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Doll Accessories Pattern.pdf

Doll Accessories Pattern.pdf

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Published by Georgia Stewart
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Published by: Georgia Stewart on Dec 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cut out all pattern pieces on page 3.2.
Pin capelette pattern piece to heavier weight capelet fabric and cut around edge of pattern. Pin capelet pattern to lighter weight capelette fabric and cut around edge.3.
Cut two lengths of ribbon, about 5 inches each. These will form the tie closures for the capelet.4.
Fold a piece of wool felt double and pin the beret pattern piece to the folded felt. Cut out around edge of pattern pieces. Cut a small (approximately 1 inch) piece of yarn or strip of felt to form the loop on the beret.5.
Fold the piece of wool felt double that you have selected for the shoes and pin the shoe pattern pieces to the doubled felt. Cut out around edge of pattern pieces ( you may find it easier to trace around these pattern pieces onto your felt using a dress-
maker’s pencil 
your choice)6.
Place the capelet fabric pieces right sides together, and pin the ribbon pieces in place as indicated on the pattern so they are now sandwiched between the two capelet pieces. Pin the capelet fabric pieces together with the ribbon sandwiched between. Sew the capelet together, leaving a 
 inch inseam (being careful not to accidently catch the ribbon in your seam other than your pinned ribbon edges which you want to sew into your seams). Leave a 2 inch opening on the botton edge of the capelet so you can turn it right side.7.
Turn the capelet right side out and push out corners and edges with a chop stick. Sew the open edge of the capelet closed by hand with a slip stitch. Attach optional pocket with a blanket stitch.8.
Pin the beret together, right sides facing, pinning the loop of felt or yarn as indicated on the pattern so it is sandwiched between the fabric. Sew the beret together (
inch inseam) leaving the straight bottom edge open.Clip shallow notches around the curves of the beret, being careful not to 
Simple Doll Accoutrement Pattern
I initially made this to fit the free Black Appledoll (link to the pattern
 found at Emily’s lovely 
blog:http://www.theblacka pple.typepad.com/   ),but these simple itemscould be modified insize to fit any doll,really. Simply enlargemy pattern as needed to fit your doll.
1 heavier weight fabric(suiting, velveteen, fleece, etc) for capelette exterior 1 lighter weight fabric for capelette liningRibbon ( ¼ inch wide)Wool felt for beret and shoesThread, matched to fabrics2 small buttons or beads (about ¼ inch indiameter)for shoes
ScissorsSewing MachineNeedlePins
Project URL with photos:
trim into the seam. Turn beret right side out and push out edges with a chop stick.9.
Pin felt maryjane shoe front and back together. Sew together with a 1/8inch inseam. Turn right side out, pushing out edges gently with a chop stick or tip of a scissors. Sew button or bead to shoe straps, placing the button/bead on the right side of one strap and the left side of the other strap. Hand sew the strap to the maryjane where indicated on the pattern. (if there is excess strap, trim to fit width of shoe).10.
Dress your doll up in all her fine new accoutrement.
This pattern and it instructionswere created by Holly Keller of Beeper Bébé. It is intended forpersonal use and may not bereproduced, copied, or re-usedwithout permission from HollyKeller/ Beeper Bébé. Thatsaid, please do use theinstructions to make your owndoll clothing. Happy crafting!

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