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Menu of Services- Spiritual Counseling-1

Menu of Services- Spiritual Counseling-1

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Published by Chris Hopkins

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Published by: Chris Hopkins on Dec 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Menu of Services
Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual Relationships
Spiritual Counseling-
We humans are evolving, but our most fundamental relationships- our romantic ones- are still basedon an old survival-based model that we have long outgrown. Take those floods and gripping t-shirtsoff and create a new relationship with your mate (or idea of a mate) that fits YOU! Men and womencontinue to change so much that it is unhelpful, to say the least, to attempt to create relationshipsthat demand we remain stagnant in set life-long roles. We all need flexibility and room to relate ondeeper levels as we grow and discover more about ourselves. There is a way to do this! Learn howto create spiritually-based relationships that are geared toward the spiritual development of eachindividual while also developing healthy communication and cooperation to nurture the connectionyou share with your partner. Miracles can happen when we allow our relationships to transform withus! This program will help introduce you to the world of spiritually-based relationships, help youdiscern your trained relationship patterns vs. your authentic relationship desires, teach you effective,authentic spiritually-based communication techniques, create a greater sense of honesty andintimacy in your current relationship (especially the one you have with yourself!), and help you toattract the qualities you truly desire in a spiritual partnership. Wether you are in a relationship or not,if you want to heal and evolve the way you relate to romance, this is an ideal program for you!6 weekly 60 minute sessions (skype or phone)...........................................................................$300
Intuitive Key 
Spiritual Counseling-
 There’s a well of creativity and intuitive intelligence below the surface in all of us. For many of us thiswell is not easy to tap. We read countless books on intuitive enhancement, we listen to the bestinternet radio shows we can find, we may even attend exclusive workshops and seminars. Somepeople are able to tap the well and stop there, but most of us need help to reach or maintain thatspace within that knows which road is best to take. Our intuition is managed by our inner child. Thekey to long-term intuitive strength is having a healthy, happy, and safe inner child. This spiritualcounseling program focuses on self-parenting your inner child so that you can trust the intuitiveinformation she or he has to share with you. In this 10-week spiritual counseling intensive I will teachyou how to build a strong relationship with your inner intuitive self, identify your blockages and theirreasons for being, and how to maintain a long-term, healthy relationship with your intuitive, wise,wonderful self, AND your sweet inner child who has so much pure wisdom to share. Make yourinner child safe enough to process needs and feelings and watch your intuition flourish in your life! Things will never be the same once you do!
10 weekly 60 minute sessions (skype or phone)...............................................................................$500
Reclaim Your Life!
Spiritual Counseling-
Life has a way of clearing the slate, and when it does, wether through one major life transition oranother- divorce, a move to a new place, death, financial overturn, loss of job, or other shifts. Whilethey can be terrifying, these places in our lives are often wrought with fertility, and there seems tolinger in the air a whiff of our true selves, evoking a hunger to be more authentic, experience morereal joy. But how? Where to start? The Reclaim Your Life spiritual counseling package is 16 week intensive program to get aligned, reconnect with your authentic self, address and reprogram oldnegative patterns you want to banish forever, and develop a strong, deep and incredibly fulfillingrelationship with your true self. Learn to become a conscious co-creator of your life, to spark yourinner intuitive wisdom, to create spiritually-based relationships, develop emotional fulfillment,financial mastery, weight mastery, and so much more. Delve into yourself and find the treasures youhave to share. By the end of this 16 week program you will undoubtedly emerge feeling aligned,empowered, strong, and capable of creating the life you truly want for yourself. By doing this work you will naturally attract your greatest good to you. The Universe responds to those who takepositive action!16 weekly 60 minute sessions (skype or phone)........................................................................$800

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