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Clf-Secret of Success by William Walker Atkinson

Clf-Secret of Success by William Walker Atkinson

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Published by Andy Chong

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Published by: Andy Chong on Dec 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Secret Of Success
By William Walker Atkinson 1907
The Secret of Success
It is with some hesitation that we bring ourselves to write this little book, entitled "The e!ret o u!!ess#" $ot that we are not in sym%athy with the sub&e!t ' not that we do not believe that there is a "e!ret o u!!ess" ' but be!ause there has been so mu!h written on the sub&e!t o "u!!ess" that is the veriest twaddle ' masses o %latitudinous wordiness ' that we hesitate to take the %osition o a tea!her o u!!ess# It is so easy to ill %ages o %a%er with good advi!e ' it is so mu!h easier to say things than to do them ' so mu!h easier to ormulate a !ode o %re!e%ts than to get out into the ield o a!tive endeavor and %ut into %ra!ti!e the same %er!e%ts# And, you may imagine why we hesitate to assume a role whi!h would lay us o%en to the sus%i!ion o being one o the "do as I tell you, and not as I do" tea!hers o the Art o u!!ess# But there is another side o the (uestion# There is, besides the mere re!ital o a )ist o *ood +ualities )eading to u!!ess ' a list with whi!h every s!hoolboy and reader o the magaines is a!(uainted ' a omething -lse. and that omething -lse, is a suggestion that the eeker or u!!ess has a omething Within himsel whi!h i e/%ressed into a!tivity and a!tion will %rove o great value to him ' a veritable e!ret o u!!ess, instead o a !ode o rules# And, so we %ro%ose to devote this little book to unolding our idea o what this omething Within is, and what it will do or one who will unold it and thus e/%ress it into a!tion# o, thereore, do not e/%e!t to ind this book a "om%lete om%endium o ules ondu!ive to u!!ess, A%%roved o and 2ormulated by the u!!essul 3en o the World who be!ame a!(uainted with these ules only ater they had Attained u!!ess, and !onse(uently had Time and In!lination to 4rea!h to 5thers#" This is not a book o that sort# It is +uite 6ierent# We ho%e you will like it ' it will do you good in any event#  All %eo%le are striving and seeking u!!ess# Their idea o u!!ess may dier, but they have all agreed u%on the desirability o Attainment# "Attainment"'that is the word, whi!h embodies the essen!e o that whi!h we !all u!!ess# It is the "*etting'There" idea ' the idea o Attainment ' o ea!hing the *oal or whi!h we set out# That is the story '  Attainment# 3any men and women have endeavored to %oint out the way to u!!ess, and while some have rendered valuable servi!e to those who were ollowing them on the 4ath o  Attainment, yet none have been able to tell the whole story o u!!ess# And this is not to be wondered about, or the reason that on the road to u!!ess ea!h and every individual must be, in a measure a law unto himsel, or hersel# $o two tem%eraments are e/a!tly alike ' $ature delights in variety. no two sets o !ir!umstan!es are %re!isely the same ' ininite variety maniests here also# And so it would be olly to attem%t to lay down rules o universal a%%li!ation, whi!h would surely lead all to the great goal o u!!ess# 5ne has but to look around him on all sides and see the dierent needs o the 1
dierent individuals !om%osing the !rowd, in order to re!ognie the utility o any attem%t to lay down lines o universal instru!tion on this sub&e!t# -a!h and every man who has su!!eeded has done so in a dierent way ' generally along some original lines o a!tion ' in a!t, the a!ulty or !hara!teristi! known as Individuality, seems to have %layed an im%ortant %art in the su!!ess o the ma&ority o %ersons who have attained it#  And Individuality renders those %ossessing it to a marked degree to be likely to de%art rom any set o rules or laid'out !ourses o a!tion# And so, it may be stated as a general %rin!i%le that ea!h must work out his own u!!ess along the lines o his own Individuality, rather than by ollowing any set rule or line o !ondu!t# In view o what we have &ust said, it may seem strange that eeling as we do we have ventured to write a little book entitled "The e!ret o u!!ess," '%arti!ularly as we have started the said book by de!laring the im%ossibility o laying down any set rules on the sub&e!t# This may seem like a %arado/, but a little e/amination will show you that it is not so# It is true that we believe that ea!h and every %erson must work out his own u!!ess, along the lines o his own Individuality, instead o along some !ut'and'dried %lan# And right here is where the "e!ret o u!!ess" !omes in# "Along the lines o his own individuality," we have &ust said ' then it must ollow that one must %ossess Individuality beore he may work along its "lines# "And in the measure that he %ossesses Individuality, so will he %ossess the irst %rere(uisite to u!!ess# And that is what we mean by "The e!ret o u!!ess" ' I$6II68A)IT# -very %erson %ossesses dormant and latent Individuality ' but only a ew allow it to e/%ress itsel# The ma&ority o us are like human shee% trotting along !om%la!ently ater some sel'assertive bellwether, whose tinkling bell serves to guide our ootste%s# We have absorbed the notion somehow that these bellwethers %ossess the sum and substan!e o human knowledge and %ower, and ability to think ' and instead o unolding our own dormant %owers, and latent %ossibilities, we allow them to remain in obs!urity, and we trot along, &ogitty'&oggity'&og ater our %et bellwether# 4eo%le are very mu!h like shee% in this way ' they are obedient and imitative animals, and rather than assume the res%onsibility o dire!ting their own ootste%s, they wait until someone takes the lead, and then away they stam%ede ater him# Is it any wonder that the leaders !laim the !hoi!est %i!kings or themselves, and allow the lo!k to get only the s!rubby grass: $ot a bit o it ' they have earned the !hoi!e bits by reason o lo!k o Individuality and Initiative on the %art o those ollowing them ' in a!t, they were !hosen as leaders be!ause o this sel'assertive, and sel'dire!tive (uality# I they had stood ba!k in a modest, mild manner, they would have been %ushed aside by the lo!k that would dis!laim them as leaders, in avor o others who knew how to %ush to the ront# $ow, in this little book we shall not endeavor to awaken a s%irit o "bellwetherism" in you, nor to urge you to strive to lead the lo!k ; there is nothing in the mere leading o %eo%le other than vainglory and %etty sel'satisa!tion# The desirable thing is to %ossess sui!ient Individuality and Initiative to be your own bellwether ; to be a law unto yoursel, so ar as other men are !on!erned# The great men ; the strong men ; !are nothing or the lo!k, whi!h so obediently trots along ater them# They derive no satisa!tion rom this thing, whi!h %leases only inerior minds, and gratiies only %etty natures and ambitions# The big men ; the great s%irits o all ages ; have derived more satisa!tion rom that inward !onvi!tion o strength and ability whi!h they elt unolding <
into a!tivity within themselves, than in the %laudits o the mob, or in the servility o those imitative !reatures who sought to ollow in their ootste%s#  And, this thing !alled Individuality is a real thing# Inherent in ea!h o us, and whi!h may be develo%ed and brought into a!tivity in ea!h one o us i we go about it right# Individuality is the e/%ression o our el ; that el whi!h is what we mean when we say "I"# -a!h o us is an Individual ; an "I" ; diering rom every other "I" in the universe, so ar as %ersonal e/%ression is !on!erned# And in the measure that we e/%ress and unold the %owers o that "I", so are we great, strong and su!!essul# We all "have it in us" ; it de%ends u%on us to get it out into -/%ression# And, this Individual -/%ression lies at the heart o the "e!ret o u!!ess"# And that is why we use the term  ; and that is what we shall tell you about in this little book# It will %ay or you to learn this "e!ret"#
The Individual
In our last lesson we stated that we !onsidered the "e!ret o u!!ess" to !onsist %rin!i%ally o the 2ree -/%ression o the Individual ' the "I#" But beore you will be able to a%%ly this idea su!!essully, you must irst awaken to a realiation o what the Individual ' the "I" within you ' really is# This statement may a%%ear ridi!ulous at irst to many o you, but it will %ay you to a!(uaint yoursel ully with the idea behind it, or u%on the true realiation o "I" !omes 4ower# I you will sto% and take sto!k o yoursel, you will ind that you are a more !om%le/ being than you had at irst !onsidered yoursel to be# In the irst %la!e there is the "I," whi!h is the eal el or the Individual, and there is the "3e," whi!h is something atta!hed to and belonging to the "I" ' the 4ersonality# 2or %roo o this, let the "I" take sto!k o the "3e," and it will ind that the latter !onsists o three %hases or %rin!i%les, =ie# 1# The 4hysi!al Body. <# The ital -nergy. ># The 3ind?# 3any %eo%le are in the habitat o regarding their bodies as the "I" %art o them, but a little !onsideration will show them that the body is but a material !overing, or ma!hine through whi!h and by means o whi!h the "I" is able to maniest itsel# A little thought will show that one may be vividly !ons!ious o the "I Am" %art o himsel while totally oblivious o the %resen!e o the %hysi!al body# This being so, it ollows that the "I" is inde%endent o the body, and that the latter alls into the "3e" !lassii!ation# The %hysi!al body may e/ist ater the "I" has let it ' the dead body is not the "I#" The %hysi!al body is !om%osed o !ountless %arti!les whi!h are !hanging %la!es every moment o our lives ' our body o today is entirely dierent rom our body o a year ago# Then !omes the se!ond %rin!i%le o the "3e" ' the ital -nergy, or what many !all )ie# This is seen to be inde%endent o the body, whi!h it energies, but it, too, is transitory and !hangeable, and readily may be seen to be but a something used to animate and energie the body ' an instrument o the "I," and thereore a %rin!i%le o the "3e"# What, then, is let to the "I" to e/amine and determine its nature: The answer that !omes naturally to the li%s is, "The 3ind, by whi!h I know the truth o what you have &ust said# "But, sto% a moment, you have said, s%eaking o the mind, "by whi!h I know" ; have you not, in saying this, a!knowledged the mind to be a something through whi!h the "I" >

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