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Avast Has

Avast Has

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Published by stupid1112

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Published by: stupid1112 on Jan 01, 2013
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Avasthas and Dignity and Neecha Banga
 Avasthas are ways of categorizing certain effects in Vedic astrology. Different Avasthas refer todifferent conditions. Some Avasthas refer to houses and some Avasthas refer to planets.There are two groups Avasthas that relate specifically to the dignity of planets. This added emphasison planetary dignity is a clear indication of its importance, as these calculations are mentioned rightafter Parashara gives all the specific details about each planet. The first group of Avasthas that relateto dignity are the
Jagraadadi Avasthas.
 Awakening, Dreaming and Sleeping States. If a Grah is in its own Rashi, or in exaltation, it is said tobe in a state of awakening (alertness). In the Rashi of a friend, or of a neutral it is in dreaming state,while in an enemy’s Rashi, or in debilitation it is in a state of sleeping. According to a Grah, being in Awakening, Dreaming, or Sleeping states, the results, due to it will be full, medium, or nil.” BPHS – Avastha Chapter. V. 5-6 
This affirms what was said earlier about the dignities of planets, but goes further to assign a state of consciousness to that planet. How important is it to be either awake, dreaming or asleep?From this we can infer:Planets in exultation or their own sign are Awake.Planets in great friend's friend or neutral dignity are Dreaming.Planets in enemy dignity or lower are Asleep.
Deeptadi Avasthas
Deeptadi Avasthas also gives specific indications of planets based on their dignity. But it has more todo with their activity and emotional state, Not their level of consciousness as indicated by theJagraadadi Avasthas.Exultation = radiantOwn sign = confidentGreat friend = rejoicingFriend = sereneNeutral = scarceEnemy = miserableGreat enemy = suffering crueltyDebilitated = alarmed
Neecha Banga (Debility Modified)

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