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World of Darkness - Mage the Awakening - Tome of Mysteries

World of Darkness - Mage the Awakening - Tome of Mysteries



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Published by Scrambled Words

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Published by: Scrambled Words on Dec 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I guess, if I’m being honest,I’ve always known about magic.I remember being eight years old and listeningto my mother and my father argue. That’s nothingspecial, except that when they caught me,Mom would glance at me and squint a bit,and I’d wake up the next morningthinking it was all a dream.I can’t blame her. She just wanted meto be happy. She didn’t want her son to worryabout his parents. I bet a lot of peoplewith rocky marriages wish they could maketheir kids forget the screaming matchesand the lies and everything. My mother just happened to be able to do it.The word “magic” didn’t occur to me, though, until the day she disappeared. I was about 12,I guess, and my mother was late coming home. By then I was old enough to know words like“affair” and “alcoholic,” and I had been suspendedfrom school for punching out a kid who used those words in reference to my mom.I didn’t hit him because he was lying.I hit him because I believed him. He said my mother came to see his father,at least once a month, and they went off together.So that day I was home from school, my knuckles still swollen. And Mom pulled
 into the driveway, and when she got out of her car,she looked awful. She didn’t look like she’d been out all night. She looked ragged, like she hadn’tslept for a week, even though it had only been a day since she’d been home. Dad came stormingout of the house, but he didn’t call her names oraccuse her. He just said, “This has to stop.Joel knows something’s wrong.You can’t keep doing this.”I’ll never forget the look on Mom’s face.I guess it all came crashing down that morning Ð me standing on the porch cradling my hand, Dad standing in front of her angry, but soobviously scared, and Mom half-in, half-out of herancient Olds, hair in snarls, burn marks(
 burn marks? 
) on her face. I saw tears in her eyes,and she said something, but I didn’t catch it. And Dad just turned around, walked right by me intothe house, sat down in his chair and fell asleep.Mom told me she was going away and that it didn’t mean she didn’t love me, blah blah blah.It was the usual speech that kids get, I guess, but it felt
 , because she really did love me,and she really did love Dad. There was justsomething between them, she said, and that part was true, but it wasn’t another man or anything like that.It was magic.I knew it when Mom touched my forehead, and Ifelt the memories of that morning sliding away like icicles through my fingers. I fought, I shut my eyesand shook my head, trying to keep my mind,

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