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my experience of death

my experience of death

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Published by: Christian K. Bagongon on Feb 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bagongon, Christian KFebruary 9, 2009RS 20 – EDB
“My Experience of Death”
Life for me is so bad… everything had gone wrong. But I would not say I am themost unfortunate person in the whole universe since I still have my parents which arethe source of my being. There were many things had happened in my life which Iconsider those (I would not mention all because it will take at least 100 pages) as badexperiences. Those experiences were really ultimate and very life disgusting events thatI would say I am already dead.It is still fresh in my mind the saddest experience that I had when I was still 4 yearsof age. That was the time when I and my little brother as well as my parents were beingejected in our own house. My mother was the only girl among the seven seedlings thatmy grand parents had. When both of my grand parents died, all left money and thingswere being divided among the seven siblings but only my mother do not have even asingle five centavo coin. My little brother was so sick during that time and we do nothave money to admit my brother in a decent hospital. No one even my uncles helpedus. My father don’t have job also with my mother and I am still a little boy with aninnocent mind. But even that was the problem, my mother never loosed hope and shetried all decent means just to let her children eat three times a day. She never criedbecause as she said, “we still have hope while we are breathing here in this seeminglymiserable world of agony”.Things tear apart and the heaven closed for us when my younger brother diedbecause of dehydration. Only one thing that we could do at that very moment was to cryfor the death of my little angel brother because only God can bring back the smile andlaugh of my brother. Everything could be bear but not anymore the lost of my brother’s

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