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Published by Arsalan Ahmed

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Published by: Arsalan Ahmed on Dec 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Other Utilitiesand Tools
racle8 has many tools and utilities available to you.Chapter 4 reviews the most commonly used set oftools. This chapter gives you a quick look at other tools andutilities used less frequently. Most of the tools and utilitiesdescribed here are standard equipment with Oracle8Enterprise; some require an additional charge. The first threetools listed are part of the Enterprise Manager toolset.
Storage Manager
As part of the Enterprise Manager toolset, the StorageManager helps you set up and review Tablespaces, Datafiles,and Rollback Segments.
are the portions of the database Oracle8 reservesfor your Tables.Suppose you are responsible for planning the Table structurefor the database or your part of the database. You can createa single large Tablespace for an entire set of Tables. You cancreate separate Tablespaces for individual Tables orpartitions of Tables. Remember: no Table (or partition) cancross two Tablespaces. The overall database may haveenough space to hold all your data, but unless you carefullyallocate the appropriate space to each Tablespace, you mayfind the database seems to have run out of space.You can create and modify Tablespaces using StorageManager. Figure 5-1 shows the monitoring graphic for all yourTablespaces. This graphic shows you how much space isallocated and used; view the graphic by clicking theTablespace folder in the left frame of the Storage Manager.
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In This Chapter
Using Instance,Storage, andReplication ManagerReviewing assistantsavailable withOracle8Reviewing additionalcartridges
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Chapter 5
Other Utilities and Tools
Figure 5-1:
Monitor Tablespaces with Storage Manager.
Figure 5-2 shows the Properties window for Tablespaces. Use this window to assignDatafiles to Tablespaces and tell Oracle8 how to allocate space within theTablespace.
Figure 5-2:
Create or modify Tablespaces with Storage Manager.
Chapter 5
You can create and modify Datafiles using Storage Manager. Figure 5-3 shows theProperties window for Datafiles. Assign file space to each Datafile and take a fileoffline for backups using this window.
Figure 5-3:
Review, create, or modify Datafiles with Storage Manager.
You can create and modify Rollback Segments using Storage Manager. Figure 5-4shows the monitoring graph displayed when you click the Rollback Segmentsfolder in Storage Manager. The graph displays the High Water Mark for each onlineRollback Segment.Figure 5-5 shows the Properties window for Rollback Segments. Create newRollback Segments, take Rollback Segments offline, and place them back online inthis window.The next section shows another portion of the Enterprise Manager: The InstanceManager.

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