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I Should Have Been Dead by Now

I Should Have Been Dead by Now

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Published by iraolynh

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Published by: iraolynh on Dec 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I Should Have Been Dead By NowBy Iraolyn HumphreysLife will always make sure that every believer has more
, “
I should have been dead by now
testimoniesthan they care to remember. Without notice, life shattering events come and shake up the natural orderof things. They force us to leave a comfort zone that has become accepted as normal. Even thoughthese occurrences can bring great suffering, we take solace in the fact that God allowed it, therefore,survival must be imminent.Dr. Millicent Hunter preached from this subject during the first morning glory session of the MountCalvary Holy Churches of America 83
International Conference held in August 2012 at Greater MountCalvary Holy Church. Dr. Hunter began by reminding the saints that we all have a record with God thatonly we and God know about. She suggests that even the testimonies we share with others carry twoversions, the sugarcoated version and the real version. We alter the details because we dare notmention the unmentionables. After a wave of guilty giggles trickled through the sanctuary, she assuredthe congregants that however, through all of our mess, his grace keeps on blessing and covering us.
“Ihave been kept for a reason, and it’s because heaven needs another witn
ess! If truly saved, you should
have something good to say about the Lord,”
declared Hunter.According to Dr. Hunter, every testimony is born out of an experience with God and God alone, no oneelse can give it to you. She reminded the church that the body of Christ did not grow on its own; it grewbecause of the Holy Ghost operating in us. Bringing context through scripture, Hunter referenced Acts2:41, how on the day of Pentecost, three thousand souls were added to the Kingdom through Peter. Asflawed as Peter was, God was able to use him because of his experiences with God. The enemy tried
several times to abort Peter’s destiny and th
e Bible certainly is not coy in exposing his faults. Stories of 
Peter’s shortcomings were told so candidly because God wanted to use his life as a witness to Christiansfor generations to come. Hunter boldly asserted, “The devil fights us so hard to expo
se our failings andkeep us bound because he knows that if we ever get
lose, he is in trouble!”
As the congregation simmered down from a row of praise, Reverend Hunter continued to encourage the
saints through mentions of the Apostle Paul’s
limitations. Paul was very unattractive, a former murdererand persecutor of Christians, but he shared his story with everyone. In fact he testified so that he got introuble about testifying too much about God. Jailed and beaten time and time again for speaking theGood News about Christ,
Paul suffered tremendously for the Kindgom; his life was riddled with “I shouldhave been dead by now testimonies”, yet God entrusted him to write seventy
-five percent of the Bible,not because Paul was perfect, but because he could be trusted. She avowed that He also desires to useflawed saints today to do mighty and wonderful things. In the King James Version, John 14:12 states,
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greaterworks than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.
Though this scripture tells the believer the
real power he possesses, Millicent Hunter suggested that when it comes to God working in our lives, webecome intimidated by our call because a trick of the enemy is to keep the believer deceived into

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