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Published by Helen Forde
About a young girl whos living with her best friend and everyone she turns to trust seems to break that bond some way, there is only two people she trusts and that is her best friend a guy she met that seems to understand what she is going through.
About a young girl whos living with her best friend and everyone she turns to trust seems to break that bond some way, there is only two people she trusts and that is her best friend a guy she met that seems to understand what she is going through.

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Published by: Helen Forde on Dec 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1It was early morning, from what I can remember it was probably only 7am. Not the
time you expect a home invasion, but I guess that‟s why they did it, they had the
element of surprise. I smelt pancakes like I always do on a Sunday morning. Momused to make me pancakes every Sunday so that I would get up in time for church. I
hated church. But these days it‟s the only place I can go to think, and the only placethat I can feel safe anymore. Home wasn‟t home after what happened that morning, Iwas only 13, it‟s been 3 years and I can still smell the pancakes every Sundaymorning like nothing ever changed and she is still here with me, but she‟s not…because they killed her …
 Alyssa Montgomery, I swear if you are not dressed and ready to leave in 5 minutes I
am leaving without you‟, I heard her shout from the
bottom of the stairs. I now hateSaturdays as well, Cassie my best friend whom I now live with, has me doing charity
work on a Saturday morning, up at 6am and leaving for 7am. It wouldn‟t be the worstthing in the world if she left without me but I wouldn‟t stop hearin
g about how
important it was for her and that I let her down for years after that. Cassie‟s parents
took me in after what happened to my mom, my dad disappeared when I was 2 so Ihad nowhere else to go, I owe them everything.
„Alright, alright I‟m coming‟,
I stumbleout of my room into a pebble hallway, and did I mention they have money? I wasshocked the first time I entered this manor; it looks like a place for royalty, not anorphan
. Don‟t get me wrong it awesome living here but it just doesn‟t seem fair 
somehow, I get a free pass through foster parents and the past 3 years haven‟t been
crappy like they should have been, they have been entirely normal, of course I havemy down days when I miss my mom but other than that, no snide remarks of strangers on the way to school, no commentary from teachers saying that theyunderstand what I am going through, living without a mother, and I never had ashrink. I mean I was 13 and it was pretty simple for me what happened, some peopleare just pure evil.I made my way to the bottom of the hall and came to the top of the tall stairway in thefoyer, I ran down the stairs in time to catch Cassie retrieving my bag from the coatcloset on the right of the door. She held the door open for me and handed me mybag. Pulling the keys out of her coat pocket she opened the doors to her old andrusted green vw beetle sat on the driveway. We live about 20 minutes outside of thecity in village called Mantleview and our manor is one of four in the village. As we slidcarelessly into the car we drove through the gates at the end of the driveway andtook a left through the village to Marins Church that rests on the outskirts of Mantleview. Saturday mornings consist of church at 7:30 am till 12am and the rest of the day I spend studying although cassie tries he hardest to get me out, I appreciateher effort but I know what her friends think of me, all I am to them is the freak orphanwho lives of her best friends parents, to them I am nothing but a charity case. Wepulled up to the rusty old church, and although its old it still takes my breath away,the large stain glass windows, the pale marble walls, the pews to the side of the
entrance, it‟s the most beautiful building in the whole of Mantleview. We parked thecar in the visitor‟s ca
r park and walked up the path at the side of the church revealingall the ivy growing up the walls making the church look more alive than ever. I maynot be religious but if I ever need to think this is where I come. My charity consists of playing guitar, the pastor sees it as a warm way to welcome the people that take
time out of their own lives to help out the homeless. And to be quite honest I enjoy
playing it‟s the only thing I enjoy doing that doesn‟t include burying my head in the
books all day. I play and write music as much as I can, it helps stop my mind fromwondering. I have too much of a wild imagination. I walk to the end of the passageway through the stalls that are set up to take a seat on my usual corner chair andpicked up the guitar to start tuning it. Cassie approached me with a steaming cup of what I only hope was hot chocolate, I maybe 16 but coffee and tea are still
disgusting. „Here,‟ she hands me the cup, „don‟t worry its hot chocolate I know you towell to try to get you a coffee‟. S
he laughed and gave me a wink as I took a sip from
the mug. „Thank you, I‟ve been looking forward to that‟, I joke and she rolls her eyesat me, turns on her heel a stalks away to the clothing booth, that‟s the booth she‟s in
charge of. I sit the mug down next to my chair and I continue with tuning the guitar, Iwish I had bought my own, I feel a lot better playing my own. Once its tuned I startoff by playing a couple of soft tunes I had wrote a few days before. And as usual Iget that same thumbs up and wink from the pastor and Cassie indicating they likethe new stuff.Its soon 12 and my fingers are sore from playing so much, the church is almostempty of all customers and Cassie beckons for me to grab my stuff so we can hit theroad. I got half way down the passage when someone turned, slammed into me andspilt a boiling cup of coffee down my blouse. It took me a matter of mili seconds toregister the searing pain down my chest and let out a high pitched squeal as Istumbled backward slipped and fell right on my backside. Before I know it thatsomeone who was a very cute guy of a someone was helping me to my feet andapologising profusely making every attempt to make it up to me, he offered me his jacket, a ride home, money for a new shirt everything. I c
ouldn‟t help but laugh andthis suddenly and thankfully shut him up. He looked at me puzzled, „what‟s so funny?I just poured a hot cup of coffee down your top and your laughing?‟, he looked likehe was about to have an aneurism so I quickly stopped. „Oh, sorry, erm …. It‟
s justyou looked panicked and its not that big of a deal. I guess I just laugh in awkward
situations‟, I smile at him hoping that I get one back of him, and oh lord I got a smile
off him alright, a bright drop dead gorgeous smile that made my heart stop.
„Well I
suppose that explains it t
hen, are you sure I can‟t give you a ride home?‟ he askedlooking guilty. „No honestly my friend will drive me home, I‟m fine don‟t worry aboutthe shirt, I didn‟t like it much anyway‟, I smiled sweetly and turned to walk away. And
before I know it lunges
in front of me. „Well at least let me make it up to you, ermhow about dinner or just coffee?‟ ,
oh my god, did he just ask me out.
I couldn‟t even
answer I just gave freakish nod of the head.
Wait what am I doing, you don’t even
know this guy, and he could be some super stalker or something.
„Erm, actually Idon‟t know if that‟s such a good idea‟, I feel bad and crazy for turning this gorgeousguy down. And oh boy he looks disappointed. Not good. „Oh, right sorry, totally un
called for asking you out, you
don‟t even know me‟, he gave me a sweet smile andturned to walk away. „I hope to see you around‟, he quickly throws at me
the leavesquickly through the church entrance. I turn around to pick up my bag that I droppedto see Cassie staring at me, mouth open and just staring at me. My guess is sheoverheard that conversation and I am not going to hear the end of this till I die.
„Whatwas that, why did you turn him away‟, and its starts now, she looked at me like I was
an amateur. And all I did was direct my eyes away from her and without answeringher question I made my way to the entrance of the church. Before I could make it out
of the church doors, Cassie grabbed my arm and twisted me round. „Seriously

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