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ROTN 04-27 1968 Are Guns Guilty

ROTN 04-27 1968 Are Guns Guilty

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Published by Camp Constitution

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Published by: Camp Constitution on Dec 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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nd cllcvuhmn lgln by ppgnd d hy nd  pbl nd n f  un ghh  wh w  fcg  h Lbl" nd h F Lf mblz llh pw  m hugh y nh gu lw  w  hW my hp   h dy hh mcn ppl   cgz  wlld pfn ppgnd dv d   nd fg bmbzld by  h dyply h  y vd.By nw w gh  b ccumd ccn  cllcv gulmc" ccdg  h Lbl" �  y lhm plc fulf lhm ppl w hunddmll f u ld nndyg lhugh ly
mllnf u wh mc" lldg h  lly l budn m  h Ll" pddlng u   h c f h h nn h wh Eblhmnpgnd ppu h bn ud dv nn fm hculllnd h hddn bckd  h mnlm f h mmn  mv u  mny pc 
Jy , 968
pbl wd h  f dchp h F Lf fl mnnlyufd  dmnOn h ccn l publc flng  b chnld n  dv fwh mu  clcv punhm f h mcn ppl   pmmu dnnlld Sn b nndy
 ll gly nd
mu b pun-hd. Suly yu cn undndh f yu ju
t! You
gun n
cl yu   h mudpnh F Lf ju mg g bywh  h m If yu nnd  bhd d d h m  wy ngm nd l h b g  OW d   h dmnn blf"d h
New Yo( Tmes
n u
h g mu  n gunlgl]
h fudy uly
c. If c  dlyd hdm n fh cng gu cnl wll k v"lly u bl Ebhmnf whch h dmn  ly bch nd  mpd ng bf h bm  ff h ppgd cmpgn bf ppnf h pd lw c b hd bf gmn cn g hm nd h ublc pul d bf hd gu lw cn b plydcudh u  h  cmcnl bl w lm hugh g  h m f h ndy  I w pd ju fwd bu n  pnc lgln"
Th bill wa a pakag" ontainingom poviion favo by bal" an oth favo by onvatv. Th al" w glato  thi pow tn to loalan tat poli though gant fouating" an upgang" th pol but thy w oy to hav toal wth th tat at a n th matt Bfo th nny kilng thyw alo gatful to hav bn ablto nlu a tion outlawing th nttat al of hangun Th wanot an i not a fation of thonto thy ally want but t wa allthy ou gt at that tmOn th oth han thy
thpat n th imontol bill whihw ntn to uno om of thSpm out mo iaou ubvion of th ontitution to pott mina an anahimmiatly aft th aainationth o pofional poaganitwokng fo th tablihmn aw afh oppotunity On th montol bill wa pa by ongthy agtat fo it
by PtJohnon. Th aon wa that thyaw
han to gt what
wantanoth big tp towa fal gunontol pobly tota fal gunontol itlf without any of thnaty antiim fatu.lthogh Pint ohnon intatuall y vto th bll aft all h fu to gn it fo a long a pol an u th intvnng tma only h know how amtwitng fo th lftManwh anoth powful am
of th tablihmnt nap intoimat ation Th a miabgan a tmnou opaganav ow vy loumouth witha to nwpnt o t aiwavbabb th utomay nonnabout an atmoph of vion"an a ik oty"
ad nasem.
Butthat want nough ulpag aut n nwpap manngthat w bg ong to am ubfo w kl any oth
N esee1
w a i o oftnth a mov y a ommon impul to fat antifiam ovtoi Th ignif offiial of apotmn' gop all th atonalif oiatio w ma inom aly aazng way. Th national wivi utifly tibut to th wo vy ily ittlya o happning that woul uppot th popagana btzouv a thm thyv bnma alot impoibl to avoi.Human tt" to thy allth Shoo hn a mahout o o plat toy nto th tahan fo th amaman  Nwok hool pnipal mobiliz of
hag nto flying agtpopuaaly a pat f
iba" uaton nyboy who want h na n th pap n too no o than at a amatin in whh h tu n a gn toth poi aong with a ph abouthi otv guilt an o.Th kily Sovt Unon hlpout a bit oo. vgny vtuhnkoth omunt pot who i th a
The Rew f te
lng f Lbeals" le New YsMay Lndsay blged wth an antAecan e: The stas n yuflag Aeca, ae le bulet hles"Ths was wdly and avnglyued, an even used t sea Hald lassen esdent f the NanalRfle Assatn
nted Glassens ctue wth the catn Rfe-an lassn Tung stas nt bult hes" etty lw stungess s esently fded wthehas half a dzen newlysedtugh guncnl blls." ng hest f the lthch they justght be able t a hugh f heyw fst ces f Lbeal"ent Jseh Tydngs (DMd).He wants cete fedeal egsan f eans and subseuent fedal lensng f evey un n heunty Ths s clsely n lne wthnane Lbeal" ntentns tdsa us easants befe we fguet hats haen ng t us.w t uld w s sleenuh t fgue ut Fst yu deand the egstatn f all feasThen yu dy u auntn Thenyu stt tun the cews tsueeze ut the vatelywnedeans hs uld dubtless n-vlve balneyslcng hee theybegn by
lcensn yungstescnals ddcts
Th the Lbeals assue yu, s all they have nd Ttal nnsense!esable tyes f laws we aetld ae tse f New Jesey  ehas a uean cuntythe Dacnan estctns f the Svet
July 3, 1968
nn have been esecally avedf by u Lbeals," and the euallyhash estctns f Fancs anee als aved the fst Lbeal" ase f anc n a dgs ageThe nt s all f these desable"las ee feas ut f the handsf ust as
ele as can be aanedand nt eely cnalsWhy? Beca guns n the hands he ctzeny ae a deteent t dctatsh  Thee s n the
easnan yu ve that yue sanefend? That wll be necessay undehe law he esdent s asng f.an yu ve that yue n unsual dange? an yu ve thatyue halss? D yu have yungstes n the huse ehas? Nwh ften d yu
g u tht anyway? D yu lve n aded aea an yu ass uess? an yu ay u evenceasn fees?hats the st f thng whch cane exected. t wuld be dne adnstatvely" ust by havn theedeal aency n chage f enfceent tghten the eulatns e t te The Lbeals" eant sa us and theyll  aheadwh ths as fast as they can anaeFeeal egstatn and lcenng shat the esdent s asng f; slent bueaucats and edeal snsll handle the estWe fully ealze that the nsttut eans nly hat Abe Ftas fthe unstfnt Natnal Lawys Guld and fu chts haen

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