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Published by PeWendell Mendonça

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Published by: PeWendell Mendonça on Dec 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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emple, Sign, and Sacrament:
ows  Nw Psv o h Gos o Joh
1 Scott W. Hahn 2
St. Paul Center or Biblical Teology
T s o h Jus   Joh’s Gos hs b h subj o   ub o oohs  h s . As  su o hs wok, shosow y  o oy h h  s   h  h FouhGos, bu h Joh s v wh h b hz s  “hsooy”—h s, Joh wshs o show how h   s uy h u  Jsus Chs, sy  hs h  suo.Howv,  ou o o Joh sos wh h shoy os-sus—h Joh oys Jsus s h u o h —w   wh y so suo; o, s Chs s ow s, ou us b o. A  hs s u, h Chuh’s suo wou b o uk ho Jus  0 a.d.  h suo o h . Bu Joh’s hsooy s o ov so owy s o   o Chs’s  so hy sy. Rh, h vs sss h Jsus’ sy ous  houh h s o h S  h oss.I hs , I w o usu hs bo s o h  u- h  Joh. I u, I w o xo how Joh vsos Chs’su o h   s svs houh h ss b byh ow o h S, sy h ss o bs  h Euhs. I
S, o x, My L. Coo,
God Dwells With Us: emple Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel
(Cov, MN: Lu Pss, 200); Johs Fühw-Kö 
, empel und Kult: EinBeitrag zur Christologie es Johannesevangeliums
[  Cu: A Cobuo o hChsooy o h Gos o Joh], Bbsh Usuhu 2 (Rsbu: Fh Pus,998); Pu M. Hosks,
 Jesus as the Fulllment o the emple in the Gospel o John,
PosBb Moohs (Cs: Pos, 200); A K,
Te emple o Jesus’ Body: Teemple Teme in the Gospel o John,
 Jou o h Suy o h Nw s SuSs 220 (Sh: Sh A, 2002); Mk Kz, “ Chsooy  hGos o Joh,”
Society o Biblical Literature Seminar Papers
3: (Mssou, M: Shos Pss,998): 44–44; Luus N,
Destroy Tis emple: An Exegetico-Teological Study on theMeaning o Jesus’ emple-Logion in Jn 2:19
(Bo: Dh, 98); Gu H. Øss,
Patterns o Redemption in the Fourth Gospel: An Experiment in Structural Analysis,
Sus h Bb  Ey Chsy 38 (Lwso, NY: Ew M, 998); Aoy Th,
 Jerusalem in the Gospel o John: An Exegetical and Teological Inquiry into Johannine Geography
(Nw Dh: Iuu Pubos, 999); Sh . U,
Te Teme o emple Christologyin John’s Gospel,
Lby o Nw s Sus 32 (Sh: Sh A, 200).2 Coo,
God Dwells With Us
, 2.3 O h s o s sybos  Joh, s Ryo E. Bow, “T JohSy” 
New estament Essays
(Mwuk: Bu,95), 5–; A Co,
Letter & Spirit 4 (2008): 107–143
108 Scott W. Hahnemple, Sign, and Sacrament 109
ss  u hs oy o “ woks,”  h hs -o s suo by oso o Joh 9:34, whh syboy s hss ow o h h  suo o Chs,  Joh 20:22–23, whh h oss v h S  o o o h “ wok” o  ss.Ts xoo w ow  o sus h oow ouso: h,  o oows h o  sybos o Joh’s Gos, h ss, ybs  Euhs, uy  h s s  s wh h bvous o x Chs s h w . Hv sbsh hs hss, I w k so ooy ousos   b hoo o.
Te Embodiment of God’s Covenant with David
T u o boh h hso o o h   Is  s yo  h Sus s oous. Fo hs u, I w o sssh oow os:Fs, h  ws
the embodiment o God’s covenant with David
. T x o h Dv ov (2 S. :8–), ouss o  so o Dv whow bu  “hous” o Go (h s, h ),  o who Go w bu “hous” (h s,  ysy). T , houh u, u o hsov ws ou  Dv’s so, Sooo, who, k Dv, ws  “o”
4 S, o x, h b vws by Coo,
God Dwells With Us
, 3–3;  Hosks,
 Jesus asthe emple
, 38–0,  o s by G. K. B,
Te emple and the Church’s Mission:A Biblical Teology o the Dwelling Place o God,
Nw Sus  Bb Tooy  (Dow’sGov, IL: IVsy, 2004); Jo D. Lvso, “T   h Wo,”
 Journal o Religion
4 (984): 25–298; Joh M. Luqus, “Wh s  ? A Py yooy,” 
TeQuest or the Kingdom o God: Studies in Honor o George E. Mendenhall,
s. H. B. Hufo,F. A. S,  A. R. W. G (Wo Lk, IN: Esbus, 983); Luqus, “TLz Ro o h   h O o h S,”
Society o Biblical Literature Seminar Papers
2 (Mssou, M: Shos Pss, 982): 2–29; Luqus, “, Cov, Lw  h A N Es   h O s,” 
Israel’s Apostasy and Restoration:Essays in Honor o Roland K. Harrison,
. Avh G (G Rs, MI: Bk, 988),293–305; Do W. Py, “G o E: Pooy Suy,” 
emples o the AncientWorld: Ritual and Symbolism ( 
S Lk Cy: Ds, 994), 2–5; Rh P,
Man andemple in Ancient Jewish Myth and Ritual
(Nw Yok: Kv, 9).5 “T  ws h bo o h ov o Dv,  whh h  oshbw Yhwh, h Hous o Dv,  h o o Is ws sbsh.” ooo Ish,
Te Royal Dynasties in Ancient Israel. A Study on the Formation and Development o Royal-DynasticIdeology
, Bh zu Zsh ü  Ash Wsssh 42 (Nw Yok: W. Guy, 9), 45; “Ro h ov wh Dv, whh ou Yhwh’s oo h, h  ow s o Yhwh’s o o Mou Zo s hs  w-” (Ish,
Royal Dynasties,
4). Bss h wok o Ish, w y o h xsvsh o Joh M. Luqus (s . 4 bov), uh o  o 
emples o the AncientWorld
. Luqus oss h ky oso o h   h  o h N Es wo-vw o osooy, o oy o Is’s hbos (Ey, C,Msoo, o H uus) bu o Is hs, s   h O s.
s hs  s o xooy h osv. T s, by b oh so o h os uu s o Joh shosh, I ho hs o Joh w of  w sv o h y ss Jsus o h s o hs ss  h osh o hos ss o h w  h Joh wshs o ou by hs w (s Joh 20:30–3).I w b by by vw h o o h   h Os  s s o h o ov Po o Go. Ts w bus o b us how Joh’s s-uy Jwsh s wou hv vhs o o Jsus s h  o h   s svs.Foow h, I w x h s Pssov v  Joh (2:3–3:2).Ts w show h hs: Fs, h Joh s Jsus s h “w ” h ous o hs ub sy,  h h usus houhou hs os.So, h Jsus os hs “ss”  h ox o hs bo u o h   h  svs. T, h  h ou wh Nous, Jsus ovs o hs “ss” o h s o bs, h s, bh by hS (Joh 3:3, 5).I w h os Joh’s vs o h so Pssov (Joh )  hFs o bs (Joh –9). I ho o show h  hs ous, oo, Jsusuos s w , h h  svs  h ox o Jsus’ “ss,” h h “ss” h os o ow o h ss o bs h Euhs.Mov o h h   Pssov v o h os (Joh:55–20:3), I w ous o Jsus’ s sous (Joh 3–),  whh h oso h ss hs ow “ss”  ossos h o ou hssso—, o o “ woks h hs.” I w sus h h
um Est: Eschatology and Church in the Gospel o St. John
(Nw Yok: M, 958); OsCu,
Early Christian Worship,
s. A. Sw o  Js B. o, Sus Bb Tooy 0 (Loo: SCM, 953); Fk W. Guy, “Sy  hFouh Gos: Co Ios,”
3 (200): 235–250; Fs J. Mooy,“Wh s Joh k bou h Ss?” 
“A Hard Saying”: Te Gospel and Culture
(Cov, MN: Lu Pss, 200), 09–30; P. Pu Nw,
Sakramentssymbolik im Johannesevangelium? Eine Exegetisch-Historische Studie
[S Sybos  h Goso Joh? A Ex-Hso Suy (Lbu: Lh-V, 958); Bu Vw, “T Joh Sy,”
Teological Studies
 (95): 5–. Joh shos  oh - o o-s o h u-s. W  h  o hs  RyoBow : “Mos shos oz so o o ss” (
An Introduction to theGospel o John,
. Fs J. Mooy [Nw Yok: Douby, 2003], 23). Bow’s ow ooh, ou  “T Joh Sy”  usu  hs vous os,os s o s x oo ss. Ioy,  s o Bs sho DvAu h o s o o h os ou ss o s  u usos Joh: “I wou ho b o o  … h bs s o oo, wosh, ss  h sy y oy s os  h Fouh Gos.
Such elements do not receive explicit treatment precisely because they are the presuppositions o theecclesial context out o which the gospel arose.
” S
Te Cultic Setting o Realized Eschatology in EarlyChristianity
, Sus o Novu su 28 (L: B, 92), 3. Ehss .
110 Scott W. Hahnemple, Sign, and Sacrament 111
ohs—sy wh o ks o ou h osh o h ,Zo,  Jus.
I w b usu o b   hs os o h s w o o xo Joh’s oy o   -svos  hs os, sy  o o Jsus.
Te First Passover and the Cleansing of the emple
Wh h syo o sbs h ub sy o Jsus s b G, Joh hooss s o show Jsus v hs s  Ju, b-  Jus,  h  u h Pssov (Joh 2:3–3:2). Moov,u hs o ub ss, Joh s Jsus o hs o bh w  (Joh 2:9–2). T ou o Jsus’ s o h  husous hs h  uqu o Joh  w ou o b hszhouhou hs Gos—Jus, h ,  h  ss.U h  wk o hs hy , G os h s o oso Jsus’ sy s  s   h syos. By os, h joy o  Joh’s Gos s s  Jus,  sy  h . Moov, oso h vs  Joh k  u h  svs, h susso o whh sv o suu uh o h v:6 Pssov;7  u s,ossby Pos; Pssov ; bs; Do;  h Pssov. Jsus’ hs  “ss” u hs u svs o osoo h  hs o h svs hsvs; so shos hv o so s o u h hy  sy o h Jwsh oy s o hos
2 Co Zh. :2–5; 8:9–2; 4:–2; Is. 2:–4; 5:3–; :8–22; J. 33:0–; H. 2:–9,5–9; D. 8:4; 9:, 24–2; M. :–4),22 S Th,
 Jerusalem in the Gospel o John
, 4–5; Hosks,
 Jesus as emple
, 9–89.23 Th,
 Jerusalem in the Gospel o John
, xx.24 Co Th,
 Jerusalem in the Gospel o John
, 59.25 S Co,
Consummatum Est
, 44; Th,
 Jerusalem in the Gospel o John
, x–xx. Fos o h Gos s  o  Jus: s Joh 2:3–4:2; 5:–4; :0–0:39; 2:2–20:3(Jus); :–53; 2:– (Bhy)—ouhy h-qus o h Gos.2 Fo  sus  o h subj, s G A. Y,
 Jewish Feasts and the Gospel o John
(Wo, DE: Mh Gz, 989). Co h suu o h Fouh Gos,h ss  oy o o sv suu s. Fo  vw o os  h josuu ooss, s Go Mkushy,
Te Christocentric Literary Structure o the FourthGospel,
A Bb  (Ro: Po Bb Isu, 98), –85.2 Joh 2:3–3:2.28 Joh 5:–4.29 Joh :–.30 Joh :–0:2.3 Joh 0:22–39.32 Joh :55–20:3.
o—h s,  “Mssh” (Hbw) o “Chs” (Gk).6 H so joy hsus o “so o Go” o o h s o h ov.7 I Sooo whv  “Chs,”  -bu,  h s
 h o o Suo b sb s “so o Go.”So, h  ws
the dwelling place
o Go’s “,” hs “oy,” y, Go hs. T, h  ws
the place o pilgrimage
. T s y,  h  o Is w qu o jouy o h  o bh ss o Pssov, Pos,  bs. Fo Iss,   hs ss  uo w wshs (buos) o   s o uy uy. Oy h w Iss b o of s   h s, whh y vov : usuy h  o h s,wh b6  w,7 h us o h Pos L. Touh o hs  ss, Iss  o o h ss. T x o h —h u wshs, h s, h   k-,  h sso o s—ws oy ossb bus o h wok o h ss: h Hh Ps, hs ow ss,  h Lvs.Fy,  w , o wh v os, s 
central eature o theeschatology
o so o h ohs,   s  o u  sv
Ks :34, 39.2 S. :4; Ps. 2:–.8 Du. :2; Ps. 4:.9 Ks 8:0–; Ezk. 43:2–5.0 Ps. 8:; Ezk. 43:. Du. :–.2 Exo. 9:0–; 2 Cho. 30:–20; Lv. –5; s. 5:3. T ssy o w wshs s ox  h Puh’s sos o h s, bu  ws qu by h o o h ws o ss  Lv. –5  swh. T y o  h suy wh ussws h (Lv. 5:3); ho, woshs h o b uy . Moov, h w w vy o uss o usss (s Lv. –5); hus, h v Is wou o uy hs by u wsh  so o bo   o o h svs. Ahooss hv ou  ubs o 
—u bhs— Jus s vos, us o hs u ss u h So  o.3 Du. :2, ; Lv. 23:8.4 Du. :3, –8; s so Lv. :–; 2 Cho. 30:22; Is. 25:.5 Du :4, . Du :3; Lv. 23:. Is. 25:; Luk 22:8, 20.8 Du. :3. Ahouh h xs   y o h s o Pssov, boy  ws  o  o  h ss, v wh o o  h bb sos.A h  ss (Pssov, Pos, bs) k o uuvs (by hvs, wh hvs,  u hvs, svy)  w u s ojoy h Co’s bu s, s o h A hoy, Tksv.9 S, o x, Lv. 4:20, 2, 35; 5:0, 3; 9:22; 5:25.20 Fo x, Ezk. 40–48  Jo 3:–8.

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