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ROTN 12-09 1976 Your Gun is Their Target

ROTN 12-09 1976 Your Gun is Their Target

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Published by Camp Constitution

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Published by: Camp Constitution on Jan 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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T gucotrol loy s ever moredagerous tha whe it attempts tohde ts radcalsm uder the camouage of compromse. he ts agetscal for tota cofiscatio of privately owed gus they attract little support. But compromise proposalssuch as the aig of cheap had-gus (socaed Saturday ght Spe-ias ted to attract te serous attetio of politicalpragmatst ad maye used to misleadmay ctizes ito elievig that such measures would actually re-duce crime whle mimzg ifrigemetof the right to keepad ear arms.stace FB irector larece Keleyfavors gucotrol egslatio aigSaturdayight specials. f that failsto reduce crime he ow cocedesthe well have to go after more tha ust cheap hadgusYou may e
they will! The move to acheap hadgus s oly a temporaryploy i a grad strategy that cals fortotal cofiscatio.
f the gucotroloy were to dealopely ad hoestlywith the America people it would e compelled to admt the impossiity of keepiggus out of crimialhas ad would oiwth resposile cit-zes  demadigtougher laws (adtougher aw
agaist crimialsistead of agaist theweapos crimiasThat however issmply ot the case. Aa o cheap hadgus would
keepcrmals from otai-g gus. ut it woudcompromise a costitu-tial priciple adope the door for evesometimes use Eve if 
Rbr w Lee
gus were take awayfrom the police admilitary as well as lawaidig citizes crimials would oy costructhomemade gus out of readily availale raw materals. Take the case of Japa where gu cotrol has logee a part of postwar dsarmamet.The
Wall See Jounal
for Septemer 2
reported that igucoscious Japa customs spectos ave i recet years sharply reduced te smugglig of gus ito thecoutrytual cofiscatio of 
prvate gusicludig shotgus ad rifles. Todaythe total cofiscatio theory of gucotrol souds extreme But over aperiod of time as the more moderate measures fal (as they must falyou may e sure that the gu cotrol-lers wll egi agitatig for total co-fscatio ad ctig the earlier co-stitutioal reach as precedetAccordig to
US. News
for Octoer 20
for i
ThlYe O he NES March 3, 97631
So now some demand for guns isbeing met by enterprising craftsmenwho convert toy and model pistols intoworking weapons -Koji Adachi, aninspector in the National Police Agency's safety division says that suchmaeshift weapons were used in 823reported crimes last year up from only23 incidents five years ago.
And even f the poice and miltayae pemitted to keep thei guns, wthlawabiding pvate citizens singledout fo disamament, the cimnaswould smply stea guns fom the polce and mitay They do it al thetime, both at home and aboad, asindcated by these few eamples:) Madame Pak Chung Hee, fstady of South Koea, was kied duingan ssassinaton attempt on he husband in 1974.
fo August26, 1974, evealed how the assassin, aJapanesebon Koean named Mun SeDwng, obtained hs weapon: Lastmonth, Mun stoe a Smith
Wessonevove fom a Japanese poice statio"b) On Decembe 27, 1974, the
Washigton tarNews
epoted that aMihigan Cty, Indana, fam wifeand he daughte had been mudeedon the pevious night just minutes be-foe an escaped convict who held themhostage fo si hous suendeed" topoice offces The dispatch notedthat the convict had simply walkedaway fom the minimum secuityfam at the Indiana State ison andstoe a gun fom the pison foeman'shome ."
The Reylew Of The NEWS, March
(c) On July 6, 1974, a dispth inthe
Washington Post
epoted that aNtiona Guad amory in ComptonCalifonia, had been stipped of whatan FB agent descibed as enoughweapons to equip an Amy ombatcompany Authotes noted tht thestoen items ncluded es machineguns genade aunches, bayonetsbullets, gas masks, and genadesd) The
FBI Law EnforcementBulletin
fo Januay 1976 evealedthat 105 police offces wee slainwith thei own fieams" between 965 and 1974It has not even been possible to keepguns out of the hands of jailed convcts In 974, thee such felons at the Texas State ententiay at Huntsviletook ove the pson in a tagedy whiheventualy esulted in a numbe of 
agazine f August 121974 epted
ecisey a he mmen when he 1p m prisn whise sunded, a cnvicimped in he hirdr ibrarybrandishing a 38-ca. pis "Ge u here,  he shued a her prisnersas he rdered hem dwn he ramprm he ibra. en he guardsried  cme up he ramp, he cnvicired a hem, hiing ne in he Bh ed
T her cnvics, ascaring piss, jined he irs, andhey sammed shu he dube gassdrs  he ibrame
dd nt say hw the cnvictsgt thse guns; ut egadless f hwthey wee tained yu just
thee wee stict gun laws in effect atthe Texas State Pententayn cte 11 1975 the
Washingn Sar
epted that thee gunenand a ee f an eite plice SWA.T tea had een killed duinga twhu gun attle n ustnTexas The gunen wee elieved te thee cnvicts wh had escapedthee days eale f a Texas Depatment f Cectins faciity at Sugaland TexasThe
dispatchnted that the cnvicts had puled apist n a guad at Sugaand andfced hi t dve the thugh thepisn gate. nce agan even thest stingent gun laws pved inef
*Thy apparently fd bcaus th had nogs wit whch to tn t fir Wrgs ar otlawd, only outaws hav gs.
he Revew  he ES ach  1976
fective in keeping cimnas disamedWe have epted the tule Japanis having even with its phiitve gunlaws in keeping guns ut f the handsf its ciminal element n itanwhee gun laws ae als extemey sevee the sty is the sae Wting nthe
Washingn Evening Sar
f Sep-tee 13 1971 clunist ichadWilsn desced the ude f appula plice supeintendent inlackpl and the wunding f twcnstales y escapng jewel thieves.M. Wilsn nted that the law ffi-ces cud nt sht ack at the five jewel thieves ascnding with $125n the avite echandse. The pice had  guns. And the Septemecte issue f 
LEAA Newseer,
pulished y the Law EnfcementAssistance Adinistatin eptedthat eleagued English ies aecalling f tughe laws t cmat afghtening ce incease n En-gand ecause ang the easnse ciinas nw use guns ....
 cnside the case f the SvietUnin. The Cunists ae afaidf vius easns t allw pivatecitizens t have guns. Accding t
f Feuay 16 1975 Guncntl in the Sviet Unn is exceed-ingly stct. Even s an estimated eghtt 1 lin unegisteed hunting ifles ae in pivate hands and a lackaket in guns thives If a ttadictatship like the U.S.S.. canntkeep guns ut f the hands f cinas y utlawng pivate wneshipf such weapns it shuld e painthat it
e dne!

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