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Front page article in Gardner News about mayor's election poll by Kansas Reform PAC

Front page article in Gardner News about mayor's election poll by Kansas Reform PAC

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Published by benjaminhodge
Published in print on Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Poll performed by Kansans for State and Reform PAC on December 6-7, 2012.

Read full results and methodology of 22-question poll here: http://libertylinked.com/posts/10138/full-poll-results---gardner/View.aspx
Published in print on Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Poll performed by Kansans for State and Reform PAC on December 6-7, 2012.

Read full results and methodology of 22-question poll here: http://libertylinked.com/posts/10138/full-poll-results---gardner/View.aspx

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Published by: benjaminhodge on Dec 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Gardner 
Covering Southwest Johnson County!
Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012www.gardnernews.com
What’s inside? 
Danedri Thompson
A three-person mayoralrace likely favors Mayor DaveDrovetta, but in a two-manrace between Chris Morrowand Drovetta, it could be a veryclose race.That’s the word from aDec.6 -7 poll of likely Gardner voters. The poll was conducted by a political action committee,Kansans for State and LocalReform.The survey revealed that 28 percent of likely voters wouldcast ballots for Drovetta while25 percent would cast ballotsfor council member Chris Mor-row in a two-way race. Theresults are well within the mar-gin of error of 8.9 percent.More than 45 percent of those polled were undecided in therace.In a three-way race be-
Danedri Thompson
The body of an Edgertonman and his accomplice are outof the ground and headed to aKansas forensics lab.Although they’ve been deadand buried for almost 50 years,Dick Hickock, formerly of Edgerton, and Perry Smith aretoday the primary suspects ina 1959 murder case in Florida.Kansas Bureau of Investi-gation agents executed asearch warrant to exhume theremains of Hickock and Smithon Dec. 18. The pair was ex-ecuted and laid to rest in a Lan-sing, Kan., cemetery in 1965.The Sarasota County (Fla.)Sheriff’s Office hopes theitems removed from coffins lastweek can be used to link Hickock and Smith to the mur-ders of a Florida family 53years ago. The duo hanged onApril 14, 1965 for the murdersof Herb and Bonnie Clutter andtheir two children, Nancy andKenyon. The Clutter murders,made notorious by TrumanCapote’s book, “In Cold Blood,” bare an eerie resemblance tothose of the Walker family of Osprey, Fla.Like the Clutter family, thefour members of the Walker family were killed in their farmhome on Dec. 19, 1959. Chris-tine Walker, 24, was raped andshot. Her husband Cliff, 25,and their three-year-old sonJimmie was also shot. Their daughter Debbie, 23 months,was shot and drowned.The Clutter family was killedin their farm home in Novem- ber of that same year, and onemonth later, Smith and Hickock were on the run from authori-ties. Eyewitness accounts place the pair in Florida at thetime of the Walker familyslayings.Hickock once calledEdgerton home, and long-timeresidents there recalled him asa petty thief. The Hickock fam-ily moved to Edgerton in 1945.Ray Braun, former Edgerton resident now de-ceased recalled that Edgertontownspeople always knewHickock was a con-man.Braun told the
Gardner  News
in 2010 that Hickock,“robbed everything in town.”“He was the most polite boyto his mother. His mother never drove and he’d drive her intotown, to the grocery store, and
Danedri Thompson
King Louie, the former  bowling alley and skating rink now owned by JohnsonCounty, is getting a bit of a facelift.During a Dec. 13 boardmeeting, Johnson County com-missioners approved a$915,000 contract for repairsto the building, located at 8788Metcalf Avenue.Joe Waters, county director of facilities, said the repairs willinclude asbestos abatement,demolition of some partitionsand finishes, activation of utili-ties and fire protection system,establishment of minimal light-ing and conditioning of thespace and securing the build-ing exterior.Commissioners will beasked to approve a second con-tract for partial roof replace-ment at a future meeting.The county recently pur-chased the King Louie facilitywith plans to re-located thecounty museum there. The purchase was not without con-troversy.County Chair Ed Eilert ex- plained some of the history behind the $2.5 million pur-chase of the building during themeeting.About 10 years ago, Eilert
Survey shows Gardner mayoral race this spring likely to be a tight one
Poll conducted in earlyDecember by Kansans forState and Local ReformPAC
Remains of infamousEdgerton man unearthed
Dick Hickock, who spent part of his youth in Edgerton, showsoff his tattoos while in prison. He was hung in 1965 for killing aKansas family. Florida authorities suspect he may have killed afamily in Florida in 1959. File photo
County approves renovations for King Louie
  H  R   I S  T  M A  S
 A  l o t  l i k e
The city of Gardner awardedwinners in a Christmas lightingcontest last week. The winnersrecieved a holiday sign for their yard. Doris Kessler’s display onPark Street (left) was deemedthe “Most Creative Display.” Theinterior of her home is alsodecorated with holiday flair.Below, she watches lightstwinkle on her Christmas tree.Other award winners picturedinside on page 7. Videos of thewinning entries are online atwww.gardnernews.com.
Photos courtesy of RickPoppitz/kcvideo.com
tween Drovetta, Morrow andcouncil member KristinaHarrison, Drovetta would win24 percent of the votes; Mor-row would receive 19 percentand Harrison would receive 14 percent of the ballots accord-ing to the survey. Nearly 45 percent of likely voters areundecided in a race betweenthe three.To date, only Morrow hasannounced his intention to runfor the mayoral seat inGardner.Harrison said in an email tothe
Gardner News
that shehas no plans to run for Mayor.Both Morrow and Drovettacan find positive things to takeaway from the poll, BenjaminHodge, chairman of Kansansfor State and Local Reform,said.More than 94 percent of those polled recognize thename “Dave Drovetta” and 42 percent view him favorably,with 34 percent viewing himunfavorably.
 I think this is a good alternativeand it’s saving money in thelong run. It’s a win-win-win.
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