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Chronology OK

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Published by mpasso

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Published by: mpasso on Feb 07, 2009
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HISTORY IProf. C.Garcia Fernandez(Ingles) 2006Contenidos Páginas (en tinta a la derecha, abajo)A: para curso anual (traductorado)C: para cursos cuatrimestrales (profesorado)--- (sin indicacion) -- no sera usado este afio1. Mapas 1-12 A/C2. Emperadores, reyes 13-16 A/C3. Cronologia (Britain) hasta 1644- The Oxford History of Britain 17-23 A/C4. Genealogical tables 24-27- The Oxford History of Britain A/C5. The Dark Ages 28-30 ---6. Britons and Romans 31-34 ; maps A & B ---7. Byzantines, Muslims, Franks (cronologia) 35 A/C8. Gildas 36-38 ---9. Bede 39-43 ---10. J. Blair, The Anglo-Saxon Period 44-73 ---11. Scandinavian Settlement 74-75 ---12. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 76-78 ---13. Cantor,The Feudal Organisation of Society 79-88 A/C14. Stenton,The Anglo-Norman State 89-92 A/C15. Henry I and the Coronation Charter 93-97 A/C16. King John and Magna Carta 98-102 A/C17. Constitutions of Clarendon (Henry II) Coronation Ch. Magna C.103-107 A/C18. Cantor,Henry II and the English legal system 108-112 A/C19. The Changing English Language 113-116 A/C20. Medieval government (web) 117 A/C21. Willson,The development of Parliament (Edward I, II, III) 118-131A/C22. Riley-Smith, Reinterpreting the Crusades 132-136 A23. The Hundred Years’ War and the Wars of the Roses (chart) 137-139 A/C24. A Social History of Medieval Books 140-144 ---Chapters selected from: Craig, Graham et.al. The Heritage of WorldCivilizations.
1. Ch, 6, Imperial Rome
2. Ch 3, The Early Middle Ages in the West to 1000
3. Ch. 14, The High Middle Ages (1000-1300)
4. Ch 16, The Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the West (1300-1527)
5. Ch. 17, The Age of Reformation and Religious Wars A/C
Chapters selected from Harold J. Schultz, History of England (orsimilar textbooks in the Library)
1. Ch. 1, The Foundations of England 
2. Ch. 2, The Anglo-Saxon Supremacy 
3. Ch. 3, The French Kings
4. Ch. 5, King and Parliament 
5. Ch 7, The Early Tudors and the Reformation
6. Ch. 8, Elizabethan England 
7. Ch. 9, King versus Parliament 
8. Ch. 10, Civil War and Interregnum
9. Ch. 11, Restoration and Revolution
607 - From Oxford History of BritainCHRONOLOGY55-54 BC Expeditions of Caesar49 BC
Caesar defeats Pompey: effective end of Roman Republic*Julio-Claudian Emperors (27 BC-AD 68)
34-16 BC Projected expeditions of AugustusBritain between the invasions: period of political and economicchangeby 12 BC
Permanent Roman bases on Rhine
 AD 40 Expedition of Gaius cancelled 
Claudius (41-54)
by 43 Death of Cunobelinus43 Claudian invasionby 47 Conquest of south and east of England completed49 Foundation of Colchesterc.50 Foundation of London51 Defeat and capture of Caratacus 
Nero (54-68)
61 Revolt of Boudica68-9
‘Year of the Four Emperors’ Flavian Emperors (69-96)
70.84Conquest of Wales and north completedConquest of Scotland
Trajan (95-117)
c. 100 Scotland temporarily lost: frontier on Tyne-Solway line 
Hadrian (117-38)
122 Hadrian in Britain: the Wall begun 
 Antonine Emperors (135-92) Antoninus Pius (138-61)
140.3 Antonine advance into Scotland: by 143 Antonine Wall begunc.158 Serious trouble in the northc.160 Temporary reoccupation of Antonine Wall
Marcus Aurelius (161-80); major wars on the Danube
c.163 Hadrian’s Wall restored193 Clodius Albinus proclaimed in Britain 
Severan Emperors (193-235)
196-213 Britain becomes two provinces208-11 Campaigns of Septimius Severus and Caracalla in Scotland235-70
Imperial crisis: civil wars and invasions in East and West 
‘Gallic Empire’ 
270s Renewed growth in Britain 
Diocletian (284-305)‘The Tetrarchy’ 

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