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Table Of Contents

What is Fortran 95?
1.1 The Fortran language family
1.3 Program structure
1.4 Intrinsic procedures
1.5 Statements
1.7 Writing Fortran
1.8 Coding conventions and typography
1.9 Fortran 90 features deleted from Fortran 95
Getting started
2.1 The character set
2.2 A simple program
2.3 Arithmetic operators
2.4 Exercises 2.A
2.5 Names and other lexical tokens
2.7 Program structure
2.8 Exercises 2.B
Types of data
3.4 Intrinsic procedures
3.5 Exercises 3.A
3.6 The type declaration statement
3.7 Kinds of real numbers
3.8 Complex numbers
3.10 Characters and strings
3.11 The ASCII character set
3.12 Exercises 3.B
Introducing arrays
4.1 Declaring arrays
4.3 Array constructors
4.4 Array sections
4.5 Exercises 4.A
4.6 Subscript triplets
4.7 Character substrings and arrays of character strings
4.10 Arrays and intrinsic functions
4.11 Exercises 4.B
Intrinsic procedures
5.1 An intrinsic subroutine: DATE_AND_TIME
5.2 Mathematical functions
5.3 Numeric functions
5.5 Exercises 5.A
5.7 Functions for arrays
5.8 Floating-point manipulation functions
Execution control
6.2 IF: review
6.3 Exercises 6.A
6.5 FORALL (Fortran 95 feature not in Fortran 90)
6.6 WHERE: review
6.8 Exercises 6.B
Introducing external procedures
7.1 Functions
7.2 Exercises 7.A
7.4 Exercises 7.B
More about data; the type declaration statement
8.1 More about characters
8.2 Operators and intrinsic functions for character data
8.3 Exercises 8.A
8.4 The general form of the type declaration statement
8.5 Attributes
8.6 Array specifications
8.7 The entity declaration list
8.9 Defined operators; introducing interfaces
8.10 Exercises 8.B
Arrays and data manipulation
9.1 Array element order; array constructors revisited; RESHAPE
9.2 Vector subscripts
9.4 Exercises 9.A
9.5 Internal files; TRANSFER
9.6 Exercises 9.B
10.1 Data modules
10.2 Exercises 10.A
10.3 Module procedures
10.4 Data association by argument, host and USE
10.5 USE in detail
10.6 Modules and interfaces
10.7 Exercises 10.B
More about procedures
11.1 Interfaces and procedures
11.2 PURE procedures (Fortran 95 feature not in Fortran 90)
11.3 ELEMENTAL procedures (Fortran 95 feature not in Fortran 90)
11.4 RECURSIVE procedures
11.6 Argument keywords
11.7 Optional arguments
11.8 Generic procedures
11.9 Arrays and strings in procedures
12.8 Structures of structures
12.9 Procedures and operators with derived types
12.10 Defined assignment
12.11 Exercises 12.B
13.1 Simple pointers
13.3 Pointers and procedures
13.4 Exercises 13.A
13.5 Array pointers
13.6 Exercises 13.B
14.1 Procedure names as procedure arguments
14.2 Varying-length character strings
14.4 GO TO: the pariah of Fortran
14.5 Coding conventions and “Core” Fortran 95
14.6 Structure plans; a case study in program design
14.7 Program architecture
14.8 Exercises 14.A
High Performance Fortran
15.1 Parallel processing
15.2 Pure procedures, FORALL and INDEPENDENT
15.3 HPF procedures
15.4 Data distribution in parallel-processor systems
15.5 Extrinsic procedures
15.6 HPF local procedures
15.7 Final summary
A.1 Data transfer
A.2 Data editing and formatting
A.3 File handling
B.2 Bit logic
B.3 A warning
C.1 Rationale
C.2 The VARYING_STRING data type
C.3 Operators
C.4 Extensions of intrinsic procedures
C.5 New procedures for VARYING_STRING data
C.6 Programs using ISO_VARYING_STRINGS
C.7 Deficiencies of ISO_VARYING_STRINGS
D.1 FORALL (Section 6.5)
D.2 Enhancements to WHERE (Sections 4.9 and 6.6)
D.3 Initialization of pointers (Sections 8.7 and 13.1)
D.4 Default initialization of derived types (Section 12.5)
D.5 Pure procedures (Section 11.2)
D.6 Elemental procedures (Section 11.3)
D.7 Automatic deallocation of allocatable arrays (Section 12.1)
D.8 New and enhanced intrinsic procedures (Appendix F)
D.9 Newly obsolescent features
D.10 Deletions from Fortran 90
E.1 Recommended statements
E.2 Non-recommended statements
F.1 Recommended intrinsic procedures
F.2 Non-recommended procedures
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