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Corey Alston ICMA complaint

Corey Alston ICMA complaint

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Published by My-Acts Of-Sedition

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Published by: My-Acts Of-Sedition on Dec 30, 2012
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Sunday, December 30, 2012International City/County Management Association (ICMA)777 North Capitol Street NE, Suite 500Washington, DC 20002-4201Timothy "Chaz" StevensMyActsOfSedition.com1600 S. Dixie Highway #300Boca Raton, FL 33432
RE: City Manager Corey Alston, City of South Bay, FL
Dear Sir or Madam:I am sending this correspondence to register a complaint against Mr. Corey Alston forviolation of the ICMA Code of Ethics. Mr. Alston, City Manager of the City of SouthBay, is a registered member of your organization and therefore required to follow theICMA Code of Ethics as attached.Mr. Alston was recently arrested and charged for grand theft related to illegal paymentshe solicited and then received from the City of South Bay. His actions with these illegalpayments alone should result in result in censure and disbarment from yourorganization, as they do not reflect those of a profession and ethical City Manager. Healso put city staff in jeopardy by forcing involvement in this illegal act and worse yetdeceived City Commissioners by withholding information.These acts are not the only questionable ones for Mr. Alston. He continued to operatethe Alston Group and other personal business while being paid by the city. Commentsfrom many city staff members and residents indicated that Mr. Alston was rarely at thecity and spent many hours with this business in Fort Lauderdale but yet received fullsalary and benefits. And it the instance above, Mr. Alston actually received illegalpayouts for benefits he was not entitled to by deceiving the Commission and forcingcity staff’s involvement to process the payments.Mr. Alston also awarded others improper salaries and benefits. Cedric Thomas, a CityCouncil Member in the City of Riviera Beach with whom Mr. Alston had political ties,was supposedly “employed” by Mr. Alston in the City of South Bay. Thomas receivedfull salary and benefits as an employee even then there are no records supportingThomas’ work there. Further Mr. Alston orchestrated the purchase of a van fromThomas that was virtually inoperable and useless to the city but greatly benefitedThomas.The employment practices of Mr. Alston have come into question with one terminatedemployee actually filing discrimination charges against Mr. Alston. It seems hisemployment practices were to only employ those who were cronies and loyal to himespecially in key positions. And in the case of Cedric Allen above, employed and paid a
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crony who was not even working. A City Commissioner has stated that the positionthat Thomas was “supposed” to fill was not even a full time position with benefits butsomehow Thomas received full time salary and benefits from Alston.Mr. Alston was negligent in the performance of his duties and received undueenrichment as City Manager by devoting paid city time to his personal business.Further he solicited and received payments for benefits he was not entitled to receiveresulting in charges against him and his arrest. His actions to deceive and involve CityCommissioners also resulted in charges against them. Alston’s actions with CedricThomas resulted in Thomas receiving payments from the city for work not performedas an employee as well as payments for useless equipment. All of these occurring asthe city was in a state of financial emergency.
 Violations of the Code of Ethics:Just some examples as he actually violated all the tenets.Tenet 1-
His deceit of City Commissioners does not support the concepts of effective anddemocratic local government by responsible elected officials and actually led tocharges against them. His actions do not in any way demonstrate professionalmanagement.
Tenet 2-
Illegal payments to himself and the improper rewarding and enrichment of others donot demonstrate a deep sense of social responsibility as a trusted public servant byany means.
Tenet 3-
He does not demonstrate the highest ideals of honor and integrity or merits the respectand confidence of the elected officials, employees, and of the public. He has beencharged with illegal payments- no honor or integrity there.
Tenet 4
-His actions serve only his best interest not those of employees, public, or theCommission.
Tenet 5-
He did not submit accurate facts and advice on matters of policy as a basis for makingdecisions. He deceived the Commission, forced employees to process illegalpayments, and misled all on his relationship with Cedric Thomas and the enrichment
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Thomas received as a result of it.
Tenet 9-
He does not seek to improve the quality of public service, only his personal betterment.
Tenet 11-
He certainly does not handle all matters of personnel on the basis of merit and hisactions have resulted in lawsuits and charges of discrimination.
Tenet 12-
He has always favored himself and other outside interests, not the interests of the city,the commission who employed him, employees, or residents.
Tenet 44-
Yes, there is no doubt. He is a douchebag.Happy hunting;Timothy “Chaz” Stevens818-468-5433

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