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ROTN 17-17 1981 John Snyder Interview

ROTN 17-17 1981 John Snyder Interview

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Published by Camp Constitution

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Published by: Camp Constitution on Jan 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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M S has n a rg-strd oyst n th fght to prsrvth Scond Amndmnt rght ofAmrcans to p and ar arms on-gr than any othr man Snydr, hoarnd hs AB and MA dgrs npotca scnc from GorgtonUnvrsty, s th Drctor of Pucatons and Pc Affars and chfoyst for th Ctns ommtt
 Rvw
 NEWS, Apl 29, 98
Advocate OfSelf-Defense
Interview WithThe Chief LobbyistFor The itizensommittee For TeRigt To KeepAnd Bear Arm John Rees
for th Rght to Kp and Bar ArmsH s dtor of ts monthy
n addton Mr. Snydr s trasurrof th Scond Amndmnt Fondaton and an advsor to th Rght toKp and Bar Arms Potca VctoryFnd A f mmr of th NatonaR Assocaton and formr aoc-at dtor of thN RA's offca
The American Rifleman,
John Snyde has testified on manyoccasions befoeCongessiona Com-mitees and ha epesened gun ones in oa and ten agumens nboh he Jusce and easuy Depa-mens. o· yeas ago M. Snyde ona signifcant vicoy ove Washing-on's mos poefu and vehemenguncono advocate Senao EdadKennedy hen he Senae EhicsCommitee ued unanimously thatKennedy acted impopely in itngfundaisng letes on his officia staoney fo the o eading goupsseeking o ban handguns
Q M d v t tguogzto d t tvt  t t ttmpt to t Pdt Rg?A
Yes he spokesmen fo heantigun goups have seed the oppo-unity povided hem by ceain seg-mens of he media in the usua ef-fo o enlist suppo fom Amecanseacting emotonay o the aemptedassassination f i ee not fo suchhenous cimes he position of hegunconto obby oud be at hepon of coapseOve he past sevea yeas heehas been inceasing evidence n fed-ea eecions ha gun ones ae asgnifican and going potica focein ou county. By conas the hand-guncono obby coninues o be sup-poed by ceain secions of he me-dia hich have no yet goen he mes-sage Ameicans ae sending on thisissue. he Ameican peope an cim-inal conto not gun conto
h R Of h N  2 181
Q o th bttl  jod Wtgumt do t gu-otol obbi u?A
One of he main agumens ofou opponens is that since hee aemany handguns in he Unied Saesand many mudes ih handgunshei confscaon ould eiminae oshapy educe he incidence of mu-de.f e take he sastics offeed byhe guncono goups e find thafo he pas 5 yeas thee have beenappoximatey 10000 mudes pe yean the Unied States commied bypeope using handguns. Bu duingthat me agan by thei on sais-tics the numbe of handguns pivaey oned in his county has inceasedfom 40 milon to neay 60 miion So hie he numbe of mudes committed each yea ith handguns emains constan hee ae a hid moeof those hated handguns in he handsof pvate ciens his means hatthe pecentage of handguns oned bypvate ctens and being used incimna acs and mudes is acuaydeceasinghe pecentae of handguns usedin cimes has become so miniscue hao ak abou them as a causa facos absoutey idicuous
Q O out of v 6000  dd  v mll ptg Butht  t ppl o fo oig  dgu t pot of mkmp?A
I hink he basic eason is heigh to sefdefense My eason fobeieving ha is a phosophic one In
theUnied Stes e hve  ditionof feedom hich es the fund-men hun ight he igh to ie.Thisis  igh given to us by Godnot by some govenen. The goven-en s ceed by he peope to c- y out cein funcions nd he chieffuncion of govenen is to poectfe nd popetyThe igh to ie impies  igh tohe mens to peseve it if someonees illegitmtey to e it yfo you nd  hndgun is one othose ens by hich e peseve ousey
Q Thn th pim pupos ofhndguns is sfdfns?A
Th to me is he pimy gumen he igh to sefdeense he ight to deend one's hoe nd del-ing Of couse in ddiion hndgunscn be used o ecetion tgeshooing msnship huntingnd so foth
th Od Wst, th gun sd
quiz, nd no onmuggd n od"mn o omn hoight b ing  pistoA
Th's ue nd is one of hemjo esonspeope e mingthemselves in gee numbes nohn eve befoe The equizeconcep cn be ppied especiy to omen. Moe nd moe omen e oing in stoes offceshospisnd oheobs  nightEveyone ofhe is  potenti vici of piss omuggesI hin you i emembe ht onybou  ye go hee s such nepidemc o pes nd ssuts ht
Review Of
h NE rl 2, 181
some poice depmens stted ofeing couses o omen in ho ouse  gun. The couses ee el pub-icized on elevision to me se thtugges nd potentil mugges unde-stood the iss of contnuing suchcees The esult hee this s done s substntil eduction in steecieThe noedge ht thee ee lgenubes of med omen lingound ll copeten in he use othei hndguns hd  chilling e-fect on he desie of ciminls tocomi myhem Cimins unde-stood th hey igh no be peyingon som! poo lie pussyct since hee s nogood chnce she h igein he hndbg.
Q os th gun�onto obb cim tht th Consitutiondosnt ogniz ou ight pivtto kp nd b ms?
Thts ht they cli hoeve the Second Aendent to heConstitution ecognizes the ight ofbiding citizens to eep nd bems o egiime puposes Sincehe miiti is mentioned in the ln-guge o the Second Amendment opponents of pivte gun oneship hvecied thhe Aendment ny p-pies to the cying o s o heiuse in connection ih n ognizediii But ht is fse since hectu esblishmen nd mintennceof he iiti hs ledy been dis-cussed in he min body o the Con-stituion in Atice I, Section  P-gphs
nd 16 At the time the Bilof Rights s fmed the

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