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Kahaani Script

Kahaani Script



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Published by moifightclub
Script of Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani
Script of Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani

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Published by: moifightclub on Dec 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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bySujoy GhoshVersion 1.0 21st May 2010
The following caption appears on screen.... In the background we hear a sound of breathing...Caption -
Kolkata, two years ago..
The breathing sound become more pronounced as we
11A head covered in a professional gas mask looks into thecamera. The mask makes his head look like a gigantic fly withbulging eyes. He is breathing heavily. The sound of which canbe heard through the mask. He slowly brings his hand up tothe camera.. His hands almost trembling.. Holding a steelpincer and in its mouth.. a small transparent ball.. the ballis tiny.. almost the size of a tiny drop of water..We see the man standing in front of a wooden table, on whichthere is a glass box. The box looks very much like an averagefish aquarium one would see in a residence.From appearance it is obvious that the glass box is verysecurely sealed from all side. The glass appears thick andresistant. There is a small opening on top of the cubeallowing air in.At the base of the glass box there are five white mice.Playing happily. There is a small Ferris wheel on which oneof them runs in circle.The man carefully releases the tiny ball inside the glass boxand immediately seals the opening.. and watches.The tiny ball drops to the base of the glass box and breaks,spilling a tiny drop of liquid from inside it.The spilled liquid, having come in contact with air, FIZZES,releasing a tiny amount of gas which spreads to cover thelower portion of the glass box where the mice are playing.As the gas reaches them, the 5 mice dies on the spot, lifeis INSTANTLY drained out of them. Their body slumps as ifthey have gone to sleep on the spot they were once alive.The wheel rotates on its own.The man’s head jerks back slightly in surprise. Even he wasnot expecting such lethal potency from the liquid gas. Helooks again to reconfirm.
We close in on the opaque plastic of the eyes of the mask..Where we see the reflection of the dead mice.. The imagechanges to that of a public area where we look down to seepeople walking and..
22The image becomes real .. an aerial view of the subwaystation. The harsh sun spits on the passengers rushing totheir day jobs.Caption -
33A plethora of travellers run down the stairs towards theplatform. Ranging from school kids to office goingindividuals to normal people.As we go down the stairs with the travellers, we see a schoolboy of 14 Years old, nervously walking on the platform.Clutching onto his school bag very carefully.The train arrives. Everyone gets in. The atmosphere is filled with inaudible dialogs.The nervous kid quietly goes and sits near the door of thetrain, clutching to his school bag. The other bunch of kidscan be seen at the other end of the same compartment creatinga ruckus.The train starts.Just before the doors close, a man runs down the platform andsqueezes himself through the closing doors. A young man inhis early thirties, dressed in casual clothes.Across the nervous kid.. A middle aged woman sits with aninfant who keeps crying. She tries to console the kid but itshot inside the compartment. The collective body heat of thetravellers is no match for the train’s puny air conditioners.The nervous kid sits quietly avoiding any eye contact withanyone.The young man takes out his mobile phone and tries to call anumber - he realizes there is no network. He starts movingthrough the compartment. His eyes scanning each passenger.The infant continues to cry. An elderly lady sitting besidethe mother offers some advice.2.
© Sujoy Ghosh FWA 174291 Prep Copy

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