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the warriors way the black road

the warriors way the black road

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Published by Dave Hall
lakota dog soilders
lakota dog soilders

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Published by: Dave Hall on Dec 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The W
wayShadows cast by the flames seemed to dance on the walls of the tipi, but they did not break thefocus of the warriors gathered there because all where intently focused on the Wichasha Wakan ashe was advising them with his wise words, they had all gathered there on that night to accept ayoung brave who had proven his honour and worth into their ranks, they all look upon the old manwith honour and respect, for not only had he proven his worth as a warrior that was not onlyrecognised by all in the stories the people told and remembered but also by the many eagle featherson his war bonnet all received from an act of bravery because he had counted coup on the enemymany times , also because they had all seen his spiritual power, when they had all shared with him inceremony and all of them had seen and felt the spirits come when he called to them, in the timeswhen he lead them in the inipi, the wiwangu wachipi and the hanblecheya and as he spoke softly tothem all, each brave that listened felt that he was speaking to him directly, for the truth containedwithin his word seem to echo in the hearts as a guide for the individual lessons and challenges thatthey each faced, he looked them all in the eyes before he spoke
Young braves you are the warriorsand protectors of the people, you are the elite ,the dog soldiers and each one of you have made a 4year commitment in which you will sacrifice everything in your commitment to serve the people asyou walk the black road, the path of war, you must always remember that this road goes against thenatural order of things and this is why in the dances you all dance in an anti sun wise manner, youare called the dog solders because you shall not live with the people, but shall live on the outskirts of the camp, like the dogs and through your skills as scout
s you will remain invisible to the people, butthe young ones and the old ones, will still know you are there, hidden, ready to serve and protectthem and from this knowledge they will gain comfort, you will be like the dogs who do not haveshelter and move as a pack, you will sleep on the ground with the bugs the ants and spiders becausethey are your relations, you will learn the ways of all the animals, always loving what you killbecause the animals are your teachers and your equals and this will be the same with the way youwill learn to feel towards the enemy, because the truth is we are all relations, you shall not care if you win or loss, only caring for honour and bravery and when you face your enemy in battle, youshall thank him for the challenge and the chance to prove yourself and so in this way death shall beyour friend, it will ride with you keeping you strong and aware and by thanking death for being yourteacher, you will not be possessed by Anog ite the two face , the spirit of fear hetchitu welo( it is so)now we will smoke the chanunpa and offer our thanks to Wakantanka tomorrow you shall leave thisplace and it will be one whole year before I see you all againThe warriors had rode for many days and now all were waiting on top of a small hill that looked overa flat plain about a kilometre or so long that ended at the base of a small cliff, rising about 30 metresor so above the plain, upon its flat peak many crow warriors watched and waited because one of their braves had ridden down to the plain, where he had thrust his war lance into the skin of motherearth, as a challenge to any Lakota who was brave enough to face him battle a fight to the death,chasing shadows called tokahey (first) he had told his brothers
it is a good day to die hetchitu welo
 (it is so) and rode down to the plain to face the enemy ,where he dismounted his horse, as both menlook towards each other they thought, this is a brave man there is no dishonour to die at the handsof such a person. Chasing shadows lent down and took a handful of dirt and then rub it over hisbody, next he offered a quick prayer, first he took a small pinch of tobacco and offered it to the 4corners of the universe, to the grandfathers and to the grandmothers
Wakantanka tunkashilathank you for this day ,for it is a good day to die, thank you for this challenge, Wakantanka if my

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