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Wind Energy Project in Khyber Agency FATA

Wind Energy Project in Khyber Agency FATA

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Published by prosmatic

Project Managemnt, Project Charter, WBS, Cost Management Plan

Project Managemnt, Project Charter, WBS, Cost Management Plan

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Published by: prosmatic on Dec 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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]oed Ieivm Rva`ikt oe Chfiv Nmiek
Mvayr Gigfiv{
[nid Gyhnggnd Nlo
N{gn [nliig CyedoJnvhne Chne [nhnv Jnvaa~ [idGypnggol Avncpno Pyl~nvenoe Hnodiv[n~of O~fnl Tyjnol NhgndY{gne [nlih Pndn Gyhnggnd Ognd @neHnjiip Chnttnc Oeng Chne
]oed Ieivm
Ne Oetvadyktoae
Vntoaenli jav [iliktoae aj thi Rva`ikt
Donmea{tok [tyd jav ]oed Ra}iv Ratietonl oe JNTN Vimoae
Rva`ikt Githadalam ned ]F[
[tncihaldiv{ Oezalzid ned Kaggyeokntoae Rlne
Togi Gnenmigiet
Ka{t Gnenmigiet Rlne
^ynlot Gnenmigiet Rlne
Vo{c Gnenmigiet Rlne
Ka{t Fieijot Nenl{o{
Vntoaenli jav [iliktoae aj thi Rva`ikt
Jn{ti{t mva}oem, kline ned ajjiv{gne fieijot{ ta hygne fioem{%
Dyi ta oekvin{i oe ka{t aj ja{{ol jyil(kanl, aol av entyvnl mn{/ ned thiznvoay{ iezovaegietnl rvaflig{%
Ae n laem tivg fn{o{, ka{t{ aj iliktvokot jvag viei}nfli {ayvki{ nvigavi rvidoktnfli thne thivgnl ieivm%
]oed ieivm vidyki{ ka{t aj iliktvokot ea} ned oe thi jytyvi%
Vikietl, thi digned aj ieivm hn{oekvin{id oe Rnco{tne%
]oed o{ ne oedomieay{ vi{ayvki% Dai{eat vi~yovi javiome ixkhnemiixriedotyvi ae ogravt aj jyil% Nl{andd{ {ikyvot ta kayetvoi{ ieivmgox%

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