of 3212/23/2012 9:42 AM
Original link:Above; Daniel Lewins picture on CNN servers still showing this data. Below is the short bio contained there;
Name:Daniel C. Lewin Age:31 Residence:Brookline, MA, United States Occupation: co-founder and chief technology officer, Akamai Technologies Location: AA Flight 11 Related:Legacy.com tributeAkamai remembers Danny LewinUpdated: September 9, 2003 
The Following 3 UsersSay Thank You to PhilJayhan For This UsefulPost:Elkos
26 May 2010 , 12:12 PM #2
FAA Memo RE: LEWIN - Millionaire Elite Israeli Military Commando
• 9/11 - FAA memo says Flight 11 passenger was shot who happened to be a multi-
ISRAELI SPECIAL FORCES: Daniel Lewin - Alleged 9/11 Passenger -...http://letsrollforums.com/israeli-special-forces-daniel-t21308.html?s=72...2 of 3212/23/2012 9:42 AM
 Join Date: 28 Apr 2010Posts: 177Threads: 32Thanked 350 Times in 128Posts
millionaire elite Israeli military commando who understands Arabic and who happenedto be sitting directly in front of one of the alleged hijackers.Hijacker shot passenger on Flight 11: FAA memo; 'One bullet fired,' killing 9B occupant,but agency claims report was in error "An internal Federal Aviation Administrationmemo summarizing the Sept. 11 hijackings says a passenger aboard American AirlinesFlight 11 was shot to death by a single bullet, WorldNetDaily has learned.The FAA claims the memo, time-stamped Sept. 11 at 5:30 p.m., was written in error."It was a first draft," said FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown in a phone interview today."There was no gun."She said a final draft of the executive summary, received by FAA Administrator JaneGarvey, does not include the account of a gun being fired aboard the plane, whichslammed into the first World Trade Center tower not long after departing Boston.Brown refused to release the final draft, however, arguing it is "protected information."WorldNetDaily has obtained a copy of the first draft of the memo, which can be viewedhere.Here is the key excerpt, which is very specific (although the time is plainly wrong):"The American Airlines FAA Principal Security Inspector (PSI) was notified by SuzanneClark of American Airlines Corporate Headquarters, that an on board flight attendantcontacted American Airlines Operations Center and informed that a passenger locatedin seat 10B shot and killed a passenger in seat 9B at 9:20 a.m."The passenger killed was Daniel Lewin, shot by passenger Satam Al Suqami. Onebullet was reported to have been fired."In fact, Flight 11 had already crashed well before 9:20 a.m. (assuming the FAA memowriter was referring to the Eastern time zone and not a later one). At 8:25 a.m. –nearly an hour earlier than stated in the memo – Flight 11 had turned sharply off itsplanned westbound path and headed south toward Manhattan. It then crashed into thenorth tower at 8:48 a.m." - WorldNetDaily (02/27/02)Friends think Flight 11 Israeli was 'executed'; Daniel Lewin, named in FAA shootingmemo, was officer in elite unit of Jewish state's military"In another tragic irony of Sept. 11, three of the five Islamic hijackers aboard AmericanAirlines Flight 11 were seated next to an elite Israeli commando. And it may just havegotten that Jewish passenger killed before all the others.In fact, his friends and associates are now sure of it, after reading a secret governmentmemo naming Israeli-American Daniel C. Lewin as a gunshot victim on the flight.WorldNetDaily published the Federal Aviation Administration memo in an exclusivearticle Wednesday. The FAA, while confirming the document is authentic, claims thereport of Lewin's shooting, written several hours after the Sept. 11 hijackings, waspremature and inaccurate.His friends don't buy it."Danny was an officer in a secret unit of the Israeli army called 'sayeret matkal,'" saidYehuda Schwartzberg, a childhood friend from Jerusalem. "My guess is that he didsomething in some way to stand up against the hijackers, and was executed because of it."Keith Lowery, a business associate of the late Boston high-tech executive who had dualcitizenship, says the terrorists may have singled him out because of his "Jewishness" --as they did Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.The FAA memo's summary of the Flight 11 shooting incident, real or not, is the mostdetailed and specific -- not to mention shocking -- of the four hijacking summaries. Itsays Lewin, sitting in seat 9B, was "shot by passenger Satam al-Suqami," sitting behindhim in seat 10B. (Both names match those on the manifest released by the airline.)"One bullet was reported to have been fired," the memo states. What's more, thereport echoes another account of a fatal struggle in that same business-class section of the plane -- as revealed by the FBI.
ISRAELI SPECIAL FORCES: Daniel Lewin - Alleged 9/11 Passenger -...http://letsrollforums.com/israeli-special-forces-daniel-t21308.html?s=72...3 of 3212/23/2012 9:42 AM

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