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Murder in the Darkness

Murder in the Darkness

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Published by Devin McConnell

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Published by: Devin McConnell on Feb 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Murder In The Darkness
byDevin McConnell
Fish in the Percolator © 2009A cyberpunk mystery
 A gruff and cynical detective with abit of a scathing attitude toward al- most everything and everyone aroundhim. He doesn’t make any personal con-nections to his cases, he just treatseach one as another job. Jack displaysa very trademark trench coat and fedoraat almost all times as well as keepinghis trusty sidearm handy at all times.
Cunning, merciless, and manipulative.Jill has a very specific goal in mindand never deviates from it no matterhow much she must go out of her way toobtain it. She can appear quite inno-cent in character but beneath the lay-ered personality she invents there liesthe cold, hard, straightforward mind ofa killer.
Greg is Jack’s partner for this newcase. He is tech savvy and a forensicsexpert with a wide knowledge of biol-ogy, genetics, chemistry, and a widecatalogue of medical procedures and ma-terials
The man Jack has to report to. Thechief appears as a hard ass to keepJack in line. But beside that he is a man with great conviction to serve aschief of the police and takes greathonor in the idea of putting away wrongdoers to preserve society.
The recently widowed genetic and bio-logical engineer. Her and her husband were working on a very secret personalproject that the Jill is after. She is
a workaholic in her office but yearnsto be able to revert to her more laidback personality whenever she has thechance, however her extreme work pat-tern makes that a near impossibility.She is kind and understanding in char-acter and as a boss, so she is gener-ally liked by everyone who works underher and with her.
 An undercover agent for the Jill. He’sbeen undercover in the Petronov’s re-search facility in order to gain theirtrust and get a better idea of whatthey are producing for the Jill. He isessentially a mercenary with only onepaying boss. He cares little for anyoneinvolved in his mission and feels noconnection to the people he hurts.
 A plain and simple CEO type (though notthat big of a tycoon) Doesn’t quite un-derstand what he is getting into everytime and instead just follows where the money is, which lands him in some trou-ble and gets him killed.
 A top theriogenolocial scientist that works together with his wife Julia withthe hope of accomplishing a majorbreakthrough in reproductive methods.He needs little characterization be-cause he dies very early on as a resultof Jill swapping his drug supply with afatal batch.
 An associate with Julia and Alexander,she worked with them on the partheno-genesis project to try and compensatefor her own infertility. Shy at mosttimes due to hiding her past so much as well as being torn between the charac-ter’s because of her betrayal ofDeckard and Greg to Jill.

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