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Issue 7

Issue 7

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Published by Shea Hake
Issue seven of our avengers comic series
Issue seven of our avengers comic series

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Published by: Shea Hake on Dec 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue #7(Open on the gladiator arena. Inside is a crowd craving bloodshed. The thunderous roar of the crowdechoes throughout the land. Inside are two bodies, armed and ready for the battle ahead. Inside theRoyalty Quarters sits Doom with his right-hand man; Sentry. Doom gives the go-ahead for the two menin the arena to be sentenced to death. The crowd ignites into a full-on chaotic mob, a hive-mind with onlyone thought: excitement of a public execution.)Sentry(With a booming voice) Silence!DoomCountrymen, loyal patrons, I humbly ask you to lend me your ears. The two men you see before you areintruders. They come to our sovereign nation, looking to assassinate your king! (the crowd grows angry,riotous) But your noble leader will not allow such insolence! The terrorism these two men and their soonto be seen comrades have committed, shall face what all perpetrators of our land face; death! But, insteadof carrying out this sentence with a silent whim, I wanted to give you, my people, the pure, unadulterated,no holds-barred, violent execution you so well deserve! Does any man here oppose the sentence thesemen have been given?Cap(Narration, Inner monologue): No one amongst this crowd has any reason to speak up in our defense, Iknow that. Even if 
there was, Doom wouldn’t stop this assault. More than anything he wants to see ustaken out of the equation. I’ve gone into battle against Doom and his ploys time and time again. This timedoesn’t feel any different. Except one thing; for the first time, the crowd is cheering for me to lose. I’m
seen as the bad guy b
ut, hell if I’m going to surrender to Doom. I’m calm. I know I shouldn’t be, but this battle doesn’t worry me. What
worry me is standing right next to Doom. The uncertainty of whatSentry is doing here and why he is here scares me more than anything else right now. Doom schemes, he
 plans, he acts on his plans and relies on his contingencies in case “Plan A” doesn’t work. He’s worked
something out, he knows it is very likely we will make it through his little trials. What comes next, is myimmediate concern. Then it comes to me:
. Do I help him or let him fend for himself? Fury sent
him here to keep tabs, I guess the bottom line is: for the first time, he’s a victim. This man knows warfa
re,he knows hand-to-hand combat. He knows
(To the Punisher) How you holdin’ up?
 PunisherThis s%#!
scare me. Let him talk.Cap
I’m referring to whatever’s waiting for 
us behind those gates.Punisher
Killin’s killin’, Steve.
(Narration) He doesn’t say much, but he’s right. But I don’t think it’s your garden variety alleyway thugabout to come at us. (To Punisher) With Doom, it’s never that simple, Frank.
PunisherYeah it is. No matter what these super freaks throw at me, I al
ways find a way to take em down. That’swhy I’m still standing and they aint. Whatever comes outta there, I’ll gut it like the rest of them.
pretend its Fury (smiles).Cap(smiling back) Whatever works for you. (Narration) Again; simple, to the point and right. Hell, even Imight benefit from picturing whatever it is being Fury. Maybe I should let Frank take the lead on
this…Get outta your head, Steve. There’s a reason this man once idolized you, be that man.
Hell, showhim up! (back to the Punisher)
All right, I’ll make you a deal, Castle. I bet I kill whatever comes outta
those gates before you do (smiling again).Punisher
(Narration) Who’da f^*$in thought?!
Captain America and I, fighting, killing alongside each other.*&#damn, I guess dreams do
come true. (To Cap) Yeah right, Captain America doesn’t kill, but you got
yourself a deal, Rogers. (smiles)Doom(Narration) Yes, keep smiling, work out your strategies, do whatever you need to. This is only the first
chapter…(to the crowd) Let the
battles begin!
Cut To: Gates opening inside the arena.
(Battle Time!! Two Minotaur and four Cerberus walk through the opposing gates. Cap shoots Castle a
glance of concern. Castle doesn’t take his eyes off of the opponents, he has gone into his crazy place
, hiskill mode. The Two Minotaur usher in the four Cerberus on leashes. The crowd goes into a frenzy, losingthemselves to the savage barbarism that is about to ensue. Cap readies himself, places his shield in frontof him and his spear ready to strike. Castle, armed to the T, takes as many of his bladed weapons in hishand as he can hold and stands his ground, blackness in his eyes. The Minotaur release their Cerberus andraise their clubs, embracing the crowd. As soon as the leashes are released the Cerberus take off in fullsprint toward our heroes. Cap takes a defensive stance, readying himself for impact, as he looks over hesees Castle has sprinted toward the enemy to greet them with a warm blade. Castle does not hesitate, heacts on pure instinct, the one thing he is good at, exceptional at. Castle hurls his spear in the air at thenearest Cerberus, impaling the middle head and takes a giant leap in the air to land on top of the beast. Hewastes no time once he has straddled the bloodthirsty monster. He takes his sword and decapitates theother two heads, killing the first beast before Cap has encountered one.)
PunisherOne-nothin, Rogers.(As Castle says this another Cerberus jumps into the air in an attempt to pounce on Castle but before theCerberus makes contact, a shield slices through the air and deflects the attack. As Castle turns around tosee what happened, he looks overhead to see a silhouette of a man making the kill stroke on the Cerberusas he touches back down skewering all three heads with his spear. Castle, lost in wonder in watching his
idol work doesn’t see the third Cerberus lunging for him. Moments before impact cap tack 
les him to the
ground taking him out of the line of fire. Looking down at castle…
)CapTaking notes?(Castle, frustrated by his lapse, sees another Cerberus leaping toward them. Ripping
shield out of his arm, Castle lunges all of his strength into slitting the throat of the left head of the Cerberus with theside of his borrowed tool. Wasting no time he grabs a dagger from his belt and thrusts it up through thechin of the center head into its brain. Before he can contend with the final head cap rips the seconddagger from
belt and lunges under the beast gutting it from chest to belly, spilling its insides. Cap
now covered in blood, a sight Castle has never seen, almost scares him. He’s never seen his idol act so
savagely, it is a strange novel sensation for him.But there is no time to dwell on this thought because both Minotaur have decided to finally get involved.One Minotaur does a full on bull-rush toward Cap. Cap, who has thrown all courtesy to the wind, throws
 both shield and spear down to the side and catches the Minotaur’s horns in his hands.
The Minotaur andall his momentum make Cap slide back as he tries to gain his footing but finally Cap wrestles thisenormous beast to the ground. Castle leaps in to help Cap deliver the final blow but is swatted away by
the Minotaur’s club. Castle goes hurling through the air toward the other Minotaur a
nd Cerberus.Punisher regains his footing and goes for the defensive stance, armed with no defensive weapons, awaitsthe attack of the beasts. Meanwhile Cap still has the Minotaur by the horns and his legs wrapped aroundits neck in an attempt to choke it out. The Minotaur gets up with Cap still holding on and charges thewall, sending cap smacking hard into the side of the arena. The Minotaur then picks Cap up by the neck and throws him into the middle of the arena. Punisher, alone, ready to take on the three headed Monster of myth and the Horned beast from the nightmares of Greek heroes decides to employ his tactical training (if 
you’re outgunned,
then outsmart)Observing his surroundings Cap realizes he needs the high ground. Unfortunately in this flat arena theonly high ground is on the back of the beast. Jumping as high as he can he manages to gain purchase onthe back of the Cerberus. The Cerberus enraged at the pest on his back bucks like mad trying to dislodgehim but Cap has the Punishers daggers lodged into his back. He realizes he has some rudimentary control
over the enraged beast with the twisting of his daggers in the Cerberus’
shoulders and he sends itcareening into its master bowling them both over and throwing him from the beasts back. The Cerberuswas impaled on the horn of the Minotaur who was trying to free himself. Berserk with rage that hedisemboweled his own beast, he starts bucking and roaring loud. Castle sensing his foe
s moment of 

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