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ZOHAR Higher and Lower Spheres or Worlds of Existance

ZOHAR Higher and Lower Spheres or Worlds of Existance

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Excerpts from the ZOHAR in ENGLISH on the existance of other WORLDS above and below, and their inhabitants.
Excerpts from the ZOHAR in ENGLISH on the existance of other WORLDS above and below, and their inhabitants.

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Published by: ELEAZAR SHLOMO ben YA'AKOV GOLDMAN on Dec 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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from the ZOHAR
SAID Rabbi Abbi: "The higher or celestial world with itsaccompanying spheres, though invisible to mortal sight, hasits reflection and analogue, namely, the lower world with itscircumambient spheres, according to the saying, 'As above,so below.' The works of the Holy One in the celestial worldare the type of those in the terrestrial world. The meaning of the words,45a Brashith, bara Alhim is this: brasahith, i.e., thecelestial world, gave rise or origin to
, the visibledivine name that then first became known. Thus
wasassociated with the creation of the world, as
wasconnected with the creation of the celestial or invisibleworld, that being the type, thus the antetype, or in otherwords, one was the reflection and analogue of the other, andtherefore it is written,
'Ath hashamayim, veath ha-aretzs'
(the heavens and the earth).
The heaven on highproduced and gave rise to the earth below."
It is written, "And the earth was without form and void"(Tohu va Bohu). The signification of these words has alreadybeen given.
The word aretzs here refers to the earth inits primal state when void of light
. By the word "was,"scripture teaches that it existed at its creation in a state of chaos and confusion. It is also said "and darkness," whichwas the deprivation of the light emanating from theantetypal world, owing to the matter of the earth becomingcondensed and thus less receptive of its reflection.
These words, Tohu, Bohu and darkness, together
with a fourth, "wind," represent the four elementscomposing the substance of the earth.
Another versiongives "ve-ath ha-aretzs," referring to this world and itsseveral divisions that are altogether different from those of the celestial world and which are as follows:
Aretzs, Gia,Nesia, Zia, Arga and Thebel
, which latter is greater thanall the others as it is written: "And He shall judge the world(Thebel) in righteousness" (Ps. x. 9).Rabbi Jose having asked the question: "What kind of world isthat which is called
?" Rabbi Simeon replied:It is the place of Gehenna or Hell, ' a land of draught and of the shadow of death' (Jer. ii, 1). It is mystically referred to inthe words, 'and darkness was upon the face of the deep'(Gen. i, 2), alluding to
the abode of Hell and of theAngel of death,
and is so called because the faces of thosewho are banished there become blackened on account of their wicked lives when on earth. The earth of Nesia is thatthe inhabitants of which become oblivious of the past;whereas, in that of Bohu, the faculty of memory is vivid andactive.Said Rabbi Hiya: "The word Bohu denotes the earth, Gia,whilst the words, 'and the spirit of Alhim moved upon theface of the waters,' designate that of Thebel, which isnourished and sustained by the spirit of Alhim, as is alsoAretzs, our own abode of earthly existence, which iscircumscribed and surrounded by seven spheres analogousto those of the celestial world,
all of them being underthe domination and control of their particular lordsand guardians.
 The seven spheres of the celestial worldare prototypes of those that surround our world and are
inhabited by angelic beings who sing the praises of the HolyOne, and use their own individual forms of worship. Theirrank and order are indicated by the sphere they occupy. The
first of these higher or celestial spheres andnearest to the earth
, is altogether void of light and is theabode of angels who are like tempestuous winds, neverseen, but felt, and are always invisible as they are void of light and darkness and undistinguished by any color. Theyare wholly without self-consciousness and without form orshape. Its chief and ruler is an angel named
, whohas under him seventy subordinates.
Their motion ismanifested by the glittering of fiery sparks, theappearance and disappearance of which constituteday and night.
second celestial sphere
is distinguished from the firstby the possession of a modicum of light, and is inhabited byangels appointed to watch over humanity and guide it intothe path of uprightness whenever there is danger of itsfalling into error and wrong doing. When righteousnessprevails in the world, they are filled with joy and delight. Their chief and ruler is called
. When Israelcommences its worship of the Holy One, they then manifestand make themselves visible in forms of intense brightness,and three times daily they bless and hallow the divine name.
When they observe Israel studying and meditating onthe law or secret doctrine, they ascend on high beforethe Holy One, who takes account of what they haveseen and heard.
third celestial sphere
is pervaded and filled with fireand flames. In it the
fiery river Nahar
takes its riseand flows into
, overwhelming and engulphing in

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