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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Dec 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Council’s Encyclopedia of Lifeforms Mundane and Magical
… or, the Netbook of CreaturesVersion 004Release Date: July
1, 2001 A project of the DnD Community Council.
Product Design Team:
Spencer Cooley, Project Lead, Submissions Team Leader:
Templates, Vermin
Scott Greene, Submissions Team Leader:
Elementals, Outsiders, Plants, Undead
Cliff Caddell, Submissions Team Leader:
Animal, Construct, Magical Beast, Monstrous Humanoid
Monte Lewis, Submissions Team Leader:
 Aberration, Dragon, Ooze, Shapechanger 
Jeff Khars, Submissions Team Leader:
Beast, Fey, Giant, Humanoid
Cover Art (used with permission):
John Cressman, Dragon’s Art (DnD Community Council Artist ID A003)http://www.dragonsart.com 
Border Art (used with permission):
Jelane K. Johnson, Spencer Cooley
Interior Art (used with permission):
JT BaldwinEdward BourrelleScott PurdyFrederic Simons [Contributor ID A004]
Brad Bemis,bradleyb@bigfoot.com [Contributor ID 001] Spencer Cooley,the_sigil@juno.com [Contributor ID 050] Wm. Eric Downton,neurozombie@visto.com [Contributor ID 022] Itzhak Even,itzhakev@netvision.net.il[Contributor ID 023] Rebecca Glenn,iridian@wco.com[Contributor ID 011] Scott Greene,keeper@rpgplanet.com  Michael J. Kletch,mjkletch@yahoo.com[Contributor ID 010] Scott C. Metzger,yoyodyne@webweaver.zzn.com[Contributor ID 036] Tyson Neuman,neumannt@health.missouri.edu[Contributor ID 028]Doug Rodermund,drodermund@farislee.com[Contributor ID 051]Stephan Simons,stephans@paradise.net.nz[Contributor ID 037]
From the Editor
Welcome! We, the design team for 
The Council’sEncyclopedia of Lifeforms Mundane and Magical 
,are excited to have you join us in creating a slew of new creatures for RPG players everywhere (andconverting some of the old favorites). If you areinterested in adding your creations or conversionsto this work, please refer to the submissionsguidelines (Appendix A of this document). A
 brief outline is included here.
Don’t forget the Stat Blocks!
While the PDF format keeps everything nice andneat-looking, you’ll notice it doesn’t allow you tocopy and paste text – this allows the originalcreator’s ideas to be preserved. But we know youwant to use these creatures – don’t despair! Witheach publication of TCELMM, we publish acompanion volume as a text file. This file has allthe text found in this file, but without the formattingand illustrations. We call it the “Text Codex”version of the Encyclopedia. You can copy, paste,and otherwise modify this to make use of thesecreatures in your own campaign. You can find it atthe home webpage of the Encyclopedia:http://www.dndcommunitycouncil.org/~nbocreat 
Submissions (or “I’ve got an idea, where do Isend it?”)
We aim to keep a high level of quality in our work.To ensure that all submissions are well-polishedand do the author’s concept justice, we put eachsubmission through a review – this mostly makessure the creature is well-developed, doesn’t breakany monster creation rules (see the SubmissionsGuidelines Appendix for a full explanation of theserules), and is self-consistent. If any changes needto be made, one of the Submissions TeamMembers will contact you and show you whatchanges we would like to make. If the changes areagreeable to you, and we have formal permission topublish your submission(s), then the next edition of the Netbook will include your creation(s). For a fulldescription of this process, see the SubmissionsGuidelines Appendix contained herein.
Changes from Version to Version
Because this book is in the continual process of review and critique, some entries may be revised ina minor manner to bring them into compliance withthe rules. The “official” version is always theversion printed in the latest version of the Netbook.If a creature is removed and missing from the latestversion of the Netbook, there is
“official” version.
Thank you and enjoy the Encyclopedia!
Spencer “The Sigil” Cooley 
Editor, Project Team Leader Our website:http://www.dndcommunitycouncil.org/~nbocreat 

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