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Houses in Western and Bhava in Vedic Astrology

Houses in Western and Bhava in Vedic Astrology

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Published by DP jyotish

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Published by: DP jyotish on Dec 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bhava (house)Bhava karakas and the signs of Zodiac from 1st sign AriesKey Significations of BhavaFamily MembersBody Parts
1. Tanu -Body
*Kendra / Trikona*Dharma*Cardinalal 
SUN - ARIESDevata -AgniRuling Gem -RubySapta Dhatu -BonesDosha (Sun) -PittaDosha (Aries) -PittaThe Self (Atman), innate nature, theempirical self, psychological make-up,personality, physiology, temperament,ego, constitution, character, complexion,dignity, sense of self-worth, generalwelfare, happiness, fame, status insociety (social level), splendor, health,vitality, longevity, victory over enemies,strength or weakness, vigour, place of birth.Father's mother.Mother's father.Head.Brain.Forehead. 
2. Dhana-Wealth
JUPITER - TAURUSDevata -IndraRuling Gem -Y. SapphireSapta Dhatu -FatDosha(Jupiter)-KaphaDosha(Taurus)-VataWealth, speech, family, domestichappiness (harmony), food, drink, jewels,precious gems, precious metals, movableproperty, ornaments, clothes, vision,quality of face, hair, mouth, teeth, tongue, jaw & voice; spoken & facial expression,cheerfulness, self-confidence, creativeimagination, learning, education,educators, memory, fixity of mind, oralexpression of knowledge, sources of income, maintenance of others.Parental family.Self-createdfamily.Eyes (general).Right eye(specific). All organs of face and neck;mouth, tongue,nose, thyroidetc.. 
3. Sahaja -Siblings
MARS - GEMINIDevata -SubrahmanyaRuling Gem -Red CoralSapta Dhatu -MarrowDosha (Mars) -PittaDosha (Gemini) -V/P/KDeliberate actions, motivation, interests,hobbies, one's own efforts (initiative) andhow well they are supported, sports,pleasures, assistance, servants,neighbors, short-term desires, short trips,short contacts, telephonic contacts,writing, correspondence, computer skills,strength, valor, courage, stamina, finearts of music, dance and drama, actors,dancers, singers, directors, producers,manual skills, initiation into spiritualpractices, death of parents, cause of owndeath.Siblings...First youngest.Siblings of mother's father.Upper limbs
Shoulders. Arms, elbowsHands, wristsUpper chest(nipples).Right ear.
4. Bandhu-Relatives
MOON - CANCERDevata -VarunaRuling Gem -PearlSapta Dhatu -BloodDosha (waxing Moon) -KaphaDosha (waningMoon)-VataDosha (Cancer) -KaphaMind (emotion), heart, happiness &contentment, confidence & belief, closefriends, all family members (closerelatives), mother, all well-wishers, home,comforts, home country, landed property,houses, gardens, underground treasures,wells, graves, agricultural products,vehicles, horses, elephants, cows,buffaloes, goats and sheep, holy places,moral virtues, devotion to God, piety,righteous conduct, character, good nameand reputation, education (ultimateresults, degree etc), end of undertakings,conditions at close of life.Mother.Close relatives.Chest.Lungs.Heart. 
5. Putra -Children
JUPITER - LEODevata -IndraRuling Gem -Y. SapphireSapta Dhatu -FatDosha (Jupiter) -KaphaDosha (Leo) -PittaInclination of mind (intellect), creativeIntelligence, knowledge, education (deepand wise learning and wisdom),knowledge of mantras, tantras andyantras, spiritual (meditation) techniques,talents, judgment, discretion, advice,merits from past life, devotion to godsand brahmins, deity of one's choice,virtues, ruling powers, royalty, authority,fall from position, literary works,amusements, enjoyment, recreation,sport, romance, children, disciples,wealth, prosperity.Children.Second younger sibling.Liver.Gallbladder.Spleen.Navel.Kidney. 
6. Ari -Enemy
*Trikasthana / Trishadaya*Artha*Mutable
MARS - VIRGODevata -SubrahmanyaRuling Gem -Red CoralSapta Dhatu -MarrowDosha (Mars) -PittaDosha (Virgo) -VataWorries, anxieties, obstacles, enemies(external and internal i.e. vices), thieves,challenges, tests, urge for perfection(self-improvement techniques), turningobstacles into opportunities, competitivepower (ability to rise above competitors),difference of opinion, conflicts, litigation,borrowing, bank drafts, debts, diseases,suffering, wounds/ulcers, medicalprofession (care of the sick - nursing),daily job, service, colleagues, co-workers,subordinates, employees, hygiene,preparation of food, appetite,quadrupeds, pet animals, receivingcharity.Maternal uncle.Stepmother.Navel area.Intestines.Digestive tract.
7. Yuvati -Spouse
*Kendra / Marakasthana*Kama*Cardinal 
VENUS - LIBRADevata -Sachi DeviRuling Gem -DiamondSapta Dhatu -SemenDosha (Venus) -K/VDosha (Libra) -V/P/KHusband, wife, partner, lover, marriage,partnership, sexual affairs, medium-termdesires, business partner, co-operation,trade, commerce, travel, journeys, lawcourts, residence abroad, nature of spouse, relationship with all others, theworld at large as seen by the native.Spouse.2nd child.3rd younger sibling. Area below navel(basti area).Colon.Internal sexualorgans. 
8. Randhra -VulnerablePoint
SATURN - SCORPIODevata -BrahmaRuling Gem -B. SapphireSapta Dhatu -MusclesDosha (Saturn) -VataDosha (Scorpio) -KaphaLongevity, transformation, intuition,tantra, mysteries of life and death, pastand future births (see Parashara)psychic abilities, cognition of universalconsciousness, transcendence, siddhis,rebirth, discontinuation, separation,upheaval, calamity, change, chronicailments, dangers, agonies, accidents,enemies, conflicts, being accused,battles, battle forts, mode of death,wealth of spouse, unearned wealth,inheritance, underground places, hiddentreasures, overseas journeys.Family of spouse.External sexualorgans. 
9. Dharma -Natural law
JUPITER - SAGITTARIUSDevata -IndraRuling Gem -Y. SapphireSapta Dhatu -FatDosha (Jupiter) -KaphaDosha(Sagittarius)-PittaDharma, The Vedas (vedic sciences),support of nature, merits from past lives,fortunes, wisdom, meditation, remedies(medicine, yagya, tapas etc), lifephilosophy, world view, religion, faith,guru, worship, piety, morality, ethics,higher education, professional training,children, solution to problems, visits toshrines, pilgrimages, foreign travels, air travels.Brother's wife.Wife's brother.Children.Grandchildren.4th younger sibling.Thighs.Hips.

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