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Milarepa Tshog Offering Puja

Milarepa Tshog Offering Puja

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Published by Delos11

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Published by: Delos11 on Dec 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  
Herein is contained the Guru Yoga together with SacramentalOfferings based on the Great Venerable Repa (Mila) Called:The Blazing Glorious Wisdom
offerings then prepare and arrange symbols of Method and Wisdom (meat, wine, etc.). In this case you then arrange the preliminary torma. Here is the SweetSong of Fulfillment; the prayer of measureless praise to the Doctrine of the Accomplishment Lineage.)
  
Nying Tob Chen Pö Phag Yul Len Mang Dröd/ Lo Drö Chen Pö Chö Kün De Nyid Zik/
By great strength of heart repeatedly you went to the noble country. Seeing all suchness of the Dharma,
  
Drub Pa Chen Pö Cho Trul Chi Yang Tön/ Lo Tsa Chen Poi Zhab La Sol Wa Deb/
great knowledgeable one, you show unlimited miracles through your vast accomplishment. May I pray at your feet supreme translator.
                        
Mi  l   a  e  p a  s  o g Of  f   e i  n g u j   a 
Nü Thu Chen Pö Ku Dra Tsed Ne Ched/Ka Ched Chen Pö La Ma Nye Par Dzed/
By the Power of your mighty strength you destroy the corporeal enemy.By actions of great difficulty you pleased the lama.
 
Tsön Drü Chen Pö Drub Pei Gyal Tsen Tsuk/Re Pa Chen Poi Zhab La Sol Wa Deb/
By unremitting diligence you planted the victory banner of accomplishment. May I pray at your feet supreme Repa.
Theg Pa Chen Pö Rik Chok Yong Su Sed/Chak Gya Chen Pö Tok Pa Ngön Du Gyur/
By the Great Vehicle you completely prefected the supreme family. By the Mahamudra understanding was perfected completely.
  
    
       
(First, bow down to the mighty of accomplishment of the land of the snows who certainly within a single lifetime attained the state of Vajradhara. Then the yoga explained :In a place favorable to samadhi with an attitude of world weariness the mind–stream turns away and certainty arises together with a fervent devotion that blazes strong as thefires of the dark age. Put the mind precisely on the two great enlightened attitudes (aspiration and actualization). If conditions are right then place a rice drop mandala on a pure table and arrange the general offerings as you can. If actual offerings cannot be made then do it with the concentrated mind alone. If you are performing with sacramental
                     
Mi  l   a  e  p a  s  o g Of  f   e i  n g u j   a 
                        
Mi  l   a  e  p a  s  o g Of  f   e i  n g u j   a 
 
Trin Le Chen Po Kha Dang Nyam Par DelNying Gom Chen Poi Zhab La Sol Wa Deb
All pervasive activity flourishes vast as the sky. May I pray at your feet great hearted meditator.
 
Dam Pa Nam La Gü Pe Sol Tab ThüDrub Gyüd Ten Dzin Chog Nam Zhab Ten Ching
By the power of prayers and devotion to those holy ones, may the perfect holders of the Doctrine of the Accomplishment Lineage live long and then.
Ten Pa Rin Chen Chok Chur Gye Pa DangJik Ten Ge Leg Chen Pö Khyab Bar Shok
may the precious Doctrine increase in the ten directions and may the all-pervasive virtue of goodness permeate the world.
 A  A
F  X
  
Om Ah Bigha-nen-ta Tri-ta Hum Phet/
(By this mantra clarity is achieved.)
A  
4  i
4  i
Om Swabhawa Shuddha Sarwa Dharma Swabhava Shuddho Ham/
(By this mantra purity is achieved.)
Tong Pai Ngang Le Lung Me Thöd Gyed Teng/Tsen Den Bhenzar Go Ku Da Ha Na/
From the state of emptiness wind and fire arise.In a skull on a tripod of skulls GO KU DA HA NA
                        
Mi  l   a  e  p a  s  o g Of  f   e i  n g u j   a 
                        
Mi  l   a  e  p a  s  o g Of  f   e i  n g u j   a 

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