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Nortec Eddy Current

Nortec Eddy Current

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Published by Css Sfaxien

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Published by: Css Sfaxien on Dec 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eddy Current Probes
for Nondestructive Testing
Olympus NDT is a leading global manufacturer of innovative nondestructivetesting instruments that are used inindustrial and research applications ranging from aerospace, energy, automotive, and electronics to manufacturing. OlympusNDT instruments contribute to the quality of products and add to the safety of infrastructure and facilities. They includeflaw detectors, thickness gages, bond testers, pulser-receivers, transducers, and advanced systems for inline applications.Our leading edge technologies includeultrasound, ultrasound phased array, eddy current, and eddy current array.Olympus NDT offers products and services from several high quality brands:R/D Tech®, Panametrics-NDT™, NDT Engineering, Sonic®, and Nortec®. For many decades these brands have earned excellent reputations for providing cost-effective solutions and excellent support and customer service.Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA,the company has sales and servicecenters in all principal industrial locationsworldwide. Visit www.olympusNDT.comfor applications and sales assistance near you.
eddy current probes are designed and manufactured by Olympus NDT inKennewick, WA, USA. We have a dedicated staff of probe engineers available to helpyou with your probe requirements - fromstandard probes to application-specificand custom designed probes. Optimal  performance in your eddy current test isinsured by selecting the right type of probe.In addition to coil size and frequency, the physical shape of a probe contributes toa successful test. Flaw location and part  geometry determine whether a standard  probe can be used or if a custom design isneeded. This catalog features most of our standard design probes that are available ina wide range of diameters, frequencies, and connector styles.
T: 509-736-2751 Fx: 509-735-4672ntn@puNDT.
Primary aPPlicaTioNs For sTaNDarD Probes
are used or discovering aws both on and belowsuraces. Available in a broad requency range, their diameters areusually large or accommodating lower requencies or scanninglarge areas.
have smaller diameter housing coils built orhigher requencies. Applications are usually limited to surace awsbecause o higher requency.
RighT aNglE pENCil pRObES
reach areas inaccessible to pencilprobes. They normally employ the same coils and requencies aspencil probes.
haNd hEld bOlT hOlE pRObES
have coils located at rightangles to the probe direction, and are rotated by hand with theastener removed. Standard and custom diameters are availablewith absolute and dierential coils.
are used with mechanicaldevices or automatically rotating and indexing into hole. Absoluteand dierential coils are common at higher requencies o 500 kHzand 2 MHz. They bear close tolerances and are highly reliable.
are designed to inspect aircrat astener holeswith asteners in place, and can be used on uneven astener holes.Various inside/outside diameters and requencies or dierent sizeasteners and diering materials are available.
SlidiNg pRObES
are designed to inspect aircrat astener holeswith asteners in place, at higher scan rates than donut probes.Common sizes and requencies using the reection coil techniquesare oten applied in major airrame inspection requirements.
id pRObES
usually have a requency range o 5 kHz to 100 kHzmade in absolute or dierential confgurations. Many body stylesare available depending on the inside suraces o tubes to beinspected. Most probe diameters are made to meet customers’requirements.
Od pRObES 
usually designed or a requency range o 5 kHzto 100 kHz and available in absolute, dierential and switchableconfgurations. Tubes to be inspected are passed through the coilor absolute or dierential aw detection at high speeds.
Nortec Eddy Current Probes - Contents
EddCrrent Probe Selection2EddCrrent Probe Design2PoerLinkTechnolog 3Rotting Scnner Probes 4
Bolt Hole Probes for Spitfire, MiniMite (4 pin Fischer),Hocking and Rohmann Scanners 4Bolt Hole Probes for Spitfire, MiniMite (4 pin Fischer),Hocking and Rohmann Scanners5Bolt Hole Probes for RA19, RA2000 andMiniMite (4 pin Lemo) Hand Held Scanners 6Bolt Hole Probes for RA19, RA2000 andMiniMite (4 pin Lemo) Hand Held Scanners 7Special Scanner Probes for RA19, RA2000, andMiniMite (4 pin Lemo) Hand Held Scanners 8Special Scanner Probes for Spitfire, MiniMite (4 pin Fischer),Hocking and Rohmann Scanners 9Bolt Hole Probes for Nortec
PS-5 Stainless Steel and Aluminum Scanners10Bolt Hole Probes for Nortec
PS-5 Stainless Steel and Aluminum Scanners11Bolt Hole Probes for PS-2 and PS-3 Scanners12Non-Contact Bolt Hole Probesfor RC RECHII Scanners13Bolt Hole Probes for PS-4 Scanner(Contact and Non-Contact) 14
Scnner Probe Kits15
RA19, RA2000 and MiniMite (4 pin Lemo)Bolt Hole Probe Kits 15
Detchble Bolt Hole Probes 16
Standard Manual Bolt Hole Probes, Absolute and Differential16PowerLink™ Manual Bolt Hole Probes, Absolute and Differential17
3551 Pencil Probes18
3551 Pencil Probes 18Nortec
3551L PowerLink™ Pencil Probes 19
Detchble Pencil Probes20
Standard Detachable Pencil Probes 20Nortec
PowerLink™ Detachable Pencil Probes21Nortec
Standard DetachableMetal Shaft Pencil Probes                         22Nortec
PowerLink™ DetachableMetal Shaft Pencil Probes                         23
Detchble Srfce Probes 24
Standard Detachable Surface Probes24Nortec
PowerLink™ Detachable Surface Probes 25
Ring/Dont Probes 26
Standard Ring/ Donut Probes (SPO Series)26Nortec
PowerLink™ Ring/ Donut Probes (SPO Series)27Nortec
Detachable Ring/ Donut Probes28Nortec
PowerLink™ Detachable Ring/ Donut Probes 29
Sliding Probes30
Standard Sliding Probes30Nortec
PowerLink™ Sliding Probes31
CondctiitProbes 32
Standard Conductivity Probes                32Nortec
PowerLink™ Conductivity Probes33
ID Probes 34
ID Probes34
OD Probes35
OD Probes35
Generl Prpose Probe Kits 36DocenttionInside Bck Coer

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