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Mysterious Beings

Mysterious Beings

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Published by azabache12

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Published by: azabache12 on Dec 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This book is dedicated to the memory of Otto Binder, Charles Bowen, Alex Jackinson,Coral and Jim Lorenzen, Ivan T. Sandersonand all the others who spent their lives pursuing the unknown and the unknowable.
1.A World Filled with Ambling Nightmares2.”The Uglies and the Nasties3.Demon Dogs and Phantom Cats4.Flying Felines5.The Incomprehensibles6.Giants in the Earth or ”Marvelous Big Men and Great Enmity7.The Hairy Ones8.Meanwhile in Russia9.Big Feet and Little Brains10.Creatures from the Black Lagoon11.Those Silly ”Flying Saucer” People12.The Big Joke from Outer Space13.Cattle Rustlers from the Skies14.The Grinning Man15.Cherubs, Angels, and Greys16.The Bedroom Invaders17.Winged Weirdos18.The Man-Birds19.West Virginia's ”Mothman”20.Unidentified Swimming Objects21.Scoliophis Atlanticus22.The Great Sea Serpent of Silver Lake, New York 23.The Yellow Submarine Caper 24.Something Else...Afterword: 2002

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