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Volkskrant english

Volkskrant english

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Published by RaceRadio

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Published by: RaceRadio on Jan 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DE VOLKSKRANT ZATERDAG 24 NOVEMBER 2012Ten eerste Affaire-Armstrong
Interview Betsy Andreu, the woman who brought Lance Armstrong down.Lance Is the Devil Himself.
Some think
she’s a
hero. Lance Armstrong calls her fat, jealous and a liar. Betsy Andreu (46) wasthe nail in the coffin of the American road racing cycling hero
. “I wish I had never known him.”
 The question is whether she
a little bit like Lance Armstrong. It is the second day of a visitto Betsy Andreu. Her own questions are like bombs, very straightforward and destructive. If youlet down your guard just for a couple of seconds, you will get your ass kicked.
Lance Armstongpicked the wrong one to start a fight with
, she says drily.It took a while before trust was earned. There will be no interview before the letters of credence were handed over, she warned us beforehand. Was the journalist from the beginninginterested in the truth, or only now, now that it had become so popular after the Armstrongreport from the American anti-doping agency (Usada) was released?Afterwards, she apologizes for the impertinent question.
But she doesn’t want to give
 anybody access to the, as she describes herself,
Betsy bandwagon
. The train with exiles, with
people who didn’t walk on Armstrong’s leash, who didn’t
allow themselves to be intimidated.
There weren’t too many of them lately, she knows
from experience.In her eyes, Armstrong is a chameleon. He shows you what he wants you to see. If hewants to
intimidate, he’s a bully.
he wants you to believe his lies, he’s as charming as can be.
You didn’t think he was charming?
“Lance isn’t a good person who makes bad decisions. He is the devil himself.
Does the devil scare you?
In 1999 I had already asked him: asshole, who do you think you are, that everybody has to be
afraid of you? I’m not afraid of 
you; just so you know
. He didn’t react. That’s the way it goes
with Lance. If you try to face him and challenge him, he sends his strawmen to take care of thedirty work.
Has Lance Armstrong become an obsession?
I am obsessed, no doubt about it. But I am not obsessed to bring Lance Armstrong down. I am
obsessed to clear my name. That’s my battle.
He dragged my name through the mud. But theworse it got, the more persistent
I felt. So you’re
really looking for a fight with me Lance? Well,
you can come and get it.”
 Ask the riders who testified the last couple of months in the Armstrong report about the use of doping in the cycling teams of US Postal and Discovery Chanel. Indirectly, they gave a painfuland revealing character sketch of the road racing cycling hero. Ask the Usada director TravisTygart, ask Greg Lemond. They will all answer you in no uncertain terms: without Betsy Andreu,Lance Armstrong would have never been exposed as the biggest fraud in the history of sports.
That’s her biggest triumph. “A
lot of people call me a hero. I feel really uncomfortablewith that. The only thing I did was tell the truth.
 Andreu is the daughter of a Serbian jeweler and a Slovakian librarian. She grew up inMichigan, like her husband Frankie. They met in a pizza restaurant. Frankie was an upcomingroad racing cycling talent; Betsy wanted to open an Italian coffeehouse.Two months after their first meeting, Frankie introduced his teammate Lance Armstrong
to his wife. “He was the pr
ototype of a Texan: loud, brash and funny
, she remembers. They
became friends. Betsy checked out Lance’s girlfriends, they often discussed rel
igion. WhenArmstrong came over for dinner, Betsy cooked her famous risotto.Now she says:
I should have put arsenic in it
.” A
nd starts laughing heartily.
In the hospital.
Two years later she and her husband Frankie witnessed a conversation that would change theirlives forever. Ask her to describe the situation and she will give you a detailed image of themoment. Lance Armstrong was fighting testicular cancer in the hospital of Indiana University.He was sitting at the table, they were standing at the door of the bathroom. The television wasplaying, it was the 29
of October 1996, the Dallas Cowboys football team was playing a game.There were six friends of Armstrong present: Chris Carmichael and his fiancée, StephanieMcIlvain (representative of sunglass manufacturer Oakley), the former girlfriend of Armstrongand the Andreu couple.
Two doctors were examining Armstrong. One of them asked him if he had ever usedperformance-enhancing drugs in his career. The former world champion started to sum up:growth hormone, cortisones, EPO, steroids, testosterone. Betsy Andreu:
I thought: oh
od. Frankie and I disagree about who looked at whom in consternation. But we were bothin shock. Frankie saw I was upset and said: we
have to go!”
Does she wish to have never witnessed
that conversation? “That
kind of question
doesn’t do me any good”, she bites “because I
did. But okay, I get it. If you asked me if I wouldprefer to never have met Lance Armstrong, then I would say yes.After the hospital scene, it was clear to Frankie Andreu how his wife felt
. If you’re f…
doing that shit,
I’m not going to marry you
, she added. And for Armstrong things were clearpretty soon too. Betsy Andreu
on his side. When he recovered and was about to makehis comeback in cycling, he asked Frankie
what Betsy’s reaction was
. Frankie told him that hiswife became almost hysterical about it.
hen he told the doctors before us in the hospital everything he had used, I thought,oh my God, tha
t’s why he got cancer in the first place”, s
ays Betsy Andreu.
“I don’t care whateverybody says and if it is or isn’t scientifically prove
n, but in my head there is a link betweentestosterone (growth home, steroids) and cancer.
, his wife’s threat didn’t
prevent Frankie Andreu from using EPO. Frankie calls it the
to keep up with the pack. Everybody used something
and those who didn’t,
outpaced. He thought it wasn’t fair what
was going on, so he got on board.He di
dn’t tell his wife. “
But during the Tour of 1999, I knew. Frankie took the lead in theclimb to Sestrières. That was ridiculous. Frankie had always had troubles finishing on time in themountains. It
wasn’t normal for him
to take the lead.
“I asked him wh
en we were on the phone that night
. You’re not a climber, Frankie.
What were you doing, taking the lead? Road racing cycling works this way, he answered. He
didn’t want
to talk about, got angry and hung up.
“At the Tour party
, I refused to congratulate Lance with his victory. Frankie said: wehave
all worked hard, we are tired, why can’t you just shake his hand
? No way 
, I said, I don’t
believe any of this, like I would still like to know how you became such a good climber. I stuck
to my guns and I’m glad ab
out it

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