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Published by Vivek Harris

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Published by: Vivek Harris on Dec 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I SEMESTER M.TECH IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (THERMAL ENGINEERING)INCOMPRESSIBLE & COMPRESSIBLE FLOWSASSIGNMENT - 11.Derive the Integral relations and Differential relations for Mass conservation,Momentum conservation and Energy conservation. 1.A jet plane is flying at 10 km with a cabin pressure of 101 kPa and a cabintemperature of 20oC. Suddenly, a bullet is fired inside the cabin and pierces thefuselage; the resultant hole is 2 cm in diameter. Assume that the temperaturewithin the cabin remains constant and that the flow through the hole behaves asthat through a converging nozzle with an exit diameter of 2 cm. Take the cabinvolume to be 100 m3. Calculate the time for the cabin pressure to decrease to half the initial value. At 10 km, p = 26.5 kPa and T = 223.3 K. 1.Write a computer program that will yield values of T/To, p/po and A/A* for isentropic flow of a perfect gas with constant γ =1.27. Use Mach number increments of 0.05 over the range M = 0 to M = 2. 1.A converging-diverging nozzle is designed to operate isentropically with anexit Mach number of 1.5. The nozzle is supplied from an air reservoir in whichthe pressure is 500 kPa; the temperature is 400 K. The nozzle throat area is 5cm2. Assume air to behave as a perfect gas, with γ =1.4 and R = 287 J/kgK. (i)Determine the ratio of exit area to throat area (ii) Given the area ratio in part (i),find the range of back pressure over which the nozzle is choked, (iii) Determinethe mass flow rate for a back pressure of 450 kPa, (iv) Determine the mass flowrate for a back pressure of 0 kPa. 1.A converging-diverging nozzle with area ratio of 2 to 1 is supplied by a reservoir containing air at 500 kPa. The nozzle exhausts into a constant area duct of lengthto diameter ratio of 10 and friction coefficient
of 0.005. Determine the range of system back pressures over which a normal shock appears in the duct. Assumeisentropic flow in the nozzle and Fanno flow in the duct. Assume that γ =1.4. 1.A constant area duct that is 20 cm in length by 2 cm in diameter is connected to areservoir through a converging nozzle. For a reservoir pressure and temperatureof 1 MPa and 500 K, determine the maximum air flow rate in kg/s through thesystem and the range of back pressures over which this flow is realized. Repeatthese calculations for a converging nozzle with no duct. Assume that
is equal to0.008 and that γ =1.4. 1.A constant area duct is connected to a high pressure air reservoir through aconverging nozzle. The walls of the duct are heated so as to supply 250 kJ/kgto the air passing through the duct. If the reservoir pressure and temperature

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