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Woodfield Squadron - Jul 2006

Woodfield Squadron - Jul 2006

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Civil Air Patrol - Illinois Wing

Civil Air Patrol - Illinois Wing

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Published by: CAP Unit Newsletters on Dec 25, 2012
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Woodfield Pride
On Thursday, June 8th, Woodfield CompositeSquadron went soaring.It marks the first gliderorientation flights forthe summer.The day started with theassembly of theCAPBlanik L-23 glider.This wasaccom-plished with theassistance of severalCAP and Sky Soaringmembers. CAP mem-bers in attendance weresenior members Capt.McNichols, Lt.LaLonde, and SM Mi-ess, and cadets includedC/Amn Miess, C/MSgtTomaszewski, andC/A1C Gallman.Capt. Snyder was givingorientation flights inthe CAPglider all day  with CadetsMiess,Gallman andTomaszewskireceivingflights. Sen-ior membersLaLonde and Miess alsogot the chance to goalong on a glider flight.Sky Soaring is locatedout in Hampshire, IL just off of I-90. Formore information, andto learn when Sky Soar-ing will be flying next,contact Capt. Snyder or visit Sky Soaring’s website: www.skysoaring.com
The staff has come to theconclusion that the cadetsare getting bored withdrill. This is all going tochange. The staff has de-cided to introduce someinnovative drill move-ments, which are cur-rently being used by GreatLakes Region Drill Team.In order to perfect thesedrill movements the staff is asking for everyone toarrive at the meeting at1845 hrs. These extraminutes will be used foropening formation so wecan get the meetingsstated at exactly 1900 hrs. With this time I am surethat Woodfield Compos-ite Squadron will look thebest and will be the besttrained cadets in the state,and we should have sev-eral cadets trained in drillto form 2 or 3 drill teams.
 Woodfield Staff Changes Drill Routine
C/1st Lt Wells
CAP Glider Flights at Sky Soaring
“If flying were thelanguage of man,soaring would beit’s poetry” 
Inside this issue:
Johnson Flight Encampment 2Color Guard/Drill Team 2ES/Ground Team Training 3Memorial Day Events 3Father’s Day Breakfast 4Promotions 4
1 I
4 J
Capt. Snyder gives one on oneinstruction to C/Amn MiessCAP glider in tow up to 3,000 ft.Lt. LaLonde with Capt. Snyderin flight over Sky Soaring
Page 2 Volume 1 Issue 4
C/TSgt Kyle Tomaszewski
My experiences at Johnson Flight Encampmenthave been some of the bestmoments in my Civil Air Patrol involvement.This year, 2006 JFE, was muchdifferent from the last year I went. My instruc-tor pilots, CAPCapt's Wally Gleason and PatKlick, have beenremarkably help-ful to my gliderpilot career.Compared tolast year, this year was muchbetter with the weather situation. I remember last year oneday we walked outside and it lookedlike we were walking into the end of the world,the sky was black and theclouds stretched for as far as we could see. We were only weathered out oneday this year, but that didn't stop every gliderstudent from achievingtheir solo/pre-solo certification. Every glidercadet, except two, earnedtheir pre-solo wings, and three of us earnedour solo's. My first solo inany aircraft was on Thursday, June 15th,2006 at JFE. There was a nasty crosswind that day, but I held back my anxi-ety built up and completed the 9minute flight. It was funny because eventhough my instructor pilot was lessthan 100 LBS, the glider flew SO muchdifferently with him not in it withme. I released at 1500ft, and actually hit adecent thermal. "Hey, I couldride this thing for a while because no oneis telling me to take the gliderdown!" I thought to myself. But, the nicecadet that I am, I entered thepattern, greased the landing, and wassurprised to see that I wasn't greeted with a bucket of cold water. I did getnailed with the water at a later timeduring that day. The only problem that Ihad with my solo was that the back door on the glider flew half way open dur-ing my downwind leg. I almostreached back to close it, but instead con-tinued to fly the glider and makesure that I do not get distracted with my landing pattern. I had fun, workedhard, and amgoing to con-tinue my glider flightsat Sky Soaringuntil I earnmy PGL by the end of thissummer. With summer in full swing, and some morekey holidays coming up, the opportunity for Woodfield Squadron to partake inColor Guard activities is here. Only a few  weeks ago, we were asked to present thecolors at the swearing in of new US citizensin downtown Chicago. There was a hugechance to get our faces in the media andmake more people aware of CAP. On July 4th, we will again have the opportunity tomarch in the 4th of July parade in Elgin.If you are able to attend, please do. Ask Lt. Gallman, or Capt. Snyder for moredetails and the place and time to meet.
 Johnson Flight  Encampment 
 strives to provide a safe, low cost,high quality flight experience that will help shape tomorrowsaerospace leaders.
Color Guard and Drill Team Needed Johnson Flight Encampment
From June 9-17th, 3cadets from Wood-field Squadron partici-pated in the JohnsonFlight Encampment atColes County Memo-rial Airport inMattoon, IL. I wasn’tthere, so I’m not goingto ramble on and try to make stuff up.Here’s what one of thecadets in attendanceexperienced.
Cadets Brady and Tomaszewski withinstructors Capt. Gleason andC/Col AngeliniCadets Tomaszewski, Brady, andGreenlee at JFE, 2006
Members of Woodfield’s ColorGuard perform for onlookers
Page 3Woodfield Pride
SM D. E. McNichol
Over the Memorial Day  weekend we were re-quested to support the Veterans Day sale of Bud-ding Poppies. Wehad several Seniors andCadets respond to thetask.Overall we collected$650.00 and turned itover to the local VFW hall.This is a special day for allour Veterans like myself,and this is were the Pop-pies history started:The poppy of wartimeremembrance is the redcorn poppy. This poppy isa common weed inEurope and is found inmany locations. Artificialpaper versions of thispoppy are in many coun-tries worn to commemo-rate those killed in World War I. The poppy is areminder for all of us tohonor those who servicedin this country’s freedomin peace time or in strife.Remember the Veteransand wear it proudly.Next year lets all getout there and help ourpeople.
both ground teams and aircrew. This was a terrific in-troduction to the MSA spe-cialty and more training willbe taking place to get peoplequalified in this specialty.GTM3 training was a bigsuccess. Woodfield Compos-ite Squadron now has fourground team members, which also received statecertification. The groundteam class was put togetherby Capt Welch, Commanderof Forest Park CompositeSquadronand Chief Schwartz of MelrosePark PublicSafety (MPPS).The classconsistedof approxi-mately 27 students fromboth CAP and MPPS andThe past couple of monthshave seen quite a bit of emergency services activity both in training and mis-sions. For training, membersfrom Woodfield CompositeSquadron covered two spe-cialties; Mission Staff Assis-tant (MSA) and GroundTeam Member 3 (GTM3).The MSA training was cov-ered over three squadronmeetings. A special thank  you goes out to Lt. Holod of Fox Valley CompositeSquadronfor assistingour squad-ron with anexcellentmissionboard classand for shar-ing her ex-periences. We are also in the process of preparing mission boards forseveral excellent instructors.Meeting once a week for five weeks we covered safety,search and rescue tech-niques, map and compassreading and much more. Foractual field work, a mission was held at one of the forest preservesin Melrose Park andconsisted of severalsearches includingan after dark search.The training musthave been good,because the groupfield performancereceived an out-standing review from Capt. Welchand Chief Schwartz.This was a greatexperience and only the beginning of  what I’m sure will be an ex-cellent emergency serviceteam at Woodfield Compos-ite Squadron.
Memorial Day Poppy Emergency Services Training
1Lt Knickerbocker
’   y       f    . Y       g   f  . 
 Woodfield Cadet Greenlee familiarizeshimself with direction finding gear while other CAP members and MelrosePark Public Safety personnel look on

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