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Aijst Volume 1 No 1 April 2012

Aijst Volume 1 No 1 April 2012

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Published by Achmad Muhadjier

More Journal : www.aijst.pps.unsyiah.ac.id

More Journal : www.aijst.pps.unsyiah.ac.id

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Achmad Muhadjier on Dec 24, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ISSN : 2088-9860 Volume 1. Number 1, April 2012
 Volume 1, Nomor 1, April 2012ISSN 2088-9860
Performance Evaluation of An Innovative-VaporCompression-Desalination System. 1 - 13
Mirna R. Lubis, and Mark T. Holtzaple
Grey Model for Stream Flow Prediction 14 - 19
 Vishnu B., and Syamala P.
 A Study on Learning Pre-Algebra Using Interactive Multimedia Courseware WithinCollaborative Learning Set-Up and E-Mail Interactions.20 - 25
Mohd Sazali Khalid, Sulaiman Yamin, and Sri Adelila Sari
Electrochemistry Study on PVC-LiClO4 Polymer Electrolyte Supported by BengkuluNatural Bentonite for Lithium Battery 26 - 29
Ghufira, Sal P. Yudha, Eka Angasa, and Jhoni Ariesta
Functional Data Analysis of Multi-Angular Hyperspectral Data on Vegetation 30 - 39
Sugianto, and Shawn Laffan
 Aceh International Journal of Science and Technology, 1 (1): 1-13 April 2012 ISSN: 
Performance Evaluation of An Innovative-Vapor-Compression-Desalination System
Mirna R. Lubis and
Mark T. Holtzaple
Chemical Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, Syiah Kuala University  Jl. Syech Abdurrauf No. 7, Darussalam, Banda Aceh, 23111
 Artie McFerin Department of Chemical Engineering TAMU, College Station, Texas
Email: m.lubis06@fulbrightmail.org 
– Two dominant desalination methods are reverse osmosis (RO) and multi-stageflash (MSF). RO requires large capital investment and maintenance, whereas MSF is tooenergy-intensive. Innovative system of vapor compression desalination is proposed in thisstudy. Comprehensive mathematics model for evaporator is also described. From literaturestudy, it is indicated that very high overall-heat-transfer coefficient for evaporator can beobtained at specific condition by using dropwise condensation in the steam side, and poolboiling in the liquid side. Smooth titanium surface is selected in order to increase dropwisecondensation, and resist corrosion. To maximize energy efficiency, a cogeneration scheme of acombined cycle consisting of gas turbine, boiler heat recovery, and steam turbine that drivescompressor is used. The resource for combined cycle is relatively too high for the compressorrequirement. Excess power can be used to generate electricity for internal and/or externalconsumptions, and sold to open market. Four evaporator stages are used. Evaporator is fed by seawater, with assumption of 3.5% salt contents. Boiling brine (7% salt) is boiled in low pressure side of the heat exchanger, and condensed vapor is condensed in high pressure side of the heat exchanger. Condensed steam flows at velocity of 1.52 m/s, so that it maximize theheat transfer coefficient. This unit is designed in order to produce 10 million gallon/day, andassumed it is financed with 5%, 30 years of passive obligation. Three cases are evaluated inorder to determine recommended condition to obtain the lowest fixed capital investment.Based on the evaluation, it is possible to establish four-stage unit of mechanical vaporcompression distillation with capital $31,723,885.
esalination, dropwise condensation, heat exchanger, StarRotor compressor, vapor compression distillation.
Desalination aims to produce potable water form seawater, brackish water, or treated waste water. Among watertreatment technologies, it is one of the most efficient thermal distillation processes used to reduce the broadest rangeof water contaminant. Mechanical vapor compression is modern method that produces potable water with acceptableenergy efficiency (Ejjeh, 2001). Following World War II, the vapor compression distillers were used in oil productionin remote area. Larger unit could produce 200,000 gallons per day. The installations had four identical units operating in parallel. The original design had one rotor fitted with a set of blades having the inducer section in a single piece. The up-graded design is based on two rotors housing the inducer blades allowing for more efficient configuration. Anumber of modifications have been incorporated on the shroud, vapor ducts, diffusion section, instrumentation, andthe number of evaporators to improve the performance.Sheet-shell heat exchanger is key technology in the mechanical-vapor-compression-desalination system. Theheat exchanger consists of new assembly, which combines conventional
appearance and
 heat exchanger. The heat exchanger could be used in order to exchange sensible heat as well as latent heat. Latent heatexchanger could be part of multi effect evaporator that operates at lower temperature and pressure. Alternatively, theevaporator could be part of vapor compression evaporator. Multi effect evaporator used operates at lower pressureand temperature. Steam from high pressure evaporator boils water in adjacent low pressure. The compressor draws vapor from the low pressure evaporator, forces, and returns it to high pressure evaporator. The salt water has to bedegassed before it is fed into evaporator.Low pressure steam from steam turbine discharge could be added to evaporator where pressure fromdischarged steam and the evaporator is the most suitable. While overall heat transfer coefficient is obtained, the heatexchanger's surface could be known, and also the cost. The disadvantages of the mechanical vapor compressionsystem (Al-Juwayhel, 1997) include use of high electrical energy, flow rate limitations on the vapor compression range,maintenance and spare part requirements. The disadvantage limits the use of the mechanical vapor compression

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