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Spring 2013 Catalog - New Releases and Best-Sellers

Spring 2013 Catalog - New Releases and Best-Sellers

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Browse our forthcoming titles. Visit www.chelseagreen.com to purchase, or support your local, independent bookstore.
Browse our forthcoming titles. Visit www.chelseagreen.com to purchase, or support your local, independent bookstore.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Chelsea Green Publishing on Jan 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chelsea Green Publishing
Spring 2013 Frontlist Catalog
 And Other Improb-able Ways of Restor-ing Soil to Heal theEarth
 Judith D. SchwartzForeword byGretel Ehrlich
Paperback 240 pagesISBN 9781603584326
 Available May 2013
Cows Save the Planet? 
, journalist Judith D. Schwartzlooks at soil as a crucible for our many overlapping envi-ronmental, economic, and social crises. Schwartz reveals that for many of these problems—climate change, deser-
 tication, biodiversity loss, droughts, oods, wildres, rural
poverty, malnutrition, and obesity—there are positive,alternative scenarios to the degradation and devastationwe face. In each case, our ability to turn these crises intoopportunities depends on how we treat the soil.
 Judith D. Schwartz
is a longtime freelance writer whosework has appeared in venues from
The Christian Science Monitor 
The New York Times
.She lives with her family in southern Vermont.
Straight Talk About theNext American Revolution
Gar Alperovitz
HardcoverISBN 9781603584913$15.00
Paperback ISBN 9781603585040224 pages
 Available April 2013
What Then Must We Do? 
, Gar Alperovitz speaks directly 
 to the reader about where we nd ourselves in history,
why the time is right for a new-economy movement tocoalesce, what it means to build a new system to replace the crumbling one, and how we might begin. He also sug-gests what the next system might look like—and wherewe can see its outlines, like an image slowly emergingin the developing trays of a photographer’s darkroom,already taking shape.
Gar Alperovitz
, Lionel R. Bauman Professor of PoliticalEconomy at the University of Maryland, is cofounder of The Democracy Collaborative.
How to Create Local,Sustainable, and Se-cure Food Systems
304 pages • Color Insert
ISBN 9781603584234
 AvailableFebruary 2013
A Community Resilience Guide
Rebuilding the Foodshed 
refocuses the local-food lenson the broad issue of rebuilding regional food systems that can replace the destructive aspects of industrialagriculture, meet food demands affordably and sustainably,and be resilient enough to endure potentially rough timesahead. Showcasing some of the most promising, replicablemodels for growing, processing, and distributing sustain-ably grown food, this book points the reader toward thenext stages of the food revolution. It also covers the fulllandscape of the burgeoning local-food movement, fromrural to suburban to urban, and from backyard gardens tolarge-scale food enterprises.
Philip Ackerman-Leist,
author of 
Up Tunket Road 
, is a pro-fessor at Green Mountain College, where he established the college’s farm and sustainable agriculture curriculumand is director of the Green Mountain College Farm &Food Project. He lives with his family in Pawlet, Vermont
Two Plant Geeks,One-Tenth of an Acre,and the Making of anEdible Garden Oasisin the City 
Eric Toensmeier 
240 pages • Color Insert
ISBN 9781603583992
 AvailableFebruary 2013
 When Eric Toensmeier and Jonathan Bates moved intoa duplex in a run-down part of Holyoke, Massachusetts, the tenth-of-an-acre lot was barren ground and badsoil. The two friends got to work designing what wouldbecome not just another urban farm, but a “permacultureparadise.” In telling the story of 
Paradise Lot
, Toensmeier explains the principles and practices of permaculture, the techniques of design and cultivation, and the adventures,mistakes, and do-overs in the process. Full of detailed,useful information about designing a permaculturegarden,
Paradise Lot
is also a funny and charming story of  two single guys, both plant nerds, with a wild plan: to real-ize the garden of their dreams and meet women to shareit with. Amazingly, on both counts, they succeed.
Eric Toensmeier
is the author of 
Perennial Vegetables
, andcoauthor of the two-volume set
Edible Forest Gardens
. Helives with his family in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
The Escalating BattleOver Who DecidesWhat We Eat
David E. GumpertForeword byJoel Salatin
Paperback 264 pagesISBN 9781603584043
 Available June 2013
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights
takes readerson a disturbing cross-country journey from Maine toCalifornia through a netherworld of Amish farmers payingbig fees to questionable advisers to avoid the quagmire of America’s legal system, secret food police lurking in vans
at farmers’ markets, cultish activists preaching the benets
of pathogens, U.S. Justice Department lawyers clashingwith local sheriffs, small Maine towns passing ordinances to ban regulation, and suburban moms worried enoughabout the dangers of supermarket food that they’ll risk 
nes and jail to feed their children unprocessed, and
unregulated, foods of their choosing.
David E. Gumpert
has become a nationally recognizedwriter and authority on the intersection of food, health,and business by virtue of his widely acclaimed book 
TheRaw Milk Revolution,
as well as his provocative and popu-lar blog
The Complete Patient
. He lives in Grantham, NH.
The Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepre-neur and Local-Economy Pioneer 
 Judy Wicks
HardcoverISBN 9781603585057$17.95
Paperback ISBN: 9781933392240320 pages
 Available March 2013
Good Morning, Beautiful Business
is a memoir about the evolution of an entrepreneur who would not only change her neighborhood, but would also change her world—helping communities far and wide create localliving economies that value people and place as much ascommerce and that make communities not just interest-ing and diverse and prosperous, but also resilient.An international leader and speaker in the local-living-economies movement,
 Judy Wicks
is former owner of the White Dog Café, acclaimed for its socially andenvironmentally responsible business practices. She is alsocofounder of the nationwide Business Alliance for LocalLiving Economies (BALLE). She lives in Philadelphia.
Chelsea Green Publishing
Spring 2013 Frontlist Continued
Tools and Systemsfor the Small-Scale,Sustainable MarketGrower 
Stephen Leslie
400 pages • Full Color
ISBN 9781603584166
 Available March 2013
The New Horse-Powered Farm
is the rst book of its
kind, offering wisdom and techniques for using horsepower on the small farm or homestead, from longtimehorse farmer Stephen Leslie. The book sets the stage for incorporating draft power on the farm by presenting tipson getting started with horses, care of the work-horse,different horse-training systems, and the merits of differ-ent draft breeds. The novice teamster is introduced to the basic tools of horse-drawn tillage and cultivation used
for protable horse-powered farming, with a spotlight
on whole-farm management, as well as information onhaying with horses, raising small grains, managing thewoodlot, farm education, agritourism, and more.
Stephen Leslie
and his family manage an organic farm at the Cobb Hill Ecovillage in Hartland, Vermont.
Lessons from DesertFarmers on Adapting to Climate Uncer-tainty 
Gary Paul NabhanForeword byBill McKibben
272 pages • Full Color
ISBN 9781603584531
 Available June 2013
Gary Paul Nabhan is one of the world’s experts on the agricultural traditions of arid lands. For this book he has visited indigenous and traditional farmers in theGobi Desert, the Arabian Peninsula, the Sahara Desert,and Andalusia, as well as the Sonoran, Chihuahuan, and
Painted deserts of North America, to learn rsthand
 their techniques and designs aimed at reducing heat and
drought stress on orchards, elds, and dooryard gardens.
This book is useful not only for farmers and permacultur-ists in desert regions, its techniques and prophetic visionfor achieving food security in the face of climate changemay well need to be implemented across most of NorthAmerica over the next half-century, and are already applicable in most of the semiarid West, Great Plains, and the U.S. Southwest and adjacent regions of Mexico.
Gary Nabhan
is the W. K. Kellogg Endowed Chair inSustainable Food Systems at the University of Arizona, aswell as the permaculture designer and orchard-keeper of Almuniya de los Zopilotes Experimental Farm in Patago-nia, Arizona, where he lives.
The CompleteGuide to Financing a Socially Respon-sible Food Business
Elizabeth ÜForeword byMichael Shuman
Paperback 264 pagesISBN 9781603584289
 Available June 2013
More and more entrepreneurs are using food-basedbusinesses to solve social and environmental problems— and yet the majority of them report that a lack of access to capital prevents them from launching, maintaining, or growing their ventures.
Raising Dough
is an unprecedented
guide to the full range of nancing options available to
support sustainable food businesses.
Elizabeth Ü
is executive director of Finance for Food,
a nonprot that educates food-system entrepreneursin the United States about the full range of nancingoptions available to support them. She is also a nancing
and strategy consultant with Cutting Edge Capital. Her passion is helping food-based business owners identify 
appropriate–and mission-aligned–nancing opportunities
based on their unique situations and values.
Hardcover336 pages
B&W Illustrations
ISBN 9781603584821
 AvailableFebruary 2013
The Grafter’s Handbook
is the classic reference book andrevered encyclopedia (and the only one of its kind) onplant propagation by grafting, and has been favored by 
orchardists and gardeners since its rst publication in
1947. Now revised and updated for a new generation by respected horticulturist Steve Bradley, the all-time classicis back and better than ever. Everything the dedicatedamateur, student, and professional horticulturalist wants to know about grafting is here, clearly written in a conciseand straightforward style, the distillation of a lifetime’scareful study and research.
R. J. Garner,
a scientist at the former East MallingResearch Station from 1926 until 1972, became aninternational authority on the vegetative propagationof woody plants. After his death in 1993, East MallingResearch Station opened the Robert Garner Laboratory in remembrance of his life’s work.
Renovating Your Home with a Deep
Energy Retroft
 Jeff Wilson
288 pages • Full Color
ISBN 9781603584500
 Available June 2013
The Greened House Effect
, author Jeff Wilson brings
his twenty-ve years of construction experience and
knowledge of home building to bear on making our current houses cleaner, greener, and healthier. Using his
own family’s deep energy retrot of their 1942 home
as a prime example, Wilson weaves a readable narrativeat a practical, hammer-and-nail level. He presents thesolutions to our building and energy problems, making them seem possible for average homeowners and smallcontractors by offering the right set of information, skills,and materials.
 Jeff Wilson
has twenty-ve years’ experience in the build
-ing industry, both as a “pickup contractor” and as a televi-sion and radio host for various programs on the HGTVand diy networks. He lives with his family in Athens, Ohio.
 An InnovativePermaculture and Whole SystemsDesign Approach
Ben Falk 
368 pages • Full Color
ISBN 9781603584449
 Available June 2013
Based on research and development in earthworks,perennial crops, cold-climate rice production, andnutrient-dense food/medicine from the Whole SystemsResearch Farm,
The Resilient Farm and Homestead 
isa manual for developing durable, beautiful, and highly 
functional human-habitat systems t to handle an age of 
rapid transition. The book includes detailed informationon earthworks; gravity-fed water systems; site design andmanagement; nutrient-dense production strategies; rapid topsoil formation; agroforestry; human-labor and social-systems aspects; and much more, complete with gorgeousphotography and detailed design drawings. A case study for the homestead of the future.
Ben Falk 
, M.A.L.D, developed Whole Systems Design,LLC, as a land-based response to biological and culturalextinction and the increasing separation between people
and elemental things. He lives in Waitseld, Vermont.
Chelsea Green Publishing
Fall 2012 Frontlist Continued
Small-Scale, HolisticGrain Production for the Home and MarketProducer 
 Jack Lazor 
504 pages • Color Inserts
ISBN 9781603583657
 Available August 2013
The ultimate guide to growing organic grains on a smalland ecological scale,
The Organic Grain Grower 
is invalu-able for both home-scale and commercial producersinterested in expanding their resilience and crop diversity  through growing their own grains. Longtime farmer andorganic pioneer Jack Lazor covers how to grow and storewheat, barley, oats, corn, dry beans, soybeans, pulse crops,oilseeds, grasses, nutrient-dense forages, and lesser-knowncereals. In addition to detailed cultivation and processinginformation, Lazor argues the importance of integratinggrains on the organic farm (not to mention for the local-food system) for reasons of biodiversity and whole-farmmanagement
 Jack Lazor
is co-owner of Butterworks Farm in Westeld,
Vermont with his wife, Anne, and cofounder of theNorthern Grain Grower’s Association.
What the VermontIndependence MovementCan Teach Us aboutReclaiming Community and Creating a Human-Scale Vision for the 21stCentury 
Edited by Ron Miller and Rob Williams
Paperback 256 pagesISBN 9781603585026
 Available March 2013
From the annals of 
Vermont Commons: Voices of Indepen-dence
news journal
The 21st-century United States is no longer a function-ing republic, but an unreformable empire unresponsive to the needs and concerns of its own citizens.
 MostLikely to Secede
features a collection of provocative andforward-thinking essays from twenty-nine contributors to
Vermont Commons
. Written by cutting-edge citizens andentrepreneurs, the essays call for economic relocalizationand political independence for Vermont, and, in some cases,nonviolent secession of the state from the U.S. and thepeaceful dissolution of the United States as a whole.
Ron Miller
spent nearly thirty years as an educationalscholar and activist, known internationally as a founder of  the holistic education movement.
Rob Williams
is the publisher of 
Vermont Commons
. He isa Vermont-based professor, farmer, musician, historian, and journalist who plays pholk phunk music with the PhineasGage Project and raises grass-fed yaks in the Mad River Valley.
Organic Approachesto Modern Apiculture
Ross Conrad
368 pages • Full Color
ISBN 9781603583626
 Available March 2013
Now revised and updated with new resources andincluding full-color photos throughout,
Natural Beekeeping 
 offers all the latest information in a book that has already proven invaluable for organic beekeepers. The newedition offers the same holistic, sensible alternative toconventional chemical practices with a program of naturalhive management, but offers new sections on a widerange of subjects, including the basics of bee biology andanatomy, urban beekeeping, parasitic mite control, hivediseases, and more.
Ross Conrad
learned his craft from the late CharlesMraz, world-renowned beekeeper and founder of Champlain Valley Apiaries in Vermont. Former president of  the Vermont Beekeepers Association, Conrad is a regular contributor to
Bee Culture
The Magazine of AmericanBeekeeping 
. He lives in Vermont.
The Future of FineChocolate
Pam Williams, JimEber 
Hardcover288 pagesISBN 9780969192121
Previously  Announced 
Raising the Bar 
tells the story of what that next move-
ment in the ne-avor chocolate symphony might hold.
Told in four lively parts covering everything from before the bean to after the bar—genetics, farming, manufactur-ing, and bonbons—the book features interviews with
dozens of international stakeholders across the ne avor 
industry to consider the promises and pitfalls ahead. Itlooks through what is happening today to understandwhere things are going, while unwrapping the possibilitiesfor the millions and millions of us who believe that lifewithout the very best chocolate is no life at all.
Pam Williams
has been involved in the chocolate
industry since 1981 when she opened her rst chocolate
endeavor, the chocolate shop au Chocolat.
 Jim Eber
is a veteran writer and collaborator specializingin food and business marketing.
 A History of Cheeseand its place in West-ern Civilization
Paul Kindstedt
Paperback 256 pagesISBN 9781603585064
 Available January 2013
Paperback Reprint
A comprehensive look at the 9,000-year history of cheese, the ways in which it has shaped civilization, andwhat it can tell us about the future of food.
Cheese and Culture
endeavors to advance our appreciation of cheeseorigins by viewing human history through the eyes of acheese scientist. This tour through cheese history offers
a useful lens through which to view our twenty-rst-
century attitudes toward cheese that we have inheritedfrom our past, and our attitudes about the food systemmore broadly.
Paul Kindstedt
is a Professor of Food Science in theDepartment of Nutrition and Food Sciences at theUniversity of Vermont. He has authored numerousresearch articles and invited conference proceedings ondairy chemistry and cheese science, as well as many book chapters. He lives in Vermont with his family.
Creating a Comfortable,Healthy Home ThatSaves Energy 
The Editors of 
168 pages • Full Color
ISBN 9780963944436
Home Energy 
 Available April 2013
No-Regrets Remodeling, Second Edition,
is oriented to the homeowner who wants to make the right deci-sions to improve their home’s comfort, safety, durability,and energy savings, but isn’t prepared to do more than
simple weatherizing or efciency measures. It will educate
homeowners about opportunities for improving their 
home’s energy efciency and comfort at one of the
most critical junctures in home ownership. That momentcomes when homeowners are faced with the decision toremodel a recently purchased or existing home, or due toa component failure, need to upgrade their home’s HVAC,appliances, lighting, or other energy-related systems.
Home Energy 
magazine—the magazine of home perfor-mance since 1984—assembled a team of editors andauthors to work on the second edition of 
. Lead editor Carol Venolia, was honored by 
The Green Economy Post
as one of ten pioneering womenin green design and named a Green Design Trailblazer by 
Natural Home

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