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Broken Families in America

Broken Families in America



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Published by Kathleen Dearinger

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Kathleen Dearinger on Feb 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Twenty Two Million Missing Children!?
 A University of Chicago study found that in just 26 years the number of married couples with childrendecreased 71%, and the percent of adults who were married decreased from 75% to 56%, which is evidence of an absolutely shocking cultural implosion. At the same time, the number of unmarried households with nochildren increased 230%, the number of children in single-mother households increased 417%, and the number of children living with neither parent increased 1,440%. Only 51% of American children, or 36.4 million of them, lived with both parents, and 18.2%, or 13 million of them, lived with a single parent, in 1998. This left31% of the nation's children, or 22 million of them, living with neither parent.The US Statistical Abstract, Table 76, confirms the figures from this study by using different terms and arrivingat a similar figure for children who are not living with at least one parent. This table shows that 25.7 millionchildren live in "two parent family groups", and that 11.9 million live in single parent households, leaving 22.5million children living with neither parent. 10 million of these 11.9 million children live in single-mother households where they are twenty times more likely to be fatally abused than children living with their families.Why call families "two parent family groups"? Because as many as 13 million of these 25.7 million childrennow living with "two parents" are actually living with step-parents, most of themstep-fathers, where they areseven times more likely than children living with families to be sexually abused.
Page 1 of 7 Number of Single Mother Households1/10/2009http://www.christianparty.net/children.htm
That is bad enough by itself, but where are these 22 million children if they aren't with either parent? It's trulyhard to imagine that they could all be with other remote relatives, in foster homes, or in the care of ChildProtective Services.How did we get to this state? How could and why did the country which was once the paragon of socialstability suddenly subject 22 million children to a parentless upbringing, and another 11.6 million to the physical, emotional, financial, educational, and psychological abuse of single-mother households, and another 13 million to step-parents, without our knowing about it? 78% of the nation's jail and prison inmates grew upin a fatherless household, even though only 15% of today's adult population grew up fatherless. This makesadults who grew up fatherless 20 times more likely to be imprisoned than adults who grew up with a father  present. At any one time, more than 5% of those who grew up fatherless in this country are in prison, and nowalmost half of the nation's children are growing up without a father who, when they become adults, will be 20times as likely to be imprisoned and 8 times as likely to commit murder.Do they commit more crimes? Of the 24,926 murders in 1994, 14,660 were committed by the 30 millionAmericans who grew up fatherless, and only 10,304 were committed by the 170 million who grew up in father headed families.Why are they so much more likely to go to prison when the rate at which they commit crimes is only 6-8 timesgreater than the rate at which children of non-SMHs commit crimes? If they were only 8 times more likely togo to prison rather than 20 times, 936,000 of the 1,560,000 inmates in prison right now who grew up fatherlesswouldn't be there. This would be only 624,000 in prison, still a huge number, but only 40% of the currentfigure.The recent decrease in the murder rate was due solely to a temporary decrease in the age group between 15-24which commits the most crimes. When that age group increases to its regular level, coupled with the increase inthe percent of fatherless children becoming adults, the murder rate will begin its long term, rapid acceleration to12 murders per 100,000 population within the next 20 years. The additional 33.6 million fatherless childrenadded to the already 30 million adults who grew up fatherless, will cause the murder and incarceration rates toreach unprecedented levels. A linear projection of the known data shows that we can expect fatherlessness tocause an extra 2.8 million American citizens to be in prison and an extra 25,000 American citizens to bemurdered annually. Instead of our already record high incarceration rate of 730 per 100,000 population, it will be 1,100, and instead of the already record high murder rate of 10.5 murders per 100,000 population in 1991, itwill be 12.Page 2 of 7 Number of Single Mother Households1/10/2009http://www.christianparty.net/children.htm
 Why are these other 936,000 adults who grew up fatherless now in prison if they aren't committing more crimesthan this? Why are these adults 2.5 times more likely to be imprisoned than they are to commit a crime?The answer is related to the source of the 22 million children now living with neither parent. Fathers andmothers aren't abandoning their children--government bills like CAPTA, VAWA, and thousands of other hideous programs are subverting the families of these children and placing them in harm's way. But where didthey come from and where did they go?1,262,000 children were born to unwed mothers in 1997, which means that 20 million children have been bornto unwed mothers in the last twenty years. Another 24 million have been subjected to the vagaries the nation'scorruptible divorce courts. This is 44 million children who SHOULD be with either a remarried mother or father, or a single mother or father, but half of them, or 22 million, are NOT.Fathers who believe the court system is "unfair" haven't seen one ten millionth of what is unfair. "Unfair"doesn't even begin to characterize putting HALF of the nation's children who have been placed under theurisdiction of the state in a fatherless environment, and putting another 11.6 million in an SMH where they areguaranteed to be at greater risk of abuse. Congress is not implementing a casual prescription for disaster--theyare consciously implementing an intentional, well planned blueprint for the systematic destruction of our society.
US Households 1972 to 1998 per University of Chicago study,reported in CNN
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1972 population
 Page 3 of 7 Number of Single Mother Households1/10/2009http://www.christianparty.net/children.htm

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